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WCW Wrestlewar 1991 Review - Part 2

WCW Wrestlewar 1991 Review - Part 2

Part 1 is here: http://prowresblog.blogspot.com/2012/10/wcw-wrestlewar-1991-review-part-1.html

The Danger Zone - Paul E. Dangerously with El Gigante
"Maybe you'd like to come here and learn a few words of english like jerk, because that's what you really are. Jerko, amigo. Big, ugly jerko." - Paul E. Dangerously
"No habla englias" - El Gigante (yes, he said that)
"Maybe you speak this?" - Paul E Dangeously
"Never hit my face." - El Gigante
"He's gonna defeat Sting." - Hiro Matsuda on the upcoming Sting vs The Great Muta Japan Supershow match.

Return match - Stan Hansen vs Big Van Vader
They had a match the previous year in the Tokyo Dome where Stan Hansen literally knocked Vader's eye out with a lariat. It was a super stiff and awesome brawl.
"This is like the Saturday Night Special in Austin, right Dust?" - Jim Ross
"If there's anything that's not nailed down, take it to the back." - Jim Ross
"This may have ended in a double disqualification but I don't see anyone down here rushing to break this up." - Jim Ross
"I don't know what it's going to take to settle it between these two guys, but rules ain't gonna do it." - Jim Ross
This went to a double disqualification. With Stan Hansen being from AJPW and Vader being from NJPW, there were too many politics involved to get a finish. Either way though, this was great and a war. Lots of brawling and hate and it's definitely worth a look, even though it was short and screwy.

United States Title: Lex Luger vs Dangerous Dan Spivey
Lex got a huge pop for his entrance
Lex Luger hulks up
Lex Luger beat Dangerous Dan Spivey with a small package when Spivey tried to launch Lex Luger off the top rope. This was a strong match. The crowd loved Luger, Spivey was a good heel and everything just worked. They had a strong physical match with suplexes and other moves that you wouldn't normall see such a tall guy like Dan Spivey take. I really enjoyed this and this was shockingly really good. Rating:***1/2

After the match, Nikita Koloff was scheduled to present Lex Luger with the new United States title.
Tony Schiavone, Nikita Koloff and Grizzly Smith
"I've got something for you here Lester. I take alot of pride in and great pleasure in giving this to you." - Nikita Koloff
"For crying out loud, why would you do this?" - Tony Schiavone
"WHYYY? You ask me WHY? I'll tell you why. For two years I stood in my gym in North Carolina and watched these titles change hands back and forth. I said to myself, Nikita, there's one title you have not had around your waist. You know what Tony Schiavone? I talked to the championship comittee and you know what they said to me? They said Nikita, you have been retired for two years. You have to prove to us that you need a match against the World Champion." - Nikita Koloff
"What better way than to prove to Lex Luger, the man who stole the US title from me four years ago. "
"You shut your mouth." - Nikita Koloff to a fan
"I'm gonna take the title back where it belongs to Nikita Koloff. AHHHHHH" - Nikita Koloff
WCW World Tag Team Titles: Doom vs The Fabulous Freebirds
They had slightly teased that Doom were having problems lately on an episode of WCW Saturday Night. Ron Simmons said that Butch Reed wanted to party and spend money too much instead of staying hungry and training. Teddy Long also wasn't appearing on TV much with Butch Reed while Ron Simmons was.

As for Teddy Long and Diamond Dallas Page, they had a deal where they traded matches and somehow this ended up with Doom signing a match with the Freebirds. Forgive me for not going into more details as I definitely need to rewatch the shows leading up to this.
"What a sight that is." - Jim Ross
"Oh man, look out here, I'm talkin' bout Big Daddy Dink. A reject from, well I don't know where, but look at him." - Dusty Rhodes
"I'd like to see him on a Harley. He'd need one of those three wheeler's." - Jim Ross
"Got some good lookin' brown sugar there, I'll tell ya." - Dusty Rhodes
"Diamond Dallas Page is here and there and all of the place and he can't take care of all his buisness at one time. So, I had to incorporate another man into the master plan. A man who eats stone cold cake and does ? with bread daddio. Out with the old, in with the new, hold onto your hat dad, I got something for you." - Diamond Dallas Page
"He's standin' tall, he's lookin' good, he oughta he in Hollywood. The road boss himself, Big Daddy Dink." - Diamond Dallas Page
Qaudruple fist bump!
"This team right here has had alot of controversy. They allegedly have made their peace." - Jim Ross
"You Diamond Dallas Page, the Fabulous Freegirls are gonna find out that Doom are the real world tag team champions cause homie don't play dat." - Teddy Long
"Homie don't play that, Dream." - Jim Ross
"Homie don't play no rock and roll." - Dusty Rhodes
"I want you little boy." - Jimmy Jam Garvin to Butch Reed
"Please" - Butch Reed
"Reed has an international object as they say and he hit Simmons with it." - Jim Ross
"Garvin's there, he doesn't even know what's going on!" - Jim Ross
"Jimmy Garvin doesn't know where he's at and Big Daddy Dink is trying to guide him and because of that we got new world tag team champions." - Dusty Rhodes
"YES, We comin' home!" - Jimmy Garvin
"I told the world, daddio" - Diamond Dallas Page
"Simmons pushed Teddy Long down and Reed has got that object. He got some knucks." - Jim Ross
"Come on Butch. Get 'em Butch." - Teddy Long
"Reed just spit on his former partner." - Jim Ross
"He spit on him." - Dusty Rhodes
"That's what happens." - Butch Reed
"You let me tell you what happened. Ron Simmons is the cause of me losing the World Tag Team championship and Ron Simmons will dearly pay." - Teddy Long
"And we're back here with our 12-year old winner of the sweepstakes, Julian."
"Who's your favorite team in the wargames?" - Jim Ross
"Doom" - Julian
"Doom is your favorite team? I don't think they're going to be a team much longer. They just had a big fight, didn't they?" - Jim Ross

Total LOL moment there. This is something that could only happen in WCW. And you know what? They totally deserved it by breaking Doom up.

Jimmy Garvin pinned Ron Simmons after a brass knucks shot for the Freebirds to win the WCW Tag Team Titles. This was a good match. Ron Simmons was slamming people left and right and I thought the whole deal with the Freebirds getting a new manager was kind of cool. It would help to bring a face turn to them which worked out pretty well. Of course, the big story here was Doom breaking up. WCW wanted to push Ron Simmons and  Butch Reed supposedly wanted to join the rodeo (true story) and that's what caused it. This was one of the first PPV's I saw and I always hated when Doom broke up. They are one of my favorite teams of all time and it served to make Teddy Long relevant. Rating:**
"Last night, the horsemen struck and they struck with force on Flyin Brian." - Jim Ross
"Flyin Brian will be in the Wargames but not at his best and we also know that Arn Anderson is injured and won't be in the wargames." - Jim Ross
"Let the Wargames begin!" - Tony Schiavone
"Almost an eerie like feeling Dust" - Jim Ross
"Tremendous. I've been there and I know what's going through their minds back there.  This is something else brotha." - Dusty Rhodes
"Submit or Surrender, this is the Wargames." - Dusty Rhodes
The rules of Wargames:

WARGAMES 1991 - THE MATCH BEYOND - The Four Horsemen - Ric Flair, Sid Vicious, Barry Windham and Larry Zbyszko vs Sting, The Steiner Brothers and Flyin Brian Pillman
"Oh my goodness." - Jim Ross
"He went home there. Yeah, he went home." - Dusty Rhodes
"NOOOOO" - Barry Windham
"This is the Wargames, baby. When you sign on, this is what you're going to get." - Dusty Rhodes
"It's like Pillman's possessed." - Jim Ross
"I know he's posessed. He's taking the count. He's taking numbers, you know what I mean when I say he's taking numbers?" - Dusty Rhodes
"Takin' names, takin' numbers and kickin' booty!" - Dusty Rhodes
"It's Pillman and Flair, It's Pillman and Flair. They're chopping each other and the crowd is coming alive!" - Jim Ross
"He's rammed shoulder first into the steel." - Jim Ross on Brian Pillman
"Right here, alot of damage can be done with 2 on 1." - Dusty Rhodes
"He's over the top and he landed on his shoulder." - Jim Ross
"Lotta pain going on here." - Dusty Rhodes
"Their taking the roof off the coliseum tonight!" - Jim Ross
"Alright, Alright!" - Dusty Rhodes
"They've got one more member to come in and it's going to be Larry Zbyszko. They're gonna save Sid Vicious for the clean-up hitter." - Jim Ross
"You cannot hide in the Wargames." - Jim Ross
"Watch the Stinger!" - Jim Ross
"Watch Larry's awesome bump." - Me
"Get that camera outta here." - Sid Vicious
"Rick Steiner's hammerin' Flair." - Jim Ross
"Brother, that's some blows being thrown in here." - Dusty Rhodes
"Ah God, Ahhh." - Ric Flair
"Ladies and Gentlemen, the match beyond now begins. Surrender or Submit." - Tony Schiavone
"Clothesline?" - Sid Vicious
"Yep" - Rick Steiner
Sid Vicious being caught calling spots
"Look at the strength of Sting! Military pressing the champion of the world." - Jim Ross
"They're making the cage move here." - Jim Ross
"What do you say?" - Nick Patrick
"Nooo!" - Larry Zbyzsko
"Into the top of the cage!" - Dusty Rhodes
"Oh My Goodness, Jesus." - Dusty Rhodes
"Right on that shoulder." - Jim Ross
"He's out." - Dusty Rhodes
"Not again!" - Jim Ross
"He's out." - Dusty Rhodes
"The referee has declared this match over because Flyin' Brian cannot continue." - Tony Schiavone
"This is terrible." - Jim Ross
"He might have saved this guy's career right there." - Dusty Rhodes
"You stopped the match." - Jim Ross
"Yes I did, I think it was very apparent that Brian Pillman was unconscious, he was unable to speak for himself. I know the wargames is a very dangerous match, but I'm not going to be responsible for the injury of one of these men. This could end careers." - Nick Patrick
"I did stop the match, it was my decision and I don't regret my decision." - Nick Patrick
The Four Horsemen beat Sting, Brian Pillman and the Steiners when Brian Pillman could not continue. As you can see above, Sid nuked Brian Pillman with two vicious powerbombs to win this one for his eam. The storytelling in this was phenomenal. Brian Pillman got injued the night before and came back like a madman trying to get revenge on the Horsemen in one of his best performaces ever next to Battlebowl 1991. The Horsemen naturally got the advantage and used it to pick apart Pillman. Then Sting came in for the save and to reignite his feud with Ric Flair with Sid at the end coming in to finish the faces off. This had blood, this had hate, this had cool moves and tons of fiery faces. There is a reason this is called "The Match Beyond" and this is why. This was beyond most matches I've seen. Rating:*****

Overall thoughts: This is one of my top 5 ppv's of all time along with Wrestlemania 17, ECW Barley Legal and a few others. This was a great show. You had some good technical wrestling, you had alot of names, you had Vader/Hansen bringing the hate, comedy with Hansen/Missy, international flavor with the japanese women, hilarious Dusty Rhodes commentar, a great underdog story  plus an absolutely amazing Wargames match. I know WCW 1991 isn't looked upon fondly but I loved this show and it is a classic. MUST SEE.

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