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WWE Main Event 10/10/2012 Review

WWE Main Event 10/10/2012 Review
This is episode two of WWE Main Event.

Last week's debut show is here:


My recorder did not work and therefore I missed about the first 20 minutes of the show.

Randy Orton vs The Big Show
Orton was pretty even with The Big Show here before falling to a chokeslam. I expected this to be a long squash but it totally wasn't at all. Show finished Orton off with 4 elbows to the ribs, the colossal clutch and a chokeslam. Had Show not been in a title match at HIAC, I think Orton would have taken this. This was kind of slow  and long at over 21 minutes. But when you are sticking with only two matches per show, that kind of forces those things to happen.

Josh Matthews interviewed Sheamus. Sheamus said that The Big Show is his biggest challenge yet and that if he can beat Show at Hell in a Cell, the win will be so much sweeter.

Kofi Kingston vs Michael McGillicutty
I can't figure out why they put this at the main event when it obviously isn't. It brought me back to Gorilla Monsoon calling your Brooklyn Brawler vs Terry Taylor match "a main event anywhere in the world". Michael McGillicutty has been getting very good lately, but unless you watch the b-shows, you wouldn't know it. Naturally, they had him lose here quickly when Kofi hit the SOS. I spoke a little too soon here.

The Miz gave Kofi the mic after. Kofi said his match was "fun" and Miz then did his "REALLY?" bit. He said vacations and rollercoasters are fun, but wrestling is not. Miz said that Kofi's attitude devalued everything in the ring including the Miz and the IC title. He then accused Kofi of cheapshotting him on Raw and told him he would never be at his level. Kofi said that he is hiding a dagger behind his smile and wants Miz to think that he's a non-threat. He then challenge Miz to a match next week on Main Event for the IC title. Miz accepted and Kofi said, "sounds like fun". Kofi then hit a Trouble in Paradise to close the show.

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