Friday, September 20, 2013

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 9/20/2013 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 9/20/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Vickie said she had the best and most entertaining episode of Smackdown tonight for us. Yeah, I bet. She ripped on Daniel Bryan's short title reign and brought him out. She absolutely buried him big time and I have no clue who in the hell booked that.

They argued with Vickie saying DB was in on the fast count and Vickie saying she would have fired DB and hopes he never becomes the face of WWE.
Vickie said that the guys who helped out DB on Monday would pay tonight. She said since there were 11 superstars who helped him, there would be an 11 on 3 gauntlet match with The Shield being in the whole time going against one person.
Vickie said she'd save DB for last. That's actually doing him a favor. The Shield won't be that fresh after going through 10 guys.

Naomi vs AJ Lee

AJ did an inset saying she wanted to beat every Total Diva.

AJ won in a quick one with a Black Widow. She didn't get much in besides the finish but hey, at least this was short and they kept it moving.

Jack Swagger vs Santino Marella
Zeb ripped Santino pre-match since he is a foreigner.

"Take the ravioli out of your ears because I'm going to give you a piz-za my mind." - Zeb Coulter
Zeb also accused him of owning a reptile without a proper permit, talking about The Cobra.

Santino got squashed but pulled out a backslide for the surprise win. Boring match here with nothing happening.

Ryback vs Nick Mardone

"Who would want his autograph?" - Michael Cole
Paul bragged about being the best in the world and Ry said he hated bullies. He said his opponent turned down an autograph from a little kid earlier and intimidated the kid. This made him a bully.

Ryback hit the Shellshock for a quick win here. Ryback's new anti-bullying gimmick is what it is but I'm not sure if I were the WWE and I were pushing an anti-bullying program that I would be openly mocking it on television.

Randy Orton came out to talk.

Orton took the blame for losing and said he had been suppressing who he really was for the past 2 years because it's what the people wanted. He said he made an example of The Miz and it should be a warning for everyone.
He said he would end the war with DB at the PPV.

11 on 3 Gauntlet Match
DY got beat up big time and pinned quick.

Titus got jumped, powerbombed and pinned. Dolph was out next.

Dolph got owned bad. He made a great comeback but then took 3 pretty nasty moves in a row and got counted out.
Kofi got put out with a headlock driver.

RVD went for the 5-Star and had it won but HHH came down and told them to shut it down. He yelled at Vickie and wasn't happy with this match and it just ended here. This was kind of long and not the most interesting but Dolph and RVD put up pretty good performances, creating two fun mini-matches.
HHH said her having 10 guys get punished would lead to 10 more guys and the whole roster. She said she thought it was best for business and HHH said we needed fair and safe matches to make a good environment. HHH then said Vickie needed to make Daniel Bryan and The Uso's vs The Shield. Hey, The Shield just fought like 6 dudes, is that fair?

Triple H apologized for the last match and Gabriel said they wanted good and fair competition. HHH told them to go to the ring so he could make that happen.

Justin Gabriel and Zack Ryder vs The Wyatt Family
Cole said this wasn't fair competition but I'd disagree. JBL agreed with me at least.

"Good GOD, WOW!" - JBL
Harper got the win in a quick squash with a Zangief spinning clothesline.

Bray hit the Sister Abigail on Zack and said if they keep putting lining opponents up, they are gonna keep putting them down for Abigail.

RVD was with the doctor and Triple H made Rob Van Dam vs Alberto Del Rio for Battleground for the title.
ADR threw him into stuff and superkicked him. He also hit him with a box. No, pipes did not fall this time! Long live the loose pipes!

R-Truth vs Alberto Del Rio
JBL did the what's up thing and Cole told him to shut up again.

Alberto won in a quick squash. Truth got a good axe kick in and that was the only thing of note.

The Uso's and Daniel Bryan vs The Shield

Daniel Bryan beat Dean Ambrose with "The Knee that took out Cena" according to Cole. The match was slow and didn't really pick up until the faces made their comeback. We then got tons of dives and hot action from there. I thought The Shield have had better but this was still good. Rating:***

Overall thoughts: The stuff involving The Shield was good but the rest was really skippable and was filled with short squashes.


  1. the shield were really secretly the best thing that happened to wwe this whole year.

    daniel bryan, antonio cesaro, cm punk and everything else in NXT were all great, but the shield really are the most consistant show-stealing-matches providors since their TLC match last year !

  2. vickie's introduction to daniel bryan was the opposite of "burying" (that word gets used very loosely). it forces you to cheer for bryan as a complete underdog !

    also, natalya should just shut the F up ! seriously ! god !! I'm nominating "She's a title holder, but I was born a champion" for most pathetic catchphrase of all time. Sure you were Nattie -- and you're also the prettiest girl in the whole wide world. And I'm the most handsome guy! Aren't moms great?

    and that guy that faced ryback is OVW's heavyweight champion, jamin olivencia. and many people take his autograph there, mr. micheale f'ing "teehee, I said something funny :D" cole.

  3. Michael Cole ticked me off during this show.
    And usually he doesn't do that…surprisingly.
    Like i literally wanted to slap him so much when he found it "odd" that something bad happened right after Triple H was just being "fair"…