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ROH Glory by Honor XI Review

ROH Glory by Honor XI Review

The Bravado Brothers vs Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman

"You can see the quadricep development on Harlem. That's from 1000's of squats in the NOAH dojo." - Kevin Kelly
Cedric Alexander got the pin here after a straight jump into a top rope hurracanrana and a splash. Good match here. This was all action and both teams looked really good, even the Bravado's. The crowd was into it and it may have been a little overkill for the opening match, but it was good. Rating:***

Mike Bennett vs Mike Mondo

Mike Bennett beat Mike Mondo with a TKO after Maria distracted Mondo. Good match but a dumb finish. Let's be real, Maria is going to suddenly show interest in Mike Mondo when the match is coming to an end and her man is about to lose. I don't buy it. The match was pretty good otherwise. Both guys took some good bumps as you can see above an the crowd was into it. Rating:***

BJ Whitmer and Rhett Titus vs Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team - Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin
WGTT attacked early
WGTT beat BJ Whitmer with a double team powerbomb. The crowd liked the match but I really wasn't into it very much. Nothing bad but I'm just not into the feud. I don't know why but WGTT doesn't work that great in ROH. Rating:**

They showed clips of Jay Lethal flipping out in the back of an ROH show.
"Jay, calm down, quit it!" - Jim Cornette
"Kevin Steen, just so there's no confusion, what you did in Rahway, New Jersey, when you spit on my parents, you did it on parents. So I say to you Kevin Steen, you can kiss my @$$. After all that confusion, at the end of the day, I ended up putting Jim Cornette in the hospital." - Jay Lethal
"I've got alot of anger built up inside, so tonight Davey, you're gonna be just the wrong person at the wrong time." - Jay Lethal
Jay Lethal vs Davey Richards
Can't stand either of these guys but will do my best here.
The finish
Jay Lethal beat Davey Richards with a Koji Clutch in a really good match. It went a little long and almost bordered into overkill mode but they did a nice job here. This was probably Jay Lethal's best match ever and gave me some hope in him. Richards was good here too. This is the type of match ROH is known for and they really did a stellar job here. Definitely worth checking out. Rating:***3/4
"Truth, this is bull****. This is one of the biggest shows of the year and I'm wrestling right after intermission, against this guy? This guy has beaten nobody. You don't deserve to be in the ring with me you little punk." - Roderick Strong
"I'm sick of all the lies. Tonight, I quit the House of Truth." - Roderick Strong
"Truth Martini's House of Truth has become the House of Cards." - Kevin Kelly
Truth then went to the back and got another man for Tadarius Thomas to face.
"As for you, T-D, you are going to D-I-E at the hands of the G-O-R-E." - Truth Martini
Rhino vs Tadarius Thomas
TD pulls off the upset!
Tadarius Thomas beat Rhino with a roll-up after a kick. I was really happy about TD getting the upset here. It looks like ROH finally opened their eyes and saw what they got here. Rhino was so-so but Tadarius Thomas was really awesome. He did new spots as shown above and just looked so cool. This guy is going to be absolutely huge if they do this right and he's already my favorite current wrestler. Even if ROH would have screwed this ppv up, this would have made up for it. Rating:*1/5 (wasn't very long)
Rhino turned on Truth after the match for his involvement and for him trying to interfere.

ROH TV Title - Adam Cole vs Eddie Edwards
The finish
Adam Cole beat Eddie Edwards with the Florida Key. Good match here. Again, ROH presented an enitrely different match here than the rest and made it work. They were pretty technical in the beginning and then finished off with the high impact stuff. Good build on this one and a good show by both guys. Rating:***1/2

ROH Tag Titles - Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs vs The Briscoe Brothers

"He's got his drawers hiked up. You know what that means." - Kevin Kelly
"Absolutely." - Nigel
"Actually, I was hoping you knew, I have no idea." -- Kevin Kelly
"I can't say it on air." - Nigel
Jimmy Jacobs beat Jay Briscoe with a roll-up after Corino kicked Jay in the crotch behind the ref's back. I'm not a big SCUM fan but this was good. The Briscoes are just at their best right now. Mark Briscoe is probably the most entertaining guy in ROH and I could watch him all day. He's hilarious and really gets into it. The work here was very good of course and the crowd enjoyed it. Overall, a good match. Rating:***1/2

ROH World Title - Kevin Steen vs Michael Elgin
Kevin Steen announced that the package piledriver is now legal.
Roderick Strong was hanging out in the front row for this one, booing Elgin.
Nigel and Kevin go nuts
Kevin Steen beat Michael Elgin with a top rope package piledriver. This was a strong match. They did a main event style match here and it delivered. Tons and tons of big moves and both guys came out of this looking really good. The crowd and the announcers were totally into it and I even I got really into it. This was a good show by both men and is definitely going to be a MOTYC. No real complaints here and definitely something to go out and see! Rating:****

"In the event that Kevin Steen retained the World title tonight, I had to deliver this to you." - Nigel
"Kevin Steen might be wrestling's worst nightmare, but Kevin Steen's worst personal nightmare is right there before his eyes." - Kevin Kelly
Overall thoughts - Strong show. Every match was good and I truly mean it. The MOTN was Richards/Lethal but everything delivered. This was a home run show by ROH and isn't that far off from the NJPW PPV for show of the year! Definitely check this out!

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