Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ring of Honor TV 5/4/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 5/4/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Prince Nana is at the booth today.

"The Machine Gun" Karl Anderson vs Michael Elgin

We went to a break and got the same BJ Whitmer promo from before. He said his whole life and career has come to this and he's one of the toughest in ROH history.

Karl Anderson with an RKO. I didn't like this one. Most people know I really don't like Karl Anderson and this was a prime example of it. The match had little storytelling to it. Anderson got off to an okay start but then had to do all of his MOVEZ and that's when it went downhill. He did these moves at the expense of selling and to be honest, his moves aren't even that good. He makes every move look so phony and fake that it just takes me out of his matches. I think he is really overrated and limited as a worker and this match exposed some of that. The match became "your move, my move" and it wasn't good.

Daviene vs MsChif

There is no way in the world that Daviene is 122lbs. 142? 152? Sure.

MsChif got the DQ win when Veda Scott interfered quickly into it. A shame since MsChif was going to be one of the few people I liked on an episode with Kyle O'Reilly, Davey Richards and Karl Anderson. Veda Scott interfered because MsChif misted her a few weeks ago, which you can see here:

The girls brawled and the refs tried to break away until they cut away to inside ROH.

Inside ROH
BJ Whitmer talked about losing his job with ROH in 2008. He said things were bad but things are now better. He said he would take care of business and a cave a skull in whether it was against Jay Briscoe or Adam Cole. That pretty much ended Inside ROH. Well, that was a waste of time.

They showed the same promo with Fish/O'Reilly from last week with them saying they don't care who they face in Pittsburgh.

Okay, time to vent here. IT IS A WASTE OF TIME TO HAVE PEOPLE CUT PROMO'S FOR MATCHES WHERE THEY DON'T KNOW THEIR OPPONENTS. It does nothing for anyone and it serves as little else but filler.

Kevin Kelly and Prince Nana were talking when Nana got a phone call. He started singing, "We're in the money" and immediately left. I'm totally fine with this. Nana isn't a good commentator. He has a thick accent, doesn't know some of the talent and says obvious stuff.

Davey Richards vs Kyle O'Reilly
I don't like either of these guys so I'm probably not going to like this. Just warning everyone ahead of time.

Davey hits a tombstone without actually having Kyle hit the mat.

Davey Richards won with an armbar. This sucked. As expected, they did big spots then forgot to sell them and moved onto bigger spots. Davey took a brainbuster to the floor and was back up in no time. Then, his leg was worked on earlier and he found the strength to do 2 foot stomps, including one off the top rope.

Overall thoughts:
I didn't like this episode as expected. Too many MOVESZ and not enough selling made this one not very good.


  1. Oh, I think this episode was really good. Better than two last episodes. Anderson for some time had too much advantage over Elgin, but I enjoyed that match and main event too.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Max. I think if you like the wrestlers involved on this show, the show would be an enjoyable one. Because hey, I'd be the only one who prefer a show with more punches and matches featuring Randy Rose :P