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WWE NXT 6/5/2013 Results and Review

WWE NXT 6/5/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Jim Ross was there to help with a contract ceremony between Big E Langston and Bo Dallas.

"No more Bo." - The fans
Bo took exception to the way Big E confronted him last week and said Big E gets the chances he doesn't get because he has the title. Big E called Bo a joke and said he sleeps in little kid pajamas.

"Bo, you say you need 3 seconds to take my title? To crush your dreams, I only need 5." - Big E Langston

Corey Graves was asked about the Wyatt Family. He said he isn't playing mind games with him and that he would put the Wyatt Family down and make them stay down. He said he didn't like his partner tonight which is Kassius Ohno and said that Ohno can stay on the apron while he takes the tag titles.

NXT Divas Title Tournament First Round - Tamina Snuka vs Paige
You have to feel bad for Paige in a way. Emma has come to NXT and really overshadowed her. She still hasn't made the WWE main roster for reasons I don't understand and I thought she already peaked for being over.

Paige won in a quick one after putting here knees up on a Superfly splash. This wasn't good as Tamina was off balance and wanted to do rest holds. The finish was bad too.
Kassius Ohno was wearing a Mitsuharu Misawa shit. Ohno said his plan of attack tonight is to attack. He said he is going for the gold. He said it isn't about graves tonight and it will be a war.

Mason Ryan vs Colin Cassidy
This is Colin Cassidy's debut.

Mason Ryan won in a quick and boring squash with a Rack into a Breaker which Brad Maddox called a "Rackbreaker".

Sami Zayn was interviewed and said he was just better when he beat Cesaro.

Cesaro said Zayn got a cheap win and Zayn said he got a cheap shot after the match.
Cesaro said Zayn ticked him off and that he wants another match with Zayn. Zayn agreed but wanted to know where Cesaro got his man purse. Cesaro slapped him and they brawled quickly.

Alex Riley vs Conor O'Brian

"If you pee your pants, I'm leaving. I don't wanna smell that." - Brad to Tom

Conor O'Brian won with his new submission hold, called "The Stockade", which is Kensuke Sasaki's old Strangle Hold Beta. As expected, this was a boring squash, but A-Ry showed fire and looked good.

NXT Tag Team Titles - The Wyatt Family: Luke Harper and Erick Rowan vs Kassius Ohno and Corey Graves

Luke Harper got the win with a lariat. I didn't really like this one until Ohno made his comeback. That and Grave's corkscrew dive near the end were the highlights, but this was boring otherwise. Bray interfered a couple of time in this, which helped his team win near the end.

Overall thoughts:  I thought this was a boring edition of NXT. Big E was good as was Sami Zayn, but the matches weren't very intersting. Skip it.

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