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TNA Impact Wrestling 6/20/2013 Results and Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 6/20/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:
Tonight is the start of the Bound for Glory Series and it is Open Fight Night. I never watched any of the Bound for Glory Series before, so I screw up, please excuse me.

They showed Sting arriving to start the show.

Hulk said it was Open Fight Night and brought out the other two in BFG, who weren't in the ring.

They had some vote for who Jeff wants to fight first. Daniels and Aries wanted some. Daniels called Jeff "Jefferson Hardy". Jeff called out Bobby Roode

The Bound for Glory Series Rules.

Mr. Anderson came out and called Joseph Park out.

BFG Series - Joseph Park vs Mr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson won with a mic check after Doc interfered. This wasn't very good or interesting. Anderson picks up 7 points and goes into the lead.

Anderson and Doc argued over who should be the VP of Ace's until Bully stopped them and said worry about Brooke.

Jay Bradley called out Austin Aries.

Jay Bradley vs Austin Aries

Austin Aries got 7 points and won with the brainbuster. Good match here. They kept the action pretty quick and they matched up really well. Loved Aries' kicks and his brainbuster was a thing of beauty. Fun stuff here. Rating:***

Sting said the Mafia would rise tonight.
Sting recruited someone for the Mafia.

Chavo hyped up Hernandez backstage.
Hernandez called out Daniels.

BFG Series - Christopher Daniels vs Hernandez

Daniels got the win and 7 points with a low blow that Tazz called "Yambag Yahtzee" and a Best Moonsault Ever. The match was alright but it was very quick and Daniels didn't get much in.

They said Brooke Hogan was doing a State of the Knockouts Division announcement tonight.

Kaz called everyone turdburglars and challenged Magnus.

BFG Series - Kazarian vs Magnus

Magnus won with a Texas Cloverleaf in a very quick match. Not much else to say here really. Magnus leads the BFG Series with 10 points.

Bully Ray snuck up on Hogan and had a hammer. However, Hogan grabbed him and Bully said he wasn't going to hit him. Bully said his relationship with Brooke isn't over and said she saved Bully from getting nailed with a hammer by Hulk because she still loves him.  I dunno, but I'm sure not wanting Hulk to get a life sentence in prison may have been a reason too.

Brooke came out.

Brooke had the Knockouts and Eric Young out.

Mickie needed her own entrance and said the division was harder to carry when it was on Sky's weak knees.

Eric Young and ODB forfeited the Knockouts Tag Team Titles after not defending them for 6 months due to Eric Young not being a woman. I guess EY fooled them.
Brooke Hogan signed Mickie James vs Velvet Sky for the Knockouts Title next week and Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell in a Ladder Match in Las Vegas

Hulk told Brooke to go home since Bully wanted to "turn this into a circus".

As you can see below, TNA has new stupid  match graphics that make pictures challenging.

BFG Series - Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles

AJ said this is about him becoming the next champ. He said this is no place for a hero.

This one went to a 15 minute draw. Good match here. They did some new stuff here. Joe hit some really nice punches and I liked them doing some stand-up exchanges. They were very stiff and AJ hit a nasty dropkick to Joe's chest on the outside. I didn't even mind the draw because the match was that good. Two points each for these two. Rating:***1/4

Bully Ray was talking to Brooke Hogan on the phone. He told her to come back and sent Ace's on bikes to get her.

Hulk said the eyes were on the X Division and gave Sabin a chance to get rid of the title and get a shot at Bully's title.

BFG Series - Jeff Hardy vs Bobby Roode

Jeff Hardy won with a surprise Twist of Fate. Good Match. I love the sprint style that BFG presents. Everyone goes hard and does their best stuff with little drag in the way. The submissions add to it too and make it even better. Hardy hit Roode from the ramp and it was all go go go from there. Crowd was into this and it was fun. Rating:***

Sting said he had some official family business to attend to.

Bully Ray came out.
He said there were 15 people gunning for him. After that he said the same stuff he says every week. I swear you could insert any Bully interview in the last few months and it'd be the same thing. Sting DeNiro came out.

Sting said he'd get retribution, even though he can't get a title shot.

Bully tried to call out Ace's, but Sting showed them beat up in the back. Bully tried to run and Kurt Angle stopped him. He put him in the ankle lock and Sting talked trash to him to end the show. I love the idea of Kurt Angle as a hitman who doesn't use guns, just ankle locks. That'd be the greatest mobster movie ever.

I really liked the ending and thought it was pretty cool for what it is worth.

Bound for Glory standings from chux4w:

Overall thoughts: Good episode with three good matches. I'm loving the BFG Series already. Looking forward to next week!

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  1. TNA was excellent last year with it's BFG series and this one is looking to be great as well. Awesome matches all round