Sunday, September 1, 2013

AJPW 8/25/2013 - Triple Crown - Suwama vs Go Shiozaki

AJPW 8/25/2013 - Triple Crown - Suwama vs Go Shiozaki

Suwama won with a Last Ride. This went way too long. It was atleast 32 minutes or more and really needed to be cut in half. AJPW has a thing and they've always had this, where they feel main event's have to go much longer than they really should. This brings down the matches and instead of a great 15 minute match, you get an okay 30 minute match. The first 20 or so of this wasn't that great. It had some moments but it just went too long. The second half, where they started doing the big spots and the finishers, was much better. Go's moonsaults were really good and I liked the dives by both guys. Just, it took us 25 minutes to get there, which hurt it. Go took a rough suplex on his head and took a tough Last Ride to lose this. No rating, because as I said, 5-10 minutes of good stuff doesn't make up for 20+ minutes of so-so stuff.

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  1. agreed. long matches doesn't equal quality. thanks for the review though