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NXT 10/17/2012 Review

NXT 10/17/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

Alex Riley vs Jinder Mahal

Alex Riley beat Jinder Mahal with a roll-up. I apologize but there were no highlights here. This was rather boring and the crowd was not into it at all. Mahal needs someone will really dynamic to make him interesting and this wasn't one of Alex's best performances. Rating: Dud
After the match, Mahal beat up Riley and put him in the camel clutch. I hope we aren't getting a rematch here.
Trent Barreta vs Jake Carter
Jake Carter is Big Van Vader's son, as hard as it is to believe. This developed from last week when Trent interrupted while Carter was breaking up with a girl (see it here - ).
"Jake Carter is probably the luckiest man alive, because he takes his looks from his mother." - William Regal
"I remember when Jake was 5 years old, Vader had Jake on a push-up regime and Vader wouldn't give him treats or anything unless he accomplished so many hundreds of push-ups a day." - William Regal
Trent Barreta beat Jake Carter with a lazy knee in a good match. Trent is like a poor man's Johnny Nitro and is fun to watch. I don't know if he has alot of upside in the WWE but they must like him somewhat. Carter was decent here too and I like him looking at his wrist when he says its "Carter Time". Rating:*1/2
"You suck, you suck" - The Crowd
"Thank you once again for your irrelevant opinions." - Damien Sandow
Damien Sandow vs Brandon Traven
Not Bobby Roode
"See those kneepads? They are made from a rare bavarian sheep. They are not dyed, it's lilac, because the sheep eat lots of lilac's from the Bavarian Hills." - William Regal
Damien Sandow beat Traven with his straightjacket neckbreaker. This wasn't bad, but there weren't any real highlights. You knew who was going to win this and Traven isn't one of my more favorite NXT guys. The crowd was totally into Sandow though.
The Uso's and Richie Steamboat vs The Ascension and Kassius Ohno
Hey, it's the New South Pacific Connection since we have a Steamboat in there and a relative of Snuka.
Kassius Ohno beat Richie Steamboat with an elbow to the back of the head. This also wasn't very interesting. No one did anything special or tried to stand out and honestly, this match was kind of boring. The heat wasn't there and nothing was there at all.
Overall thoughts - Crappy edition of NXT. One decent match and that's it. There was some lazy booking going on here because nothing happened.

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