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NXT 10/25/2012 Review

NXT 10/25/2012 Review

The previous show is here:
"Tonight I want you to book Heath Slater vs Seth Rollins for the NXT title." - Heath Slater
"It didn't work like that in the old days. You gotta earn shots around here.
"I'm here to recruit the future of Raw" - Vickie Guerrero
"Aw, you know I don't wrestle no more." - Dusty Rhodes
"I'll tell you what I'll do, I'll book you in a match with Seth Rollins and if you win, you get a title shot." - Dusty Rhodes

Brodus Clay vs Camacho
We have a new commentator and a new ring announcer here.
"And now jiggling for good measure." - Tony Luftman
"Camacho is uh distracted." - Tony Luftman
"I'd be distracted if I was out there as well." - William Regal
Brodus Clay beat Camacho with a splash. Decent match here. They had fun with it and did comedy without getting too serious and it worked. This stuff is fine in opening matches, but would get me upset if it was the main. Rating:*1/2

Kassius Ohno vs Trent Barreta
"Whereeeee's Trent?" - Kassius Ohno
"My goodness, it's Richie Steamboat." - Tony Luftman
Trent Barreta beat Kassius Ohno with the lazy knee after Richie Steamboat threw a towel in Ohno's face. Pretty good match here. I think they have a better one in them between the two but this was cool for what it was. Mostly Ohno working cravate's while Trent did some highflying. Rating:*1/2

Layla and Alicia Fox vs Audrey Marie and Paige

"And that delivered. Right on the chin." - Tony Luftman
"You know, this might be the only time in WWE history that there are two English divas in the ring at the same time." - William Regal
"This is odd. Audrey Marie just tagged herself in." - Tony Luftman
"She has every right to tag herself in." - William Regal
Audrey Marie then got pinned
Layla pinned Audrey Marie with absolutely nothing to get the win. Odd finish here but it was pretty obvious once they showed Audrey Mare forcing the tag. Good match but dumb finish here. Layla just keeps getting better and better. I can totally dig her flying and stiffing people with kicks. Very little Paige here even though she's probably in the top 5 most over in the WWE. Rating:*1/2

Lincoln Brodrick vs Bronson
The battle of the Bro's with both guys debuting on NXT.
It's the Leon Spinks/Balrog ripoff - Lincoln Brodrick
"I am genuinely scared of this man. That should tell you something." - William Regal
"I can't be beaten, I can't be stopped. One by one, you're all finished." - Bronson
Bronson beat Lincoln Broderick with basically a figure four heel hook. This was over in less than 90 seconds. This was a shame as it's a debut for both guys and you really couldn't get anything from it. I was interested in seeing more of Lincoln Broderick too.

They showed Kassius Ohno kicking chairs over in a classroom backstage.
"As the United States champion, I am the champion of each and every one of you." - Antonio Cesaro
"I take the United States championship to a level that Americans can never reach. So do not ask what your United States champion can do for you, ask what you can do for your United States champion. And what you all can do for me right now is to stand up for the national anthem" - Antonio Cesaro
"Ah Antonio, you wanna know what we can do for you? For starters we can give you some fashion tips on that man purse you got. That man purse, here in America, that's a no-no for sure." - Tyson Kidd
Kidd challenged Cesaro and then hit him and sent him packing
Heath Slater vs Seth Rollins
"It is my honor to welcome a man who has more talent than Justin Beiber and Bruce Springsteen combined. He is the future of NXT and he is the one-man band, Heath Slater." - Vickie Guerrero on Heath Slater
"Slater is the one man rock band." - Jim Ross
"What does that mean?" - William Regal
"I have no earthly idea. That's after my era." - Jim Ross
"Look at him, he's, a silly ginger gent." - William Regal
Why do they have him here when they are giving him a semi-push with his crew on the other shows? And where is his crew?
"Vickie's having a running argument with everyone she can interact with at ringside." - Jim Ross
Rollins gets the win with Ultimo Dragon's Asai DDT
Seth Rollins beat Heath Slater with the Asai DDT. Decent match but would have been much better on Superstars for how little time it was given. You can't have a main event go 6 minutes with commercials, and yet they did it here. Seth really needs a rivalry or a storyline because this wrestler of the week stuff he has been doing isn't working. Rating:*1/2

Overall thoughts - Good show this week. Nothing must see but lots of alright stuff. Definitely skippable though.

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