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TNA Impact Wrestling 10/11/2012 Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 10/11/2012 Review

Tonight is James Storm vs Austin Aries and Bobby Roode vs Jeff Hardy

James Storm vs Austin Aries
They were having a good match here then Roode came down to interfere. He put Storm's head into the post and then Aries hit the brainbuster for the win. Aries barely got him up but Storm helped him. It went only about 9 minutes surprisingly.

AJ Styles ran into Kurt Angle backstage and asked him where his priorities were. They fought about it until AJ ran out of the room.

Hulk Hogan and Sting came out.  They talked about Ace's and 8's until Daniels and Kaz came out. They asked why Hogan didn't pick them and picked Bully Ray since he's untrustable. They asked to be put in their place and taken out of their tag match. Bully Ray then came out and said that they should pick Angle if it's a wrestling match, but since it's going to be a fight, they should pick the baddest motha-trucka, Bully Ray. Ray offered to earn Hogan's trust by doing Ray/Sting vs Daniels/Kaz.  Hogan agreed to it as the tag champs flipped out. Good segment here with Ray doing a good job, but picking him is still kind of an odd choice.

Hernandez vs AJ Styles
They did the natural david vs goliath storyline here. They were having a pretty good match until Hernandez pretty much threw AJ and got the win after with a shoulder block/pounce.  Too bad that they didn't have more time here because they could have had an even better match.

Someone from Ace's and 8's came on and said that Park was just fine and the game is just beginning. He said he was surprised by Bully Ray being in the match. He promised that Hogan would see them on Sunday.

Zema Ion talked about all of the injuries he caused to get the X-Division title with the crowd chanting "You Suck". He said that he didn't have a match at the PPV because no one was left to challenge him. RVD then came out. RVD said that Hogan told him he could wrestle anyone he chose then he kicked Zema Ion in the face. I'm interested in that one. It's cool for me to see a hometown guy get a big match like that. It should be rather good too.

Hogan and Sting argued backstage until Bully Ray came in. Ray asked if Sting was ready and Hogan told Bully he doesn't trust him. Ray asked Hogan what he's done that Hogan hasn't done? Hogan told him he has one test run tonight and if he screws up, he's gonna pay. Sting then interjected and told Hogan he loved him. Sting said that they need to stick together.

Brooke Hogan talked to Terell backstage until Tara came. Tara gave Brooke Hogan her Hollywood list and asked her to make the green room on Sunday A-List. Brooke ripped the list up and told Tara to earn it. Tara then said that Kim and Chloe were so right about you.

Daniels and Kazarian came out as "the world tag team champions of the world".  Tazz mentioned his boy Joey Numbaz.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs Bully Ray and Sting
Bully Ray led a Sting chant while he had Daniels in an armbar. Sting oddly wrestled in his shirt here. His tights were black and pink also. They made the tag champs look pretty weak here as they treated them mostly as jobbers during the first part of this match. Sting chucked Daniels from the top rope like he used to do to Flair here and Daniels took it mostly on the head. He was holding his head after and didn't seme happy.  Ray then came in and started to clear house on both opponents to a loud pop. Daniels came in and tried to go for a belt shot but Bully Ray interrupted it with a big boot.  They shook hands then Sting hit Bully and yelled, "Get the tables". Ray put Daniels through a table from a top rope powerbomb for the DQ finish. Oh sure, Ray gets you DQ'd and now he's trustworthy. The crowd loved it though and were loud almost the whole time. Not a bad match here at all.

They did a small package on Aries vs Hardy. Aries talked about how he wants everything that Hardy has and how his fans put silly pantyhose on their arms.

Samoa Joe and Magnus met backstage. Magnus said that the belt will belong to him Sunday and he won't be able to hide from anyone on Sunday. Joe challenged him for tonight but Magnus didn't accept. He said he was TV and Joe is not and he wants people to pay to see him.

Gail Kim vs Ms. Tessmacher
I swear Gail looks like a completely different person these days. Tessmacher was posing on the ring ropes and got attacked. Tessmacher shaked her butt and then tried to go for a move on Gail but Gail moved.  Gail controlled most of this match with Tessmacher selling. Gail botched a dropkick which Tessmacher turned into a move. Tessmacher hit a weak dragon sling. Tessmacher ended up getting the win here when she turned a backdrop into a face first drop. Tara then came in and beat up on Tessmacher until Tessmacher hit the same face first drop on her.

Roode was talking in the back when Storm mentioned that he knew it was him he attacked him from behind. Storm and Roode then got to it in the back with King Mo breaking it up.

Bobby Roode vs Jeff Hardy
Roode attacked Hardy early here to start this off and controlled most of the early part of this match. Hardy was super colorful tonight with bright pink armbands and melon green facepaint. Harrdy took a tough fall outside here and bounced near the ramp. He recovered though and hit Roode with a suplex on the outside.  Rood worked a LONG control segment here, mostly with a sleeper. Hardy missed two swanton's here which had to hurt and after the second one he ate a big spear by Rude. I hope nobody ever does a spear again. So tired of that move. Roode brought a chair into the ring only to get ti taken away by the ref. He then ate a twist of fate for the Hardy win.

Aries then came out and said that he wasn't jealous of everything about Hardy, but some things. He said he was tired of people catering to Hardy and said that Hardy was a failure until he beats him. Hardy said his nuts hurt and Sunday he will end him. Aries then asked Hardy to leave his ring and then they fought with Aries hitting a brainbuster.

Overall thoughts: This was an okay show but there wasn't anything that was great here. Definitely a skippable show here.

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