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Ring of Honor Television 5/11/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor Television 5/11/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

They said they would be replaying matches from the Border Wars PPV.

Mike Bennett vs Roderick Strong
Mike Bennett is one of those guys that I just never got the appeal of.

Roderick Strong won with the Sick Kick. Roddy was fine here but the match wasn't that good. Brendell Cheeseburger randomly came out and kissed Maria.The announcers said it was for Bennett hitting Cheeseburger in NYC. There was some Maria intereference too here with her stopping Strong from winning with the Stronghold. Other than that and maybe a good forearm or two, there wasn't much to this.

We got a package on the Nigel/SCUM feud.

Steve Corino cut a promo said said there was nothing "god" can't do. He then said "the end is near Nigel, the end is near".

The Briscoes shilled a free picture that you have to text ROH to get.

Jay Briscoe told us to get on it and get our picture. I was more focused on the hilarious faces of Mark Briscoe.

We got a recap of Steen getting kicked out of SCUM.

I Quit - BJ Whitmer vs Rhett Titus
This is one of those feuds that I seemed to miss the build on.

Corino got ejected quickly. I'm not sure how that why Corino would go along with that since it is presumably No DQ.

BJ Whitmer won. This was a strange one. BJ got Titus ziptied to the ropes when Corino came out. Corino sacrificed himself and then Rhett Titus quit, so Corino wouldn't get hit. However, what was the point of Corino sacrificing himself then? Why didn't Corino interfere? This was really stupid which is fitting since it was a stupid idea to have this match that wasn't built up anyway. SCUM attacked and Elgin/Lethal came down.

If SCUM wins, a member of SCUM gets a title shot and Corino becomes a commentator. If SCUM loses, Corino is gone 0 Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin vs  Cliff Compton and Jimmy Jacobs
Titus was still tied up while this started.

SCUM got the win after Jacobs clipped Kevin Steen and pinned him. Kevin Steen made his big return here to try to beat down SCUM. He took Lethal's place since Lethal went out early on with a knee injury. The crowd was really into this one which really helped it. I liked the story of Elgin trying to fight on his own with Steen making the save. Aside from Steen's return, the big highlights here were Elgin being put in a standing sleeperhold by Jacobs on his back and then german suplexing Compton while in the hold. They also had Elgin and Lethal do long vertical suplexes where they held their opponents for a while. I really would have prefered the faces taking this one though. It would have made more sense and brought a better ending, plus it would have gotten rid of Corino, but it wasn't to be. It brought down Steen's return a little since he lost.

Overall thoughts: The Whitmer/Titus match was dumb and Strong/Bennett wasn't that great. The main event had some good points but I thought the wrong team one and though it was a little long. If you saw the PPV, there was no reason to watch this.

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