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WWE NXT 5/29/2013 Results and Review

WWE NXT 5/29/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

The Wyatt Family - Luke Harper and Erick Rowan vs Sawyer Fulton and Travis Tyler

They said Tyler and Fulton competed against each other in the NCAA wrestling tournament.

"I'd be scared to see them at the Golden Corral." - Brad Maddox
Luke Harper won with a Zangief Spinning Clothesline. This was a quick squash but I liked it. Rowan was barely in. Harper hit a nice and high big boot and I enjoyed him stiffing Tyler with the Zangief Spinning Clothesline.

"And now, NXT will continue creating the next wave of women for a new generation with the creation of the NXT Women's Championship." - Stephanie McMahon

"Divas such as Paige, Summer Rae and Emma, along with several others from Raw, Smackdown and NXT, will battle for the prestigious honor of being the first NXT Women's Champion. The tournament will begin next week on NXT. Good luck to every diva." - Stephanie McMahon
Stephanie McMahon announced that there will be a tournament for the NXT Women's Title next week with Emma, Paige, Summer Rae and probably whoever else is free. I would guess that Aksana might be included since Emma and Paige are faces, and they would want two heels for the two faces. I am also guessing that this will be a four person tournament as it is more than sufficient. However, if they expand to eight women, expect a Funkadactyl, Alicia Fox, Sasha Banks and maybe a Bella twin or Bayley.

Emma vs Audrey Marie
I don't know if this is Audrey Marie's last WWE match or not, but it is close. This one got started because Emma walked in on Audrey Marie's interview last week and poked her in the eye. See it here -
Do the Emma!
"Welcome to NXT and all I can say is, look at the pretty bubbles." - Tom Phillips

Emma stopped the match and asked for her music to be played so she could dance.

"Who do you think you are?" - Audrey Marie | "Audrey Marie not liking that one iota." - Tom | "I don't know why she doesn't like dancing...and bubbles." - Brad
"She's not going to be able to dance with that arm." - Brad

"A form of the Tarantula, she calls it "The Dilemma". - Tom Phillips
"Emma wins with The Emma Lock. Em-azing!" - Tom Phillips

Emma pops bubbles with her dance
Emma won with The Emma Lock which is an indian deathlock. This was just plain fun. Emma dancing gimmick is the best gimmick right now and she may be the most over female wrestler in the WWE ever. The crowd adored her and had a blast dancing with her. Emma is what makes wrestling fun. The match was actually pretty good. I liked The Dilemma set-up and Audrey was good getting mad at Emma for all the dancing. Both girls looked pretty good here. Rating:***

"Whoa whoa whoa. I'm the manager here. I take care of the communication. Come on guys, right here we have a match coming up. Let's make some money!" - Sylvester Lefort
Emma tried to interview Scott Dawson and Garrett Dylan until their manager stopped it. Their manager is The French Stallion from Lance Storm's Academy and is known as Sylvester Lefort. They need to pair up Sylvester Lefort with Enzo Amore. The sleaziness would be incredible. Based on the 5 seconds I saw of him, I think Sylvester Lefort is going to be a star. He looks like a million bucks.

Brandon Traven and Jake Carter vs D-Squared - Scott Dawson and Garrett Dylan
As with Audrey Marie, Traven was released and this may be his final match.

"Is he drinking barbecue sauce?" - Brad | "That's Garrett Dylan. He says he eats pig feet and chugs barbecue sauce." - Tom
"Sylvester Lefort is an entrepeuner. He's made millions. He lives on the Russian..err.. The French Riviera. He spends his time gambling is casino's and riverboats and looking to make strange and unusual investments, so he can make more money." - Brad Maddox
"He says he loves protein shakes and barbecue sauce." - Tom on Garrett Dylan
"Most people don't stick their fingers in other men's nostrils. You never know where a nostril has been. Of course, you never know where Scott Dawson's fingers have been." - Brad Maddox
"Scott Dawson strikes me as a man who doesn't flush when he goes to the bathroom." - Brad Maddox

The rednecks won with a spinebuster/double axe handle off the middle rope combo. This was a squash and it wasn't bad. Scott Dawson is a little stiff and makes things look good, but the highlight here was the announcing. Brad Maddox was absolutely hilarious and even made Tom Phillips laugh. They immediately got these guys over as dirty southern boys, so kudos to the announcers.

Big E Langston vs Derrick Bateman
Again, Derrick Bateman, along with Traven and Audrey Marie, was recently released and this may be his final WWE match.

Derrick Bateman got a new haircut.

Big E got the win in quick fashion with The Big Ending. Good squash here with both men looking good, especially Bateman, who was fiery. Big E nailed Bateman with a Big Ending after.

They had an almost 10 minute Raw recap which was completely unnecessary.

#1 Contender's Battle Royale

"Big E, if you could face all 19 men at once, would you do it?" - Brad | "Of course, of course. I don't back down at all." - Big E
I'm not sure of everyone who was in this thing but Sami Zayn was there as was Alexander Rusev from FCW, Yoshi Tatsu, Aiden English, Sakamoto and Briley Pierce(both were released so this may be their last appearances), possibly Conor O'Brian and others.

Sakmoto was first out followed by Briley Pierce.
Alexander Rusev makes his grand debut by being eliminated 3rd.
Knuckles Madson, Dante Dash, Sami Zayn and Mojo Rawley were eliminated by Mason Ryan as was almost everyone to this point.

Neville eliminated Mason with a hurricanrana.

Bo Dallas eliminated Adrian Neville to win here. Quick, between the two, who is more over? the better wrestler? and better on the mic? If you answered Adrian Neville and were as confused as I was as to why Bo Dallas won this, we are on the same page. The match was fine. They kept it action packed and kept the eliminations pouring out to keep it interesting. They pushed Mason Ryan a little, they had Wyatt escape through a middle rope and eliminate people on his way back in and we got to see a bunch of people we don't see every week on NXT. I had no problem with this but Bo winning didn't go over well. "No More Bo" chants could be heard and he was booed during this. Knowing WWE, this will make him "controversial" and turn him into another Cena, who half the crowd hates, but keeps getting pushed down people's throats.

Overall thoughts: This was a good episode of NXT. Emma was the highlight here and this episode was fairly significant as it had some of the last appearances of different wrestlers. Sylvester Lefort looked like a star and I'm looking forward to next week's show.

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