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TNA Impact Wrestling 10/18/2012 Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 10/18/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

Ace's and 8's arrived on motorcycles in the back. They thanked Devon for helping them and said they beat Hogan at his own game. Devon then came out.

Devon said Ace's and 8's had his back since day one. Devon brought up Bully Ray cheapshotting him and putting his son through a table two years ago and said "payback is a beyotch".

Sting and some of the TNA roster came out and started a big brawl with Ace's and 8's. Hogan then came down with a baseball bat and Ace's and 8's ran out of the ring.  Hogan got on the mic and said Ace's and 8's has to fight to keep their access. He then said Devon will fight Sting tonight or leave for good.

Aries saw that Jeff Hardy will have a celebration party tonight and he said that he might bring some cookies and liven things up.

Hogan was in the back and decided to give Mr. Anderson a shot in a match for a title shot next week. Joseph Park then appeared and they kicked the camera's out.

TNA TV Title - Robbie E. vs Samoa Joe
This was all a squash here. Joe beat Robbie with no problem with a choke and then he choked Robbie T. as well. This was pretty much a waste of time and does nothing for no one. Joe's hair and outfit look ridiculous.

We cut to the back with Tara getting gorilla pressed by Jesse from Big Brother. We then got to watch them make out.

Tara vs ODB
ODB was in the back arguing with Eric Young on the phone and came out with the phone. She talked on the phone during the match and made Jesse motorboat her. I think Jesse has gotten more action in a 10 minute span than most people do in a month. ODB got the win with a samoan drop on Tara. Not good at all with most of this being shenanigans.

AJ and Kurt were in the back and AJ asked for no help in their match tonight.

Kid Kash and Gunner vs Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero Jr.
This was a little bit of an extended squash for Hernandez and Chavo. Hernandez mostly threw their opponents and pushed them around until Chavo hit the frogsplash for the win. Not that bad but really nothing that good either.

Park was talking to Hogan about a match with Ace's and 8's. Bully came in and asked to fight Devon instead of Sting. Hogan said no and Bully said to start trusting him more.

Jeff Hardy came out and talked about being happy to be back and wanting to defend his title next month. Austin Aries came out with baloons for his part celebration. He indeed also had cookies. Then the crowd chanted, "We want cookies". Aries went to give Hardy the balloons but let them go before Hardy could get them. He then offered Hardy cookies but Hardy knocked them away.

Aries got the Jeff Hardy TNA title and said it was a spitting image of him. He then spit on it and Hardy decked him and sent him out of the ring.

Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels
Daniels got thrown on his head a bunch of times here. He took alot of nasty suplexes. They worked this pretty evenly with the tag team not teaming up.
Kurt hit an olympic slam after pushing Daniels into AJ and knocking AJ to the floor, then hitting the slam on Daniels. This was just okay. It should have been much better but the crowd was dead. They teased AJ and Kurt having problems after.

Joey Ryan introduced himself to Hulk Hogan backstage. Hulk questioned Matt Morgan on his actions at Bound for Glory.

James Storm and Robert Roode argued in the ring and told each other to kiss their backsides. Roode said that he was still the better man after their match and then Storm superkicked him down.

Devon vs Sting
Sting hit Devon with a chair and didn't get DQ'd. Why wouldnt Ace's and 8's cheat then if that's allowed? This match was a little slow and not that interesting. Devon worked some slow punches and a sleeper spot for a while before missing his top rope headbutt. Sting then started to make his comeback with a splash and the scorpion deathdrop. He then put Devon in the scorpion deathlock until Ace's and 8's came in. They then got DQ'd. WHY? Chairs are legal, why aren't group beatdowns. Stupid.  TNA guys then came in to save Sting and we got a big in-ring brawl to end the show.

Overall thoughts: I thought this was a pretty boring show. Nothing did it for me here. It felt like a big waste of two hours and nothing of note really happened.

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