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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 10/5/2012 Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 10/5/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:
"Sheamus thinks he has a plan. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. This is the first time I've fought Sheamus one on one. He hasn't had the sad miscomfort of my fist in his mouth." - The Big Show
"Look at that, look at the size of that." - The Big Show
They showed a small highlight clip in between the two pictures above with Show knocking out different people. Sheamus then came down.

"So I just wanted to come down here, look you right in the eye and say, may the best man win." - Sheamus
Show leaves Sheamus hanging
Sheamus then showed Daniel Bryan beating Show at TLC then losing to Sheamus at Wrestlemania. This is getting totally old. We went through 5 minutes of this on Raw.
Sheamus then left Show hanging after Show offered to shake hands
#1 Contender's Tag Title Tournament: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs The Prime Time Players
"He's always angry in the ring." - Michael Cole on Titus O'Neil
"Let's go Prime Time Players!" - Darren Young
Darren Young got the win with a gorilla press into a gutbuster. This was a strong match. The PTP's were really great here heeling it up and being loudmouth's and the faces were very good. Kofi had the win set up here with the Trouble in Paradise, but Titus got his foot and then Young took it home. Very nice match here. Rating:**1/2
Ryback vs Primo
Ryback beat Primo with the samoan drop aka the shellshock. This was all squash and it was very good. Ryback looked strong here and really ran over Primo well. Leave it to Primo to put over Ryback strong!
Layla vs Alicia Fox
Layla beat Alicia Fox with a big right high kick. This was short but good. Layla was stiff here and had some really nice comebacks and forearms. Again, I don't know what came over the divas division lately, but I like it. Rating:*1/2
"I'd like to tell Eve, that the way she won the divas championship, is going to make it so much better when she loses the divas championship." - Layla
CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler argued about each other and how they cost themselves matches
"I see that we have beef here, so congratulations, how about you two settle it in the ring tonight? Now can you dig that? Sucka." - Booker T
"I've actually amused myself, seeing how bad I can make my opponent's suffer, at the hands of the Barrett Barrage." - Wade Barrett
Wade Barrett vs Mark Rayz
"Look at me, that's a man." - Wade Barrett
Wade Barrett won with the souvenir. This was all squash with Wade looking better than ever. He'll be back in the main event scene in no time and I like this new 1900's bareknuckle fighter Wade Barrett.
Champion vs Champion - Sheamus vs The Miz
The finish
The Miz beat Sheamus by DQ when The Big Show knocked out the Miz. I'm surprised WWE had Sheamus lose twice this week in champion vs champion matches. I liked this one. Miz looked pretty good here and Sheamus was perfectly serviceable. Miz took control early on the outside and then followed up with a chinlock, but it was all Sheamus from there as he was getting ready to set up the Brogue Kick, then Show came out. Rating:*1/2
"I've requested some time to come out and speak to you on behalf of the WWE locker room. I wanna address the situation that happened last week after the show went off air." - David Otunga
Otunga showed ADR beating up Orton
"Now on behalf of the WWE locker room, I wanna say thank you to Alberto Del Rio. I wanna thank Alberto Del Rio because he had the courage to stand up to this man." - David Otunga
Alberto Del Rio mocking Randy Orton's entrance
"Muh nerm is Randy Orton...HAHAHA" - Alberto Del Rio
"Randy Orton wouldn't dare be in the same arena as me because he knows if he does, he'll be laying there like a dying a dying snake." - Alberto Del Rio
"I cut off the head of that snake." - Alberto Del Rio
"I'm the new apex predator in the WWE." - Alberto Del Rio
"Right now, I propose a tag team match. David Otunga and Alberto Del Rio vs these gentlemen right here." - Booker T
Team Hell No - Daniel Bryan and Kane vs Alberto Del Rio and David Otunga
They mentioned on commentary that Ricardo's new duties include washing Alberto's car and mowing his lawn. They also confirmed that he does not get benefits, but is hoping to someday.

Daniel Bryan beat David Otunga with the flying headbutt to get the win. Fun match here. Kane and DB teased their usual fighting with Kane hitting the chokeslam then rolling towards the corner where DB made the unwanted tag and got the win. This was just short and sweet and really not meant to be much more than a fun match, and it was. Otunga was in the ring here for the majority of this match. Rating:*1/2
"Now I did not tell you to go and suspend Beth Phoenix last week." - Teddy Long
"Yes, you did Teddy. It's not uncommon for a man in his advancing years to get a bit forgetful." - Eve
"Now I can't prove it, but I know you had something to do with the attack on Kaitlyn at Night of Champions." - Teddy Long
"Booker T is not an experienced GM. If I was in charge you would be straight out the door." - Teddy Long
"See you're not in charge Teddy, I am. Are you jealous of Eve?"
"Both of you are great assets in my administration, but I won't have you bickering like cats and dogs." - Booker T
The Big Show vs Tensai
The finish
Tensai beat The Big Show by DQ when Sheamus Brogue Kicked Tensai. Tensai looked like goof against Show, but hey he got the win! Gotta take what you can get I guess. There was little to this. Tensai mostly took akward bumps on the floor until Sheamus ran in. Not that good but it served its purpose and it advanced the Sheamus/Show storyline.
"I won Money in the Bank." - CM Punk
"Nobody cares Punk." - Dolph Ziggler
Dolph Ziggler vs CM Punk
The finish
"To get respect, at Hell in the Cell, CM Punk steps into the ring with John Cena. So at Hell in the Cell, CM Punk will not step in the ring against John Cena." - CM Punk
CM Punk beat Dolph Zigger with the Go To Sleep in a short but decent match. Not too much to say about this one unfortunately, but I liked what I saw. Alot of the attention here was on Paul Heyman, which is perfectly fine. He brings so much to CM Punk and really puts his character over the top. Since getting with Paul, Punk really acts like the man. I didn't think that WWE really put him at Cena's level but as of late, he is no doubt there. He's really been conducting himself well and showing that he is the man in WWE. I have to get Paul and Punk credit for this and I really love their tandem

Overall thoughts: Good show. Lots of quick but good matches here which works out. Quick and good beats long and boring anyday. They packed alot into this show and really kept it moving, which I enjoyed. I'm warming up to the Sheamus/Show stuff now that they got some build behind it, I'm liking Alberto more than ever, Kane and DB are great and Punk/Heyman are ruling it. This one is definitely worth a look.


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