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WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Results and Review

WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Results and Review

My preview of the show is here:

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They talked about which matches they wanted to see most. Titus wanted to see the strap match and Foley wanted to see Orton's match. Wade came dressed to wrestle and Titus said he was not dressed to wrestle and didn't want any part of that. Wade said he was excited to be there.

They recapped Cena/Ryback.

Foley said only Ryback can beat himself tonight. Titus was concerned about Cena's injury and said it isn't a good match for him tonight.

Wade thought Ryback would win as the stream went out.
They showed some clips of Batista vs Cena then started talking about Lesnar/HHH. On youtube, there were over 25,000 live viewers.

On the PPV feed, they were showing parts from the ADR/Orton/Sheamus vs Henry/Show/Swagger six man tag from Smackdown.

Pre-Show - Cody Rhodes vs The Miz

Miz won in a quick match with a Figure Four. Not great but a fine warm-up match.

The announcers were introduced and on the PPV feed, Renee Young and Scot Stanford took us to the PPV.

Chris Jericho vs Fandango

Jericho won when he caught Fandano with a Codebreaker as he was coming off the top. Good match here with tons of flying a decent pace to it. The finish was cool and out of nowhere.

Sheamus said Henry would find out about what happens when Sheamus gets extreme.

United States title - Kofi Kingston vs Dean Ambrose

Ambrose won the title with a headlock driver. Good match with a quick pace. Kofi flew around alot, Ambrose busted out a chicken wing and hit a great headlock driver for the win.

Strap Match - Sheamus vs Mark Henry

Sheamus touched all four corners to win after hitting a Brogue Kick. The match was too quick. They rushed everything and it was disappointing. Henry got crotched with the strap and got it whipped in his face.

AJ was supposedly too distraught to wrestle tonight. They argued and made jokes at each other. Finally, Kaitlyn called AJ Looney Tunes. AJ dared her to say it again and Kaitlyn did the Porky Pig "That's All Folks". AJ said it was fitting since Kaitlyn was a pig and they fought in the back.

No #1 Contender, I Quit - Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger

Zeb brought up the IRS targeting people like him for political gain. Zeb blamed all non-real American's for this. He said after they win, they would send ADR back to Mexico and go hunting for Ziggler.

Ricardo teased throwing in the towel and then Zeb grabbed the towel and threw it instead. The ref thought it was Ricardo and gave the win to Swagger. A second ref came in and the ref saw a replay and the match restarted.

Alberto won with an armbar. I thought the whole finishing stretch starting from the restart was pretty lame. The match was good up to that though. They both took a ton of cane shots and traded submissions with ADR's armbar vs Swagger's ankle lock. Rating:***

Ryback said Cena was a liar and that words won't help him tonight.

Tornado Tag Team Match for the World Tag Team Titles - Team Hell No vs The Shield - Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins 

Shield got the win with a reverse FU/Rolling flying knee combo. Good match with a lot of action and Seth bumping all over the place. They went straight to the point and kept it fun.

Extreme Rules Match - Randy Orton vs The Big Show

Randy Orton won with a punt. Good match with a hometown crowd that loved Orton. Show did a Vader Bomb onto a ladder and took an RKO onto a chair. Both men took tons of chair and kendo stick shots here. Rating:***

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship - John Cena vs Ryback

Cena took a fallaway slam into a table.
Cena tries a neck crank

This went to a no contest.Ryback speared John Cena through the wall. There was a big explosion and when we got cameras, both men were laid out and Cena was stretchered out. Jerry Lawler started doing the serious voice and I guess the match was thrown out. It was a good match up to this point, though Cena's selling was extremely questionable throughout this match. He got back from a shot from hockey boards with no problems and survived a fallaway slam through a table, a stiff powerbomb and other things. Ryback survived multiple fire extinguisher shots and the spray from a extinguisher. Good match but I don't know why they chose that finish. Ryback has lost plenty of times and Cena could have here. Rating:***1/2

Steel Cage Match - Brock Lesnar vs Triple H

Triple H jumped Brock and didn't have an entrance.

"Ahhh, my knee, Paul. My knee!" - Brock Lesnar

"Brock, don't tap! Don't tap" - Paul | "Break the hold! Break the freakin' hold!" - Paul Heyman | "Oh My God" - Paul

"That's my manager." - Brock

Brock Lesnar won with an F-5. Good match here. Brock sold a knee injury and sold it masterfully. Brock screamed and yelled and Heyman was there too really playing it up. The match was mostly Brock selling and it worked out well. Paul low blowed Triple H near the end and Brock got the sledge hammer and nailed Triple H from it. He then hit an F-5 for the win. Rating:****

Overall thoughts: This was a really good show. Every match was atleast decent and the crowd wasn't bad either. I thought this one was fun and I really liked this from top to bottom.


Mick Foley said you live by the sword and die by the sword and the sword has been good to HHH over the years.
They said they didn't know what was next for Triple H or Brock. They then talked about Last Man Standing. Wade said it was brutal and thought someone was electrocuted. Titus said they were worried about both men and not the winner.
Cena refused to go to the hospital, even when Teddy Long asked.
The announcers said Cena was tough but stubborn.

They talked about The Shield and Foley compared them to The Freebirds.
Ambrose said he made the high flyer crash hard. Rollins said they showed unity. Dean said The Shield brought power back to the championships and they are just warming up.
JBL said Zeb cost ADR the match as ADR got out of the hold during the decision. JBL said they should go with original decisions from ref's.
Dolph said ADR can't compete with him in any way and said he does everything better than him.
ADR said he told himself that he had to win. He said a real champion never quits. ADR said Zig is suffering from memory loss and Zig only beat him for the title because he was injured. ADR said the hunter is now the hunted since Zig is injured.
Big E Langston mocked ADR and AJ said ADR won't like how this ends.
Titus said he's not convinced Sheamus is as tough as he says he is.
Titus said Sheamus isn't tough and he'd take on Sheamus anytime.
Mark was hurting and told Striker to go away. Striker asked where he was going and he said "going home".

Paul said he wasn't surprised by anything Triple H did. He said the new cage was an effort in stacking the dack against Brock.
Striker asked if Paul and Brock now respect Triple H and Paul said to ask Triple H if now respects Brock.
Foley said Brock/Triple H need another match. He said the cage being one foot higher didn't affect things. He also said Cena's career may be shortened from this match. Titus said John Cena should have gotten medical attention.

The post-game show ended as we hit the 3:50 mark for the show as a whole. Enjoy the review everyone and thank you for stopping by! I'll be adding more to this tomorrow!

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