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WWF Superstars of Wrestling 3/3/1990 Review

WWF Superstars of Wrestling 3/3/1990 Review

The previous show is here: http://prowresblog.blogspot.com/2012/10/wwf-superstars-of-wrestling-2241990.html
"You wanted a prediction? Here it is. I'm predicting Hulk Hogan to win at Wrestlemania." - Jesse Ventura
Macho King Randy Savage with Sensational Queen Sherri vs Jim Powers
"Hell hath no fury like a woman and Sapphire, I'm going to knock your butt off your big fat butt." - Sensational Sherri, making no sense.
Macho King Randy Savage beat Jim Powers with an elbow off the top in about 2 minutes. You don't get more wrestling like than the Macho Man. Gotta love this. Savage flew around here a little to make this squash good.

They showed some clips from The Main Event with The Ultimate Warrior being attacked by Earthquake and Dino Bravo and Hulk Hogan coming to his rescue.
"Warrior, the fact that you haven't harnessed youre energy, not knowing which way the Warrior's will go scares me to death. I believe in my soul the powers of the Warriors and the powers of the Maniac will collide and we might even self-destruct brother, but one thing is for sure, I can't let you roll over Hulkamania." - Hulk Hogan
"Come Wrestlemania, I'm gonna make you the Ultimate Hulkamaniac." - Hulk Hogan
"Talk to me Hulk Hogan, like you are talking to the god you speak of."
"I Hulk Hogan, have injected you with the minimum dose of poison from the power of the Ultimate Warrior, but the anti-bodies of Hulkamania continue to refuse what the poison can do. They turn the poison away. They fear the dirty. They fear the evil." - The Ultimate Warrior
"Hulk Hogan, I am the representation of all you fear. I Hulk Hogan, want you to be the Warrior you say you are." - The Ultimate Warrior
"Walk with me Hulk Hogan to the edge. Look Hulk Hogan, look into nothingness. Look beyond your fears as you take that step, Hulk Hogan, and make the sacrifice so that the power of the Ultimate Warrior shall live." - The Ultimate Warrior

The Orient Express vs Pete Ketchum and Mark Young
This is the TV debut of the Orient Express.
"Master Fuji very very happy, that's ichiban, number one tag team from Japan, the Orient Express. And I have lots of devious ideas for you hehee." - Mr. Fuji
"Let me ask you something McMahon. Would you buy a car from Mr. Fuji?" - Jesse Ventura
"Not even a used one, no. I don't know if I would take one if he said it was for free." - Vince McMahon
The finish
Pat Tanaka pinned Jim Ketchum with basically a deadlift german suplex. Ketchum tried to jump as you can see above and he totally mistimed it. Good squash here. A couple of decent kicks to the face and the german to take it home.
"Million Dollar Man, you sat up so proudly and told me if I want that Million Dollar belt, I've got to come get it. Well, that's exactly what I did. Now if you want it, you've got to come get it." - Jake the Snake Roberts

"You might reach your hand in there and find this fella" - Jake the Snake Roberts
"Or it could be an Eastern Diamond Rattler." - Jake the Snake Roberts

"Or it could be Lucifer, that's Damien's older brother." - Jake the Snake Roberts
"Or it could be this viper." - Jake the Snake Roberts
"Or it could be this." - Jake the Snake Roberts
"Or it could be this. Trust me. Come on." - Jake the Snake Roberts
"You know Jake, I'm sure you got things just the way you want them."
"Warrior you're big and impressive and a strong man, but you're a little weak up there." - Ted Dibiase
"Mr. Dibiase, I come with a money back gurantee. Either you get your belt back or you get your money back." - Akeem the African Dream
"I am not afraid of earthquakes, hurricanes, tornado's, whatever." - Rugged Ronnie Garvin
"Attacking someone from behind don't impress me." - Rugged Ronnie Garvin
"Earthquake, you come at me face to face, walk that line and you'll see the difference." - Rugged Ronnie Garvin
Rowdy Roddy Piper vs Dale Wolfe
Dale Wolfe steals Piper's kilt
The finish
Rowdy Roddy Piper beat Dale Wolfe with a couple of clotheslines in about 30 seconds. This was all squash here.
"A tip from the Model. If you want the ladies to worship you like me, then get rid of all this stuff and get yourself some arrogance. They won't stand a chance." - Rick The Model Martel

"Everybodies laughing at my stupid Genius hairdo. All this cuttin' and struttin's gotta stop. Mr. Perfect, Mr. Perfect shall avenge his noble Genius by destroying Brutus Beefcake's barber shop." - The Genius
Mr. Perfect vs Omar Atlas
"Beefcake, your cuttin' and struttin' days are over. I'm gonna teach you a lesson that should have been taught to you a long time ago. Wrestlemania 6, you're gonna find out, you should never ever cross Mr. Perfect." - Mr. Perfect
Mr. Perfect beat Omar Atlas in about a minute with a Perfect-plex. Not much to talk about here. I don't think there was much else other than punching.

The Brother Love Show with Hercules
"Jimmy Hart, Earthquake, I accept your challenge, I accept your declaration of war." - Hercules on his Wrestlemania 6 match against Earthquake
"A fraud Akeem, a fraud, that's what the Big Boss Man is. He says he's about serving justice and he's out here with a man who's spreading love like Brother Love and then putting the ball and chain on him." - Slick
"Here's your ball and chain and at Wrestlemania 6, the big man's gonna get you." - Slick
"Come Wrestlemania 6, you're gonna realize that handcuffs are one size fits all and Akeem, I'm gonna make sure that you wear 'em." - The Big Boss Man
"Wrestlemania 6, we gon find out Macho Man in the mixed tag and see what happens to you." - Dusty Rhodes
"I'm gonna put so many marks on the queen she's gon' think she got chicken pox." - Sweet Sapphire
"Mr. Perfect, I'm gonna ruin your perfect record, ruin your perfect haricut and make it all a perfect day." - Brutus Beefcake
Demolition vs Playboy Buddy Rose and a Jobber
"Your friends are coming in on the private jet to Toronto right Jesse?" - Vince McMahon
"Well, they ain't comin' in on the hound like your friends are." - Jesse Ventura
"Demolition, this is what you want, this is what we own. If you want it, come and get it at Wrestlemania. I don't think you can do it." - Bobby The Brain Heenan
Demoltion won with a Demolition Decapation in about three minutes. This was a decent squash with the announcers making jokes about Buddy Rose and Buddy Rose doing his signature bumps.
"Hercules, you got that big chain. Me and my Powers of Pain will put knots on you with that chain." - Mr. Fuji
"Rockers, you can bring Mr. Universe or Godzilla, you will still pay the price." - The Barbarian
"Hulk Hogan, you're gonna realize once and for all, why they refer to me as the World's Srongest Man. I'm gonna get you Hogan." - Dino Bravo
"Ultimate Warrior, I hope you're watching. The same way I manhandle Dino Bravo will be the same way I manhandle you at Wrestlemania 6." - Hulk Hogan
Overall thoughts: Good show. I liked the stuff with Jake, liked the Hogan/Warrior promo's and enjoyed the Demolition squash. Not must see, but probably about as good as you can get on Superstars.

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