Sunday, September 15, 2013

Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez Results

Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez Results

The fight begins soon, stay tuned.

Jimmy Lennon Jr. is doing the announcing as always.
I'm picking Mayweather in case anyone is wondering. I'm thinking he wins by Unanimous Decision.
We got Mexican and American National Athem performances.
Canelo is coming out first.

Justin Beiber and Lil Wayne are with Floyd Mayweather. The ego's of those three probably outdo the ego's of everyone else in the building combined.
Wayne is rapping I guess. It sounds more like someone on crack having a spasm or a dog near death.
Alvarez is up to 165lbs here, gaining 12-13 pounds from the weigh-in's yesterday. It may give Floyd an advantage as that's a lot of extra weight.

Round 1

10-9 Alvarez. Floyd took the first half but Alvarez finished it off better and got better and stronger shots in.

Round 2

10-9 Alvarez. He got in better, got better shots and just looked better this round.

Round 3

10-9 Mayweather. He started to control the fight and got better shots in.

Round 4
Canelo hit Floyd low and wouldn't touch gloves.

10-9 Alvarez. Great round with lots of punches being exchanged and Canelo going for it.

Round 5

10-9 Mayweather. Not a super interesting round but bothwere about even.

Round 6

10-9 Mayweather. He was real smooth here and got the better shots in.

Round 7

10-9 Mayweather. He cornered him and laid into him hard.

Round 8

10-9 Floyd. He got cornered but didn't take much and fought back hard with shots.

Round 9

10-9 Mayweather. Canelo looked tired and kind of looked like he gave up while Floyd did more.

Round 10

10-9 Mayweather. Alvarez got a good combo in but it wasn't enough.

Round 11

10-9 Mayweather. Canelo didn't get much in besides a lfurry and missed home run shots.

Round 12

10-9 Mayweather. This was basically Whack-A-Mole. Canelo though had a plastic hammer while Floyd had 1 one mole in 9 holes. He showed him up here and danced like Apollo Creed.

My scores : 117-111 for Floyd Mayweather Judges had it 114-114, 116-112, 117-111 for Floyd. You had to be on drugs to call this a draw and believe me, I was generous with Alvarez. The one announcer said the judge must have went on a bathroom break during this.
Floyd thanked everyone for the support. He said he just listened to his dad in the corner. He said he should have pressed more in the beginning. He said he wasn't relaxed early and said Canelo was tough.  Floyd said he was 146 this morning.
Canelo said he couldn't catch Floyd and he didn't know how to get him.

Overall thoughts:
Floyd looked good like usual and easily won this. He wasn't as good as he should have been early but he was his usual self near the end. I know some people find Floyd's style boring but it was a technical masterpiece in the last few rounds and it showed Floyd is still on a level that only a few others are on. In Canelo's defense, he didn't get totally embarrassed. I think he really should have gone with the body shots and putting Floyd against the ropes as that seemed to work the best for him.

As for who is next, I don't know. I'd love to see Floyd vs Riggondeaux but the general public wouldn't and the weight would be too far off. Danny Garcia seems to have the best shot ATM.


  1. " it showed Floyd is still on a level that only a few others are on" I don't know if anybody is on Floyd's level. He dominated Canelo out there.

    1. I really think Riggondeaux could give him a run for his money, but he's never going to get the chance.

  2. lol when did you start reviewing these ?! wow, you're really an all-around sports fan and not just wrestling all around the world ! you work really hard, man. thanks for the review :)

    1. I've been doing them for a while, but it depends on time, who is fighting and interest.