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WWE Main Event 10/3/2012 Review

WWE Main Event Debut - 10/3/2012 Review
We then got a nice highlight package of CM Punk, basically showing him as someone that WWE didn't like but had to push.
"I feel like I have a responsibility to make pro wrestling better as a whole and to change this place." - CM Punk
"I didn't like him, but I respected him." - Joey Mercury on CM Punk

"I'm looking forward to facing World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus so that maybe I can finally get some respect, so people like you stop barging into my locker room." - CM Punk
"I'm going to show CM Punk respect the only way I know how. I'm going to take this boot of mine and shove it down his throat." - Sheamus
"One of the doors of WWE came bustin' open and like it or not, I was in for the ride of my life." - Sheamus
Awesome Sheamus Kid
Champion vs Champion - Sheamus vs CM Punk
"Do you know why I'm the leader? Because I'm the best in the world." - CM Punk
Pictures from the WWE 13 commercial
The ref tries to fix the turnbuckle pad that Punk ripped off.
"Punk needs to establish his own legacy, not rip off others." - Michael Cole
Punk notices the exposed turnbuckle

Sheamus hits it after a failed Brogue kick
Punk wins holding the tights
This was an alright match. Nothing too special, but the storytelling was decent with the exposed turnbuckle. They teased it early and it came into play for the finish. Paul Heyman was the highlight of this and he wasn't even in the match. He made a ton of cool faces and yelled things when he got the chance. The work was mostly what you would expect. They hit their signature moves minus the finishers. Punk controlled almost all of this with Sheamus barely coming in a little at the end with a cloverleaf, but the losing after hitting the exposed turnbuckle.
"Well the way this match resulted, there's a reason he keeps asking for respect and not getting it." - Sheamus
"When I meet you again CM Punk, fella, you're the one that's going to be taking it on the chin...from a Brogue Kick." - Sheamus
"You are standing in the presence of greatness. In the presence of the best in the world and you are going to leave." - Paul Heyman
"Next week, I'm going to introduce the audience to something Randy Orton is very familiar with. Does that remind you of anything Striker?" - The Big Show
"Take a good look at my fist Randy, because it's going to be the last thing you see." - The Big Show
Number 1 Contender to the Tag Titles: Santino Marella and Zach Ryder vs Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel 
"Unlike any other tag team in this tag team tournament, Zack Ryder and Santino Marella are always on the SAME PAGE(in unison)." - Zack Ryder, then both men
"Woo Woo Woo" - Zack Ryder
"I know it" - Santino Marella
"Are you serious, bro?" - Zack Ryder
Santino got the win with the cobra. Santino Marella and Zack Ryder are an awesome team. Both guys are super over which makes for a good team. They are also alot of fun together since they are similar characters. The work here was good. Some nice double teams from Gabriel/Kidd and the faces were entertaining. The only problem was that this was very short. It should have been longer. Rating:*1/2
Overall thoughts: This was an interesting debut. It had a very different feel to it than other WWE shows and it had alot of promos and packages for the title vs title match. I liked that part and it gave me a reason to care. I don't know why it was the first match other than to send the fans home happy, which worked. I recommend checking this out just to see WWE in a different way and hey it's the debut, so why not.

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  1. "It had a very different feel to it than other WWE shows and it had alot of promos and packages for the title vs title match. I liked that part and it gave me a reason to care."

    I was criticized for saying the WWE lacks random matches on it's programming, instead, they choose to wear matches out before the PPV. Random matches can work & tonight was a great example. Sometimes a complete side story can play out during a match, it takes the proper promos & detail.