Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WWE Main Event 6/19/2013 Preview

WWE Main Event 6/19/2013 Preview

Let's take a look at tonight's matches:

Usos & Justin Gabriel vs. The Shield
This really could be a good match. The faces are decent and Gabriel is definitely the best of them. The Shield is The Shield and they have been pretty awesome as a whole. Combine the two, and quality should happen. The best hope for this is that the faces get to do some dives and flying and The Shield give them a bunch of offense before taking the win. WINNERS - The Shield
Sin Cara vs. Antonio Cesaro
Antonio Cesaro is Sin Cara's only good opponent and this will definitely be good. The longer this gets, the better it will be. Cara's going to fly and Cesaro's going to catch him and make him suffer. We also might get some funny Zeb lines to add some sprinkles onto this wrestling sundae. I have yet to see these two have a bad one yet, and I don't think I'll see it tonight. With Cesaro's new alliance with Zeb Coulter, there is no reason for him to lose. WINNER - Antonio Cesaro
Kaitlyn vs. Aksana
Err, well, hopefully it is short. It will definitely will be the worst match on the show. I don't really see how this will be decent. Kaitlyn took her loss Sunday and she won't take another tonight. WINNER - Kaitlyn
This should be a good show tonight. Stay tuned for live WWE Main Event 6/19/2013 Results at 8PM EST.

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