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WWE Monday Night Raw 5/27/2013 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/27/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

 WWE Monday Night Raw 5/27/2013 is Bret Hart Appreciation Night. Expect a lot of tribute sharpshooters!

John Cena came out looking injury free after being a part of an explosion.

He talked about Ryback and the crowd chanted "We Want Bret".

Cena said his match against Ryback would be Three Stages of Hell. 1st fall is a lumberjack match, 2nd fall is a tables match and the 3rd fall will be an ambulance match. This is quite the assortment of matches. Cena said when he wins both falls, he will put Ryback in the ambulance anyway.

Ryback told him to say hello to Lucifer, say hello to Satan, say hello to Ryback. Paul Heyman came out to have Curtis Axel challenge Paul Heyman tonight.

They signed Curtis Axel vs John Cena for tonight.
On the WWE app, Jericho said he might ask Paul Heyman why he is a walrus, why he hasn't shaved his head and where the $250 dollars were that he owed him from a show in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania.

Big E Langston vs Alberto Del Rio
They said Alberto was trying to avenge his loss last week to Big E. On Main Event last week, Alberto beat Big E so this makes that useless.  If you didn't see it, I reviewed it here:

Dolph cut a promo on the app saying he isn't allowed to return and gets a headache when he sees ADR.

Alberto got the win with a  roll-up.  Decent match here but it was a little quick. AJ interfered near the end to take off a turnbuckle and it cost Big E the match. I loved ADR's tope and Big E looked like a star. AJ and Big E argued after.

They announced these for tonight:

Kane and DB argued about DB being the weak link.

Bret Hart came in, cheered up DB. DB said Bret was the best there ever was and DB said Kane was "just Kane".

US Title - Dean Ambrose vs Kofi Kingston

On the app, Ambrose grounded Kofi and Kofi made a hot comeback. Ambrose hit a stun gun and a twisting backdrop. He then did a hold with Kofi's head and arm with Dean's leg over his shoulder sitting down. Ambrose hit a neckbreaker.

On the app, Sheamus and Orton talked about the WM loss. Sheamus said he sent Mark Henry home and they said they want to send Shield home.

Ambrose won with a headlock driver. The match wasn't bad but wasn't a classic. The headlock driver was excellent here. The Shield and Team Hell No came down after to start their match.

WWE Tag Titles - The Shield vs Team Hell No
 They started this on the app. They stood around a little and Kane took down Reigns.

Hell No did the Hart Attack - The Hart Foundation's move.

Rollins hit a stiff Gammenigiri Kawada-style on Kane.

On the WWE app, The PTP's were watching the show. They said Team Hell No isn't a team. Titus said Shield has been a team since day one and the PTP's said they wouldn't just stand by. DY said they'd get a shot. Titus said they'd be the next champs.

On the app, The Shield were recovering on the outside.

Bret Hart was on the WWE app. He said DB was one of the best technicians pound for pound.

The finish
Shield got the win here with a diving Rollins knee to a standing Kane. Good match here. DB made a great comeback and lit up everyone with kicks, he suplexed Rollins on his head and he hit a monster super back suplex. He took a nasty spinebuster on the floor too. He really was the man here. The crowd loved it and it was good work. Rating:***1/2

On the app, It was Natalya's birthday. Khali brought in a cake and 3MB came in. Drew teased kicking the cake in Hornswoggle's ace.  Slater wanted cake and they said no. They then threw the cake all over Hornswoggle's face and the wall. It was one of the best cake shots I've seen. Khali then grabbed a thumb of the icing and fed Nattie with it.

Wade Barrett vs Fandango
They had a vote for what they wanted Miz to be during this match. I voted him to be the ring announcer to keep him out of it.

Wade got the win after Miz hit a Skull Crushing Finale on Wade. Wade pushed Miz which led to that. The match wasn't much and didn't last long at all. After the match, Miz nailed Fandango too and counted Summer Rae for a pin on Fandango.

Shawn Michaels returned and met with John Cena backstage. He said neither Cena nor Triple H listened to him.

3MB vs The Great Khali and Tons of Funk

The faces won a quick squash with a Brodus Clay splash. Khali sang Happy Birthday to Natalya after and messer up her name.

Miz talked with Josh on the app. They talked about The Calgary Kid. Who is The Calgary Kid? He is Miz in a mask and a Calgary Flames jersey. They showed The Calgary Kid vs Eugene from 2009 on Raw. I have no memories of this.

Highlight Reel with Paul Heyman

Paul took credit for discovering Jericho.
Jericho asked Paul about CM Punk's whereabouts.
Paul Heyman mocked Bret Hart, saying Punk never had to say he was the best there is and all that. Jericho then started saying blah and asked where Punk was. Heyman said they'd have an announcement in a few weeks about it.
Jericho took exception to the Best in the World name and challenged Punk for the name at WWE Payback.

They then set the match up for WWE Payback - CM Punk vs Chris Jericho.

Kaitlyn and Natalya vs The Bella Twins

The Bellas got the win after Kailtyn speared on her partner on accident. They jobbed out Natalya in her hometown on her birthday. That's just wrong. Natalya cried after. Obviously it was a work, but way to go WWE. The Bella's mockingly sang happy birthday to her and called her a loser.

Curtis Axel and Bret Hart talked in the back. Bret tried to get him away from Paul and Axel didn't buy it.

Zeb Coulter talked about Memorial Day on the app.

They did a promo for the Wyatt Family, saying they were coming. Who was the guy in the lamb mask on Raw? It was Erik Rowan of NXT. YES!

Randy Orton and Sheamus vs Team Rhodes Scholars

Paul Heyman talked up Axel on the app. He said he expects more from Axel than what his family did.

Sheamus won with a Brogue Kick. This was mostly a squash. The coolest spot here was Cody Rhodes hitting a disaster kick while Sheamus had Sandow up for White Noise.

John Cena vs Curtis Axel
They announced Dean Ambrose vs Randy Orton for Smackdown.

Curtis Axel won by countout in a slower, old school match when Cena got counted out after chasing an ambulance that arrived. I thought the match was fine but I don't think it is something that is going to stick with the general audience. Axel has now beaten Triple H and Cena in consecutive weeks.

Bret Hart Appreciation Night
Lawler was the host for this. They aired a biography video on Bret. They said that him winning the state amateur wrestling title was a big moment for him. They played various highlights of his WWE career. Bret Hart was then brought out. Lawler put him over and talked about the things he did. They said Bret won 32 titles over 5 decades. They then declared it Bret Hart Day. Bret brought up Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith and thanked them. He said this was a huge honor. He thanked his kids for putting up with him. He also thanked David Schultz and JR Foley. He thanked Lawler and talked about the things Lawler said about his family. Bret said Owen asked to talk to Jerry to get him to stop. He said he went home and his mom loved the Lawler insults. He said his mom became a wrestling fan from Lawler's insults. He said he wished he had more chances to wrestle in Calgary.

They brought out Pat Patterson. He said Bret was the best wrestling Canadian of all time. Bret said "Pat dropping to his knees, I'm starting to get scared". Chris Jericho then came out. Jericho said he never got the chance to wrestle Bret, but he wrestled him 1,000 times in his head. He said his heroes were Bret and Owen Hart.  He said he met Bret at a Stu Hart tribute show and wanted a finish for his match with Davey Boy that wasn't the sharpshooter. Jericho brought up Negro Casas and told Bret Hart about la magistral. Bret then used it as a finish two days later. Jericho then said Bret deserved this night.

They then brought out Shawn Michaels and Lawler mentioned the Montreal Screwjob. Shawn said every man needs a good villian. Shawn said, "I was glad to be your Lex Luthor" and said, "It was an honor my friend". Vince McMahon then came out. He said Bret established his own era. He had some of the pompadour back. He said Bret's mat skills were overlooked and Bret became the "champion the old fashioned way - you earned it".  Vince asked when Bret would leave this "cow dung smelling town" and then said he was "ribbing". He then thanked Bret.

Bret said nobody would know him if it wasn't for WWE. He said he'd try to continue to be a hero. He thanked everyone again to end the segment. The roster came out and clapped their hands as did Natalya and Tyson Kidd.

Overall thoughts: This show felt like it went on forever. The highlights were the great Shield match and Hornswoggle getting nailed in the face with cake. That Natalya segment sucked though. Of course, the best news coming out of this is that The Wyatt Family is coming!

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