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WWE Monday Night Raw 5/20/2013 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/20/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

I previewed tonight's show here:

My Extreme Rules Review is here:

Ryback arrived in an ambulance. Why? I don't know since they said Ryback didn't leave in an ambulance and walked off on his own.

Ryback challenged John Cena to a rematch in an ambulance match and said John Cena and the fans would be going to the morgue.  I had some sound problems as I couldn't hear him talk.

Wade Barrett and Fandango vs The Miz and Chris Jericho

Wade Barrett got a new theme song. I think there is a girl talking in the beginning and then some rock music plays.
They announced Sin Cara vs Wade Barrett for the IC Title on Main Event.

Road Dogg was on the app, talking to Kaitlyn.

Miz beat Wade with the Figure Four as Fandango started dancing on the outside. Not much to the match here and the highlight was Fandango dancing. After, Jericho chased Fandango off and danced with Summer Rae. They went to kiss and he walked away from her.

Vickie Guerrero said Swagger will compete in a match that will be voted on. We can choose from Khali, R-Truth and Orton.
Daniel Bryan said he felt naked without the tag titles.

DB was down about losing the titles and Kane said The Shield knew their weaknesses. DB thought he was being called weak and got mad. Kofi came in and stopped it as DB walked off.

Sheamus vs Titus O'Neil
Titus challenged Sheamus last night.

"You think he's tough? You think he's f***ing tough?" - Titus O'Neil

On the WWE app, Vickie said she would do something about it if Ryback hurt any wrestlers.

Sheamus won with a Brogue kick in a decent match. Titus got a decent amount in and looked good here. Titus is pretty decent all around and really should be having a singles run, because he is ready for it.

On the app, Truth tried to get people to vote for him.

Curtis Axel is the newest Paul Heyman guy. Who is Curtis Axel? Curtis Axel is Michael Mcgillicutty. His theme is a mix of Mr. Perfect's song.

"I have arrived." - Curtis Axel

Curtis Axel

Curtis Axel
They said Curtis Axel chose the name because Curt comes from "Mr. Perfect" Curt Henning and Axel comes from his grandfather,  Larry "The Axe" Henning.

Triple H came out.

He said, "The adults are having a conversation here, junior" burying Curtis Axel already. Credit to Triple H and WWE for burying a NEW superstar within ONE MINUTE. Amazing. Curtis Axel just stood there and took the insult.

It got worse as Triple H slapped Curtis Axel and Curtis Axel did nothing. If you don't think this was a burial, imagine Brock in there instead of Curtis Axel and tell me what you think of it then.

So, Curtis Axel is Michael McGillicutty. Curtis Axel has actually been really good lately. He had a good match on Superstars weeks ago and is an Arn Anderson-like wrestler who is a loudmouth in the ring and constantly shouts stuff. He had a great match with Ted Dibiase on Supersatrs from 5/11/2013, which I reviewed here:

They aired a Zeb Coulter promo on the WWE app. He claimed there was a conspiracy with the restart last night.

Big E Langston vs Alberto Del Rio
This got started because Big E talked crap to Alberto Del Rio last night in the post show. See here:

Big E Langston beat Alberto Del Rio with The Big Ending! Big upset here! Decent match too. Big E picked up ADR twice from the ambar position and swung him into the rails once. Aside from that, near the finish, AJ threw ADR's bucket in for a distraction and Big E took it from there. Big E is ready so I have no problems with this.

They announced Triple H vs Curtis Axel for tonight and The Shield vs Kofi Kingston and Team Hell No. I somehow picked this correctly in my preview!
Curtis Axel vs Triple H

On the WWE app, The Great Khali said he wants to win tonight for America, even though he's not American. He also said if he is picked, he will reveal one more clue about Kaitlyn's secret admirer.

They announced American Ninja Warrior from Mt. Midoriyama in Japan during a commercial. Yeah, this isn't wrestling, but it is a cool show.

AJ Lee vs Layla

New CGI for names

AJ Lee beat Layla with The Black Widow. The Black Widow is just a satellite headscissors into a La Swastika. The match wasn't bad. The highlight was Layla doing AJ Lee's skipping.

The Bella twins mocked both girls looks on the WWE app.

Zack Ryder vs Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes won with a Disaster Kick in a quick match. Ryder came off the top twice and hit a dropkick once here. Ryback walked to the ring on the WWE app and came out. Ryback beat up Ryder and put him in the ambulance.

Randy Orton talked about how happy he was to win in his hometown last night.

The Shield talked about how we should believe in them and talked about their accomplishments.
The Uso's said they had unfinished buisness with The Shield. They said they painted a target on themselves. They said believe in The Uso's.

The Shield vs Team Hell No and Kofi Kingston

Rollins hit an STO on Kofi on the turnbuckle.

During the break on the WWE app, Ambrose beat down Daniel Bryan and took kicks in the corner. Kane got tagged in. Kane hit a delayed suplex on Ambrose and Ambrose worked Kane's knee. He kicked it and punched it then tagged in Roman Reigns. The Shield took over.

"Come on, little weak link. What do you have left in you?" - Dean Ambrose

Reigns got the win with a spear. Really good match here. They got at least 20 minutes. The crowd was super hot. The works was great. DB was so fiery. The Shield all bumped like maniacs and Rollins took a nasty one on his head. Near the end, the faces did stereo dives onto the Shield in a nice spot. This was a great six man and continues the string of awesome Shield matches. Rating:***3/4
The doctor's messenger said Triple H shouldn't wrestle tonight. Triple H told him he'd be fired if he wants to come out and stop him.

They opened up voting on the WWE app for Swagger's opponent. I chose Khali. I don't know why. I just wanted to hear the next clue to Kaitlyn's secret admirer and see a Zeb/Hornswoggle fight.

Kaitlyn got a text from the number of he secret admirer. Cody walked in and she thought it could be him. Natalya hugged Cody Rhodes. Kaitlyn looked at the phone and said Cody was posting pictures of himself on the net and it wasn't him.

Randy Orton was voted Jack Swagger's opponent.

On the app, Khali said that Road Dogg is not the secret admirer.

Randy Orton vs Jack Swagger

Randy Orton entered on the WWE app. Zeb said Orton would know Swagger better in a minute. Zeb said there was a conspiracy against Zeb Coulter and Jack Swagger. Zeb said Jack Swagger was robbed last night. Zeb said Orton was part of the conspiracy.

Lawler said they evicted a family of robins from Zeb's beard.

During the break on the app, Orton smacked Jack's head off the announce table three times. Jack then came in and worked the leg hold again.

Randy Orton won with a surprise RKO. This was good, which also surprised me. Swagger stuck to working the leg and ankle the whole match with Orton selling. Swagger did some different variations and it made sense. Rating:***

Triple H vs Curtis Axel
This is the debut of Curtis Axel. However, he wrestled under his old name, Michael McGillcutty, for years.

Curtis Axel won by DQ. Triple H started staggering around outside and the trainers checked on him. They gave him water and put a light in his eyes. This was a very odd angle and a creepy way to end the show. The match wasn't that great. Axel is a good wrestler, but not a very exciting one. He's more of Greg Valentine/Arn Anderson type of wrestler, not a big move or spot guy.

Did Triple H get hurt? No, it wasn't real. Anything that airs on TV isn't legit.

On the WWE app, Triple H was still collapsed. He got water and said he was dizzy. Triple H said he wrestled Michael McGillicutty and the trainer said, "he changed his name, he has a new name". LOL. Triple H was then walked to the back with the trainer and the crowd cheered him.

Overall thoughts: I thought it was a pretty good show but I didn't like the Triple H/Curtis Axel segment as Axel looked like a goof getting slapped around. I loved The Shield's match and Swagger/Orton was surprisingly good. Bad ending though.

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