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Ring of Honor TV 5/18/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 5/18/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

I reviewed ROH Border Wars here:

Steve Corino came out bragging about SCUM's tag win at Border Wars and his new position as a commentator.
He said one of his men would be the next and last ROH champion, since SCUM's win also got them a title shot.

Jay Lethal vs Jimmy Jacobs

Lethal said he didn't fully trust Steen but his loyalities stand with Ring of Honor and tonight "I will stand over Jimmy Jacobs' dead body".

"Despite Jay Lethal's promo skills, he is an African American." - Steve Corino, huh?

"I wish the chopping would stop. One day when I'm the head of Ring of Honor, there will be no more chopping." - Steve Corino

Jimmy Jacobs won with a Sliced Bread #2. This was a surprisingly good and smart match. Lethal injured his knee at the PPV, so Jacobs naturally worked on it. He did a nice indian deathlock on it and targeted it throughout the match. Lethal tried to make comebacks and tried his Lethal Injection. The first time he tried it Jimmy hooked him in a leg lock around the ropes and the second time Lethal just collapsed. Lethal sold well and remembered to sell at the right times which really helped this. Great effort by both men here. Rating:***3/4

Nigel McGuinness said that Michael Elgin was the #1 Contender and mentioned The American Wolves being contenders before Jay Briscoe came out.

"Do we have subtitles for this guy?" - Steve Corino
Jay Briscoe said he'd like to whoop alot of people's asses and said there isn't anyone he's scared of.
"We scoopin' up dog crap and all you're talking about is how you can whoop everybodies ass." - Mark Briscoe
Mark Briscoe said he was tired of it and heard enough.
Mark Briscoe brought up that he whooped Jay's ass in their first match together in ROH. Mark then challenged Jay.

"Hey, Baltimore Maryland's right down the road from Sandy Fork. We can bring the whole damn family to the Du Burns Arena." - Jay Briscoe
Jay Briscoe accepted and Nigel hinted at signing the match. I liked this segment. They  played the feud off well and didn't overdue it. It was simple and effective and really, if I want to see any Jay Briscoe match, Jay Briscoe vs Mark Briscoe is the one I want to see most.

SCUM - Cliff Compton and Rhett Titus vs Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander

Rhett Titus beat Caprice Coleman with a elevated DDT with a single underarm. The story of this one was Caprice reinjuring his shoulder from the PPV(which I reviewed here - Caprice got sent to the back by the refs but came back before fully leaving and tried to make the big comeback. The heels attacked his shoulder though and took the win. I liked the story and the match was okay, but not great.

Would you text ROH for a picture of Michael Elgin? I wouldn't.
Kevin Steen vs Adam Cole
"Look at this guy spelling everything wrong." - Steve Corino
Steen blew a snot rocket into his hand before shaking hands with Cole. Kevin Kelly also said "Taijiri Ishimori" would be wrestling.

"Kevin Steen always wants to be numero uno. See my french there?" - Corino

"Kevin Steen is one of the best pro wrestlers ever. He was a former world champion." - Kevin Kelly | "Yeah? Who cares. Xavier was a former world champion." - Steve Corino

"We have a derogatory term for people from Quebec here in Canada. Wanna know what they're called? Quebecers." - Steve Corino

"Ring the bell, Todd. You'll go down in history. Ring the bell!" - Steve Corino

Adam Cole won with a Florida Key/Straightjacket German Suplex after Jimmy Jacobs hit Kevin Steen with a chain. This was a good match. Steen took a nasty release german on his head and Cole's head bounced off the mat on a powerbomb. I also liked the sharpshooter spot since it is Canada. The interference kind of worked because they had been hinting at that Cole would join SCUM and this fuels that. The crowd was into this one and after the german, the match got a whole lot better with some hard shots and stiff moves. Good stuff here. Rating:***1/4

Overall thoughts: Good edition of ROH TV with 2 really good matches and another one that wasn't bad. Check this one out!

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  1. This episode was very good.
    Good matches, good crowd and Steve Corino is OK as a color commentator.
    I hope Jimmy Jacobs is future ROH TV champion.