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USWA Memphis Wrestling TV 2/13/1993 Review

USWA Memphis Wrestling TV 2/13/1993 Review

We got some clips from a Lex Luger vs Jerry Lawler USWA Title match.
"This match is being wrestled out of protest. Next time I come out, you guys better have a mirror for me." - Lex Luger
Love the white picket fences in this arena
Luger won after Brian Christopher interfered and threw him a chain, with which he hit Lawler with. We got about 6 minutes of highlights and the crowd was hot but it didn't look good.

Eddie Marlin came out and said people weren't going to be stealing belts. He then said each man would be fined $5,000 and he would go get the belt back personally.
Love the Marlin flop and the nasty flying chair Brian takes
They had a small brawl with Lawler getting his head hit off of a stall and Marlin being thrown into a table.
"I am the new Unified champion. I trashed Lawler in the ring and I trashed him back here afterwards." - Luger
Lex said he'd come back and put his USWA title on the line against Lawler.
"Lex Luger, you may be bigger than me, but you're not bigger than me and all of the USWA Nashville fans. I'll prove it to ya tonight." - Lawler

Brian Christopher vs Jeff Jarrett
Christopher has Luger, Prentice and Samples with him.

Brian asked Lex not to come and watch the match, then said okay, come and watch the match.
Samples trips JJ | "It looks like a little tarmac from under the ring tripped Jeff Jarrett there." - Luger
"I think his shoelace was untied." - Luger

JJ won by DQ when Samples came in. Not much to this one unfortunately. It was half stalling and half shenanigans with little wrestling of note. JJ took a 3 on 1 beatdown until Lawler saved him.

We got a PG-13 promo.

"Everybody else is out of style. They the Atari and we the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis and all that." - Wolfie D
They did a rap on competition:
Bring it on, bring it on, where's the competition
I'm Wolfie D and I'm about to start dissin
The King Jerry Lawler what a good place to start
You old washed up geek, you ain't nothin but a mark
Yeah, you heard me, now what you gonna do
Not a thing but get jacked, sit down fool
And Jeff Jarrett, boy, you think you're so hot
You bleach blonde chump
Think you're tough but you're not
And JC Ice, it's your time
To start rocking the mic and put an end to the rhyme

Up up and away, here I go
The mac daddy JC Ice come taking control
 I'll slam you, I'll ram you, I'll show you the deal
Give it up Danny Davis cuz you're over the hill
Are you an eagle? A nightmare? Who are you, G?
How about a straight up honky sounds good to me
Richard Lee, to you, and your pet poodles
Look at yourself, it's the kit and kapoodle

Jerry Lawler vs The Rock N Roll Phantom

Lawler won by DQ quick when Samples/Prentice got involved. JJ and Brian came down for the big brawl.

Brian provoked Lawler after, challenging him and King chased him down and nailed him.

They showed The Rock N Roll Phantom and Bert Prentice having a jam session:

We got clips from Jeff Jarrett vs The Rock N Roll Phantom:

Not much was shown here as JJ won by DQ after a guitar shot.
"A long time ago when I was a little boy, my dad told me, you don't demand respect, you command it." - JJ
JJ said he too knew how to use a guitar and would put the Phantom on his back.
"There is no more Doug Gilbert, Dave. What you will call me is the king of rock and roll." - Doug Gilbert
Eddie was supposed to be there for a match with Doug against the Harris', but wasn't. He said he'd beat up Eddie if he showed up late again and Eddie walked in.

Eddie said Doug ditched him at the airport during the tag title tournament a few weeks ago. He said he said Doug talking crap at the airport on TV.
"You have a little problem and it's called jealousy." - Eddie Gilbert
Eddie said Doug was the king of nothing and said let's talk about it in the back,

Doug jumped Eddie.

Jeff said he was gonna get payback on the Phantom and bring weapons too.

"You'll never see me on TV without my hair." - Samples | "Does that mean if you get your head shaved you're gonna leave or what?" - Dave Brown
Samples had a match coming up with his hair on the line and said with the Bruise Brothers, there's no gamble because they can't lose.

The Bruise Brothers vs JR Alzado and Sam Norris
The Brothers won quick with a double boot on Alzado. Pretty safe squash for a change with them.

Overall thoughts: This wasn't a very good episode. I really only liked some of the clips of the Lawler and Marlin vs Christopher and Luger brawl and not much else. The matches were wastes of time and the promo's weren't good enough to make up for it. Skip this.

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