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WWE Saturday Morning Slam 10/13/2012 Review

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 10/13/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

Today's main event is Sin Cara vs Jinder Mahal.
The Miz vs Justin Gabriel
Santino suggested that since Gabriel is a daredevil and star he should be called, "darestar". They worked a slower match than they usually would, I guess to keep the impact low. Gabriel hit a cool forward roll into a crucifix pin. Gabriel went for his spingboard moonsault and hit all mat, then Miz came in for the Skull Crushing Finale for the win. This was alright for what it was, but it was very very short.
They then did a feature on WWE entrance music with Jim Johnston.  They asked for wrestlers favorite themes.  Kofi said the Ultimate Warrior, Natalya said Kane, Layla said Laycool, Kaitlyn said Brodus Clay, Dolph said Austin and Cena said his own.  They showed WWE's recording studio with Jim Johnston. He said he likes DX's, Show's, Austin's and Rock's themes. He played a small riff of Austin's theme on a guitar, along with Show's and DX's. 
They showed a bunch of ads for different toys and I'd like to point out how silly it is for WWE not to show their's during this show. With all of the kids watching, I would think it would be a good chance to make money.

Sin Cara vs Jinder Mahal
Yep, still no Tyson Kidd vs Daniel Bryan. Now, even I want to see it, but I'm losing hope. Santino said that Jinder is aggressive, in good shape and doesn't get tired. Sin Cara was rocking the white and blue today and looked pretty cool. Sin Cara started off with 4 headflips in a row.
Justin Gabriel did a don't try this at home ad and talked about breaking every ligament in his arm at wrestlemania.
Jinder worked a bearhug here for a little and then did an over the shoulder back breaker. Jinder hit a powerbomb which they cut away from. Wouldn't be surprised if he gets some heat for that. He then tried another one and Sin Cara did a facebuster, which they allowed. Sin Cara then won with a swanton. Good match here but really nothing special.
Overall thoughts: This was pretty much all wrestling so I have no problems with this. They cut away from almost all the other crap to make more time for wrestling, which I approve of. The two matches were decent enough so this wasn't a bad waste of 22 minutes.

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