Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sumo September Aki Basho 2013 Day 1 Results

Sumo September Aki Basho 2013 Day 1 Results

J12e Tanzo (0-0) vs  J12w Takanoyama (0-0)
This was a pure class win by Tak. Tanzo charged at him and looked to have it sealed but Tak swung himself around on one foot and put him out. Brilliant win here and it's good to see Tak get off to a good start.

J4e Osunaarashi (0-0) vs  J4w Azumaryu (0-0)
 Azu swung Osuna here and then grabbed him from behind the neck, forcing him down.

M13e Endo (0-0) vs  M13w Homasho (0-0)
Endo threw around Homasho some and really should have won it but Homasho charged at him and Endo fell back, taking the loss here. Kind of a disappointing loss here since it was virtually over at one point.

M11e Takekaze (0-0) vs M11w Tochinowaka (0-0)
Take got the upset win here. Toch leaned back and was too straight up, so when Take pulled down, he went down.

M2w Aoiyama (0-0) vs  O2w Kotooshu (0-0)

These two did their usual ramming until Aoi did his usual big push forward and ate a dirt sandwich off of it.

O2e Kotoshogiku (0-0) vs  M2e Okinoumi (0-0)
Koto got the double underhooks in and pushed Oki straight back for the easy win.

M1w Ikioi (0-0) vs  O1w Kakuryu (0-0)
Ikioi ended up on the defense the whole time and didn't do much but circle before being pushed out.

O1e Kisenosato (0-0) vs  M1e Shohozan (0-0)
Sho got outpowered from the start and Kisen was too solid on his stance, pushing him out.

K1e Tochiozan (0-0) vs  Y1w Harumafuji (0-0)
Fuji hit a big tachi-ai that sent Tochi back and from there, they clinched and Tochi was done.

Y1e Hakuho (0-0) vs K1w Takayasu (0-0)
Hakuho pushed Taka back and out without much of an issue at all.

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  1. I assume you heard that Baruto announced his retirement just before the start of this basho. It seems like the inability to properly deal with injuries that can't heal in a couple of months has brought his career to a premature end, although serious knee injuries are never good and prone to re-injury for guys that big.

    Liked Takanoyama's ballet move. I think Tanzo thought he had shoved him off the dohyo, then oops!

    Osunaarashi looks clueless when he's not facing someone that he can instantly overwhelm. I think he's gonna need a few more tournaments in Juryo.

    Endo's also going to have some adjustment, as he's gone from college sumo to the top division so quickly. I think we'll see him near the top in the near future, though.

    Harumafuji looked very good in his first match. Hopefully he can stay on form and give Hakuho a challenge.

    1. Just heard that today. I didn't know. I still think he should have made a go at it with a new knee but oh well.

      I'm not expecting a great tournament from Endo but just the experience will be good enough. He made a jump really fast and it has to take some time.

      Osuna def still needs work, but let's see what his record looks like in a few days.