Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ring of Honor TV 5/25/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 5/25/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Colin Delaney vs Mark Briscoe

Mark Briscoe won with the Froggybow. I didn't really like this one. They didn't click, the crowd didn't care and Corino was on commentary. Delaney gained muscle and now looks like every other dude out there and I'm pretty sure nobody had any idea as to who he was. He did a really dumb spot where he skinned the cat into an elbow. It made no sense at all.

Adam Cole cut a promo.
He didn't know who his opponent was but said he would give us his best. He put over ROH here.

C&C shilled a free picture.

Nigel had the Briscoes in the ring and announced a Jay Briscoe vs Mark Briscoe title match for the next iPPV.

The American Wolves came out and said they made Best in the World famous.

Corino came in and started getting on Nigel, saying he hasn't fixed his mistakes and was mad at Mark Briscoe getting a title shot. Corino said whoever is the champ after Best in the World will defend against Matt Hardy.

Everyone got into it after Nigel got pushed by Corino.

Michael Elgin came down to watch the brawl.

Veda Scott interviewed herself and talked about MsChif. She said MsChif didn't think Veda would fight back. Veda said she had nothing to lose against MsChif and said she'd take MsChif on. She asked Nigel for a match against MsChif.

MsChif vs Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb won with a death valley driver and a bad missile dropkick after Veda Scott interfered. Just when it got good, it came to an end. At one point, Cherry Bomb did MsChif's scream and got kicked in the crotch for it. The interference by Veda was almost botched and the ref not seeing it was ludicrous.

Inside Ring of Honor
They talked about the San Antonio show and ACH cut a promo.
He said he would be the hometown boy fighting his hometown hero. He said ACH is pure motivation.

Kevin Steen interrupted Nigel talking and asked when he would get his title shot. Nigel said Steen didn't hold up his end of the bargain at Border Wars when SCUM won. He said he thought Steen was still with SCUM. Steen said he'd take on all members of SCUM in singles matches in the future. Nigel said if he gets the job done, he gets a title shot.
Strong said Ishimori is the challenge he's been looking for. He said thanks to Nigel.

Roderick Strong vs Taiji Ishimori

Taiji Ishimori won with the 450. The crowd loved this but I didn't. Ishimori has never been a great worker and he wasn't here. He'd hit a move, Roddy would hit a backbreaker, lather, rinse, repeat. There was virtually no story or anything to this and Taiji repeated moves. I think most ROH fans will like this, but this isn't really the style for me.

Overall thoughts: I didn't like this show. The women's match was the best thing on the show but it had its fair share of problems. I didn't care for the opener and the main event at all.

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  1. I think as many people, as much different opinions about this week ROH. In the opener Delaney should shows more, womens were OK but we had better ROH women's matches. Main event was good. During Roddy's domination it could be a little boring, but last few minutes were interesting.