Sunday, September 15, 2013

WWE Night of Champions Preview

WWE Night of Champions Preview


Hey everyone, it's time for another WWE PPV. This time it is WWE Night of Champions 2013.

I'm not really feeling this card at all. It's a two match show and it's hard to argue otherwise. The other problem is that one of the matches that is being really shilled, is the handicap match, which really shouldn't be much of a match either way.

Let's get to the card:

WWE Tag Team Championship #1 Contender - Tag Team Turmoil
 This was kind of made out of nowhere since Mark Henry had an injury scare, knocking off a Shield vs Show/Henry match. It has had no build to it and it's hard to argue that this match wouldn't be main eventing an episode of Superstars. The match shouldn't be good. It will have gauntlet style rules, so we will get quick eliminations and quick matches, which doesn't lead to quality. Four of the teams involved are good and this would have been much better as a 5-way tag or something of that nature.

I would have to put the Prime Time Players as the favorite here. They've been getting a push and WWE is into them at the moment. If they don't win though, The Uso's have the next best chance. WWE has been establishing them over the last few months, but if they win, it would just lead to another Shield match. I'm picking The PTP's here. I guess they will beat The Real American's to win. If WWE is smart, The RA's should be in for most of this. WINNERS - The Prime Time Players

WWE Tag Team Championship - The Shield vs The Winners of Tag Team Turmoil
I could see this match opening the show. The Shield will probably come out as soon as a winner of the tag match is crowned, starting the match off. It would also save time on entrances, though they do have tons of time to waste tonight. I have to favor The Shield here. I think WWE likes having all of their members wearing gold and they have been involved in main event stuff lately. If the PTP's win, they have a shot but I don't think WWE will really let them knock off The Shield. The match will probably good whether it is the PTP's or someone else though, just as long as it's not Tons of Funk. WINNERS - The Shield

WWE US Championship - Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler
 It really sucks to be Dolph right now. It really does. He has been getting jobbed out lately and I don't see him fitting in any title pictures for a while. Dean Ambrose has been one of the better workers in the WWE and is really hitting a home run with his role. They have been off and on with this build. They've done some things, but since they didn't even announce this until the last SD, it's hard to be super into it. This should be one of the better matches on the show though. If these two get time, it will be very good.

Picking a winner in this one is a little hard. Dolph would theoretically win if he wasn't getting jobbed out and there's no real reason for Ambrose to lose at the moment. To be honest, I don't think Ambrose will lose the title. He could lose the match due to Shield interference, which is highly possible, but I don't think Dolph can win the belt. It wouldn't do anything for either man. WINNER - Dolph Ziggler by DQ

WWE Divas Championship - AJ Lee vs Natalya vs Naomi vs Brie Bella
 This is going to be your bathroom break match and it should be a pile of garbage. I do like 3 of the 4 wrestlers here but seeing them all try to work around each other is like going to watch people jump through hoops. There are around 7 people who could get involved in one way or the other and I just don't see any way in which this works. Watch out here for some weird stuff happening, as I know Total Divas will be taping for this. The winner doesn't really matter. It's hard to suggest that anyone other than AJ can win, so I'll pick her. WINNER - AJ

World Heavyweight Championship - Alberto Del Rio vs Rob Van Dam
About a month or two ago, I would have been really excited for this match. Unfortunately, WWE hasn't really done much with the build to this and I'm just not feeling it. At best, this could be really great, so hopefully it is. Expect Ricardo to get involved here. He pretty much has to one way or the other and it will probably be near the finish. Expect tons of kicks in flying this one.

RVD really should win here. He's more over since ADR isn't over a lick and he has been pretty good in his comeback. Something is going to have to keep this feud going and an RVD win would do it. Alberto doesn't need the win and neither result does anything for him. WINNER - Rob Van Dam

Elimination Handicap Match - CM Punk vs Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman
 For some reason I had thought this would be in a cage, but that doesn't seem to be the case. The Paul vs CM Punk feud has been really well done while nothing with Axel has been well done since he has debuted. This one is just all about Punk beating up Paul and nothing more. That's what they have been pushing here and it probably should happen. I'm expecting something big to happen though. Maybe Brock could return to stop the beating or maybe someone new will help out Paul, who knows.

The match won't be that great most likely and it's probably going to lack logic. Elimination matches are cool but really neither heel should leave once they lose. Also, if I was Axel, I'd make sure Paul got out ASAP which is real life, wouldn't be that hard. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not really feeling this. I have no feelings towards Paul getting beaten up especially since Meltzer hinted that he may be off TV for a while if Punk does get him.

I'll take the underdog bet here and take the heels for the win. I don't know how it's going to happen, but something will happen. Punk will get his shots in but in the end, he will lose. WINNERS - Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman

WWE Championship - Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan
It's finally time for Chapter 2 in which will probably be a very long storyline. The storyline has had its ups and downs with probably more downs than ups. There has been a lot of logic that had to be ignored to make this work especially anything involving The Big Show. The storyline also while being really believable, is the exact opposite thing the people who believe in it want to see. Few internet fans want to see DB get jobbed out all the time and few want to see Triple H and Randy Orton getting the better of him. Everyone has played their roles well here though and did the best they could.

The match should be good. It's going to get a lot of time and there should be tons and tons of shenanigans going down. Anyone from Triple H to Vince to Cody Rhodes to The Shield to The Big Show or even Stephanie could interfere and they all might even get involved. The heat should be there and both guys have worked well with each other before.

The obvious pick here would be Randy Orton. WWE has basically confirmed that DB is not the guy, so therefore, he will lose and not be protected like he has been for the last few weeks. DB's going to take a whooping here and probably get cheated out near the end when victory is in sight. Someone's going to interfere to cause him to lose and it may even be The Big Show. DB should win here though. He's been taking abuse and now it's time to dish out abuse and win, but it's not going to happen. I'm going with Orton here. WINNER - Randy Orton

Stay tuned for long couple of days for myself with WWE Night of Champions, WWE Total Divas, WWE RAW, ROH TV, Sumo and maybe something from Japan.


  1. I can’t remember well before 2013 .. but no PPV this year (other than mania (which even that one turned out to not deliever)) had any sort of build up for more than 2 of its matches. and even those two co-main events had a build that dragged so long and lost its relevancy by getting lost in the shadows of other filler side-stories.

    it’s like wwe doesn’t want their PPVs to be worth the money … they’re lazily throwing out matches that we’ve seen at least 2-3 times on free PPV before.

  2. also, since summerslam and for the past month or so, smackdown has stopped ending with the world title and both raw and smackdown has been heavily focusing on the wwe title. and that has done 2 things : 1. ended whatever relevancy the world title still had since the days of ziggler’s cash in and del rio’s hard kicks to his face, and turned the world title completely into a mid-card thing. 2. it overexposed the wwe title and made it’s story drag and made it play out. (same thing with punk/heyman’s story, kinda)

    and those main stories taking over the show has left the U.S. title, the IC title and the tag titles to have absoloutly nothing important at all. they’re more forgotten than the divas title by this point !

    couldn’t they have like waited for santino’s return to happen AFTER night of champions and then made him beat axel for the title, while giving that time to make that tag team match from the kick off happen on raw and for us to have the tag titles defended on night-of-champions-where-every-title-(except-half-of-them)-is-on-the-line ?