Thursday, September 19, 2013

WWE NXT 9/18/2013 Results and Review

WWE NXT 9/18/2013 Results and Review

Sami Zayn vs Curt Hawkins

Sami won with the off the top tornado DDT. Decent match here.  Curt controlled most of it until he started slapping Sami around towards the end and Sami fired up and took the win. Curt busted out the Alphamare Waterslide here. Rating:***

Aiden English came out and asked for the lights to be dimmed.

 Aiden English sang. Here are the lyrics:
"Spotlight, please"
"I am Aiden English, the only legitimate artist to ever cross over into this industry, but instead of telling you about it, I will simply give you the gift of my voice."
"Because I am the very model of a modern major superstar. I'll face all my opponents whether they're or near or far. Oh, I know I'll love you'll fancy pants and technical manuevers and I know just what to say and sing to all the shakers and the movers. Because I am Aiden English, see and I am here to put the E back into the W-W-E."

Aiden English vs Michael Culari

Aiden English won with a Take A Bow. This was all squash with Aiden acting in a stuck up and ritzy manner. I'm glad he finally got a real gimmick and stuff because he has a unique look.
"Because I am the very model of a modern major superstar."
He sang a quick line after.

Bo said he was testing his hotline, where else but, BO-livia. Bo said Sami needs to win a match against someone with credibility. He said he came up with a way to get Sami a match but didn't specify. He then sang "Don't stop Bo-leiving". I don't know where this came from but his new character is really great.

CJ Parker, Corey Graves, Adrian Neville and Xavier Woods vs The Ascension, Leo Kruger and Tyler Breeze

Neville beat Breeze with the Red Arrow. Really fun tag match here. They kept it moving the whole time with lots of tags in and out and the crowd was hot for it. The story of it was Breeze only tagging in at the best time and then leaving quickly. His partners got sick of it when he went for the pin and they left him in there to get beaten up. Maybe not a 5 star classic, but this was a perfectly fine multi-man match that was a joy to watch. Rating:***

Next week:

Overall thoughts: Another fun edition of NXT. Two good matches here and a good Bo Dallas segment .Check it out!

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  1. NXT is the thing that can get both adults AND kids to love it ! it's the daniel bryan of the wwe shows ! it's (in JBL's words) fun to watch !!!

    RAW is the randy orton. has been stale and boring for a long time, but had good runs in the far past. and nowadays, it's finally showing more good wrestling and getting back its edge slowly with more characters around.

    Smackdown is sheamus. sometimes, it can give you very good matches. but most times, it comes off as the second most important thing and the (b) in front of the (A).

    main event is either fandango or justin gabrial. it gives you fun little moments sometimes. but it's usually forgotten the next day.

    superstars is zack ryder. and saturday morning slam is kane's random fun yet unimportant tag teams. no need to explain.

    oh, and IMPACT is the shield (kinda) ! always angry, usually gives you great matches and rarely you get fun moments here and there. that also can be defined as bobby roode.