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TNA Impact Wrestling 10/25/2012 Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 10/25/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

JB and Tod Koneley are at the booth for Championship Thursday for the first hour with Taz and Mike Tenay for the second.

X Division Title - Rob Van Dam vs Zema Ion
RVD hit a gorilla press here. I don't think I've ever seen RVD do that before. They announced Zema as being from the Philippines, which isn't really that helpful. RVD tried to do a crossbody on Ion and ended up on the floor. Ion then followed with a flipping plancha. Zema hit a cool springboard tornado DDT with one of his legs stuck in the rope. Zema went for the corkscrew moonsault but RVD moved. RVD hit a Five Star Frogsplash for the win. I haven't seen RVD so motivated in years. This was a great match at a 100MPH pace. Really good effort by both men and I definitely recommend this. Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan attacked RVD after the match. Rating:**1/2

Matt Morgan then cut a promo telling Hogan to be careful about wanting to see a meaner sider of Matt Morgan.

Austin Aries was in the back, spying on some meeting with people begging for a title shot from Hulk. He pretended to be them saying, "Mr. Nanny was so much better than Mrs. Doubtfire".

Kazarian and Daniels came down. They just kind of complained about everything. They brought up how Chavo basically just has a job because he is mexican. He said Chavo and Hernandez should call themselves, "Dos Stereotypicos". They then tried to go around and get signatures asking for them to get a title shot.

Chavo and Hernandez came down and accepted the challenge from Kazarian and Daniels, then got a few shots on them. They signed the petition and told them the rematch can be anytime or anyplace. I wonder if TNA will take that literally.

Hulk was then in the back with different world title contenders like Joe, Kurt, Storm, Bully and Anderson. They discussed why they should each get shots. Hulk eliminated Anderson because he said Anderson didn't have the fire. Aries mocked both men when Anderson came out in the hall. Aries said he's even a bigger @$$hole then Ken and that's when Ken attacked Aries. He hit him over the head with a poster then GnP'd him. Aries challenged Anderson for tonight.

Devon was in the back telling his crew not to let people take their masks off. Devon said they gotta take someone out tonight and one of the masked men threw a dart at a poster of the TNA roster.

TNA TV Title - Samoa Joe vs Robbie T
Last wee, Joe beat Robbie E, so it's T this week. T hit a big spin kick and took some nice slaps from Joe. E kept getting up on the apron as T was in the choke. Joe went for the choke a third time but T fell on him. Joe then went for it for a fourth time and got the win with the choke. Quick match here but it was totally fine.

They showed some slow motion clips from Ms Tessmacher vs Tara. They need to do those for every match because they are cool.

Ms Tessmacher cut a quick promo promising to send Tara and her boy to the D-List.

Hulk was back in the back with the contenders. Kurt said Bully is focused on his brother, not the title. James Storm agreed. Bully then left to go take care of his brother.

Mr. Anderson was in the back talking to someone and calling Aries a peacock.

Austin Aries vs Mr. Anderson
Anderson had some knucks that were bright blue but the ref took them and Aries attacked. That was stupid. Aries then hit his suicide dive and we went to the break. Coming back from the break and Aries was in control. Anderson went for a roundhouse but missed then followed it with another kick. I really liked this. Then Anderson dove over the top. Aries got the knucks out of the ref's pocket and threw them to Anderson. The ref checked it out then Aries hitAnderson with knucks of his own. Anderson was knocked out and played it well and Aries hit his reverse indian deathlock for the win. Good match here with an interesting ending. Rating: **

Tara and her bf were in the back arguing with Brooke. Brooke's bf Jesse said he had to take 12 tomato bath's just to get the smell of ODB off him. Brooke Hogan then made her argue with Tessmacher. Brooke said that a birdy told her that ODB had her eye on Jesse.

Knockouts Title - Miss Tessmacher vs Tara
Tessmacher attacked early. Tara's down to pretty much wrestling in a thong. Tessmacher did the stinkface with extra booty shaking on Tara. Jesse pulled the ropes on Tessmacher which led to her taking a widow's peak for the Tara win. This wasn't bad at all and they kept it quick.

Brooke Hogan came out and mentioned that next week is Open Fight Night. She said she talked to ODB and ODB wants to challenge Jesse.

Joseph Park came to Hogan in the back. Park gave Hulk a statement saying that TNA is not liable for any injuries he might get against Aces. He said if you can't stand behind me, stand out of my way.

Bully Ray came out and wanted to know why Devon did what he did face to face. Devon said that Hogan never called him or texted him and talked about how Hogan tweeted that they wanted Devon back, but they did nothing. Devon said that Ace's had his back at that time and picked him up. Devon said Bully isn't a threat and to just forget about everything and go home. Bully said it's over when he says so. Bully brought up Devon saying "screw the fans" from years ago and Bully said that's why he did what he did to Devon two years ago. Bully challenged Devon but Devon said he's going home and walked away. Bully then challenged Devon again. Bully's promo was full of revisionist history especially with him pretending to care about fans even when he was a heel.

Joey Ryan was in the back talking about wanting the X title. Morgan said that Hogan won't hold him down anymore and that he will do what he wants now.

They did a package with Christian York signing up for the Gut Check Challenge next week. They showed him competing at the 1st TNA PPV. He said this might be his last chance.

TNA World Title - Jeff Hardy vs Kurt Angle
Jeff got crotched and took a nasty fall from the top rope to the floor. He got tied up and just splattered on the fall. Hardy hit a couple of different things right to Kurt's head and neck which can't be god for Kurt. Angle looked slow, tired and hurt here, however he really made Hardy's head bounce with a german suplex. Kurt then did it again with a big jackknife powerbomb. Kurt spit up blood here during the match and Jeff took some big falls. Hardy got the win off of a sunset flip reverse in a good match. This was high impact and both guys took alot of big bumps. Rating: **1/2

Aries came out and laid out Jeff. Aries said that with all the eyes on Hardy's face, he was sure he had some in the back of his head. Aries held the TNA title and I swear it was about 3/4 as tall as he is. He challenged Hardy to a title match at Turning Point for the TNA title, saying he didn't want Hardy's version of the TNA title. Aries then took the real version of the TNA title and left.

They showed Aces beating up Angle in the back with Devon taking alot of shots in particular until two guys saved him.

Overall thoughts: The matches were all decent with two being very good and while the Bully/Devon segment was all revisionist history, I didn't mind the show at all. It went pretty fast and they did build up next week. So with all that in mind, I'll give this a thumbs up. Nothing you need to go out and see but a perfectly acceptable 2 hours of wrestling.

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