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WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Preview

WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Preview

It is finally time for WWE Extreme Rules 2013. I thought the show has been built well and I am generally excited for it. I usually do like Extreme Rules as there are gimmick matches and WWE gimmick matches usually end up being good matches.  Every match on this show has the possibility of being good and the card looks promising overall. Let's take a look at what might happen tonight.

Pre-Show - Cody Rhodes vs The Miz
Cody Rhodes has been getting a small B-show mini-push. Nothing to really speak of but I guess it is something to keep in mind. The Miz just returned though and for some reason, The Miz has always been high with the WWE brass.  Since Miz just returned and WWE is definitely going to want to do something with him, I'm picking The Miz to win. WINNER - The Miz

No #1 Contender, I Quit - Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger
This originally was supposed to be a three-way ladder match involving Dolph Ziggler. However, Dolph Ziggler got a concussion due to a Jack Swagger kick and he is out of the match. I think it is a shame since ladder matches are usually good and Dolph would have definitely bumped big. While I am not a big fan of the ADR vs Jack Swagger feud, this one could be good. They haven't been selling the different injuries they gave each other lately which is unfortunate since those injuries would have added to this match. Either way, the match was almost surely going to come down to the Alberto armbar vs the Jack Swagger Patriot Act, which it will tonight. Alberto works well in these situations and should tonight. I expect him to use multiple chairs on Swagger's arm and I think he will bust out the hanging armbar over the ropes. This will weaken Swagger's arm and will lead to the finish of Alberto making Swagger say I Quit with the armbar. Watch out for Zeb Coulter as he will surely get involved, as will Ricardo. There is no way Swagger will win though. Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler is clearly the main program moving ahead and it would be better any way you look at it than Swagger vs Ziggler. WINNER - Alberto Del Rio

Tornado Tag Team Match for the World Tag Team Titles - Team Hell No vs The Shield - Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins
This one could be good. If we get a lot of Rollins taking crazy bumps and a lot of DB/Rollins interactions, this should be good. If it is the other way around with Kane working Rollins and DB working Reigns, I don't think it will be good. Either way, The Shield will surely win because they need something to do and they can't afford to lose again. WINNER - The Shield

United States title - Kofi Kingston vs Dean Ambrose
I find this one to be another obvious Shield win. I think WWE has seen that they need some direction with The Shield and by putting titles on all of the members, they will have that direction. This could be a really good match. It should have lots of Kofi flying and lots of Ambrose doing his great selling. However, Ambrose will pull this out, probably with Shield interference with a headlock driver. WINNER - Dean Ambrose

Extreme Rules Match - Randy Orton vs The Big Show
Randy Orton is in his hometown, so he should take this one. I'm not really interested in this one. It is hard to get excited for any Randy Orton match, especially against The Big Show. The best bet here is for them to do lots of weapon shots and gimmick spots. I'm sure someone will go through a table before this is over and I expect lots of chair shots to the back. This one could go either way. Neither really has any big feuds coming up and I think it is likely that these two match up against at the next PPV. I'm picking Orton to win with an RKO. WINNER - Randy Orton

Chris Jericho vs Fandango
This should be the end of the feud here. It has been going on long enough and Jericho is due to leave sooner rather than later. There is no way at all that Fandango will lose this one so he is the obvious choice here. WINNER - Fandango

Strap Match - Sheamus vs Mark Henry
I'm really looking forward to this one. I love strap matches. As Mark Henry's theme says, "Somebodies gon' get they ass kicked" and this should be brutal. I thought the feud has been built up pretty well and I liked how they had Henry do different things related to his strength, which added to this. Sheamus has been a bad face though in this feud with sneak attacks and cheating. I'm expecting a lot of strap shots here and I expect Sheamus to have a disgusting looking back after. I think they will push that it is easier for Henry to pull Sheamus than the reverse. Where they go after this though is something I don't know, which makes it hard to pick a winner. I could see either person winning this here, but since WWE loves Sheamus, I'm picking Sheamus. WINNER - Sheamus

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship - John Cena vs Ryback
Cena's hurt Achilles tendon made for a good story for this match. Expect lots of Cena selling his leg and barely making the count multiple times while Ryback beats up on Cena's leg. I expect Ryback to look really dominant here and I think him winning the title is a possibility. It would be fresh and it would give Cena something to do for a while. It would also cement his heel turn. Cena doesn't need to win and really, there is no good reason for him to. They have the right angle to put him into a losing position and I think they should go with it. Cena is the safer bet to win, but I am picking Ryback since it just makes sense for future business. One thing to look for is the placing of this. If it is the main event, Cena wins. If it is not, Ryback has a chance. WINNER - Ryback

Steel Cage Match - Brock Lesnar vs Triple H
This should be the end of this one. I'm assuming escape the cage rules are in effect and with those, it is hard not to pick Triple H. Does Triple H need it? No, but his ego surely does. This would be a great way to end the feud by having Lesnar win. Lesnar should win since he will be around more than Triple H will and he really should get a win somewhere. The match could be fun and brutal if they don't go too long. I'm sure Brock can find multiple ways to throw Triple H into the cage and brutalize him. I could even see him throwing Triple H through the cage somehow. My gut says that Paul Heyman will be involved a lot and somehow, he will prevent Triple H from leaving only to get thwarted in the end. I except Triple H to win by escaping the cage. WINNER - Triple H

Stay tuned for live coverage of WWE Extreme Rules 2013 with pics, results and possibly gifs live at 7:30!

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