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NXT 10/10/2012 Review

NXT 10/10/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

"If you would look up the word respect in the dictionary, you would find words like admiration and reverance. And one would think that being the WWE champion for so long, I would be admired or be revered. Instead, I'm not. I'm treated with contempt and I sat back and watced more main events than I competed in. That's why I'm here to tonight. I'm here to watch Seth Rollins compete in his first main event for the NXT title. I'm here to watch like a champion should." - CM Punk
"The best in the world invades NXT tonight. So get yourselves ready for a lesson, a lesson in respect." - CM Punk
"A loner by choice" - Byron Saxton
"I think it's due to the restraining orders." - William Regal
Bo Dallas vs Johnny Curtis
Bo Dallas beat Johnny Curtis with a crappy looking spear. This was quick and there was nothing interesting to it at all. I'm really not into Bo yet. He just doesn't look like a threat and he doesn't have anything to show that he is yet. The only thing of note here is that Bo Dallas is now wearing Blackjack Mulligan's claw glove, which the announcers didn't pick up on. Rating: Dud

Paige and Audrey Marie vs Kaitlyn and Alicia Fox
"A winnick...a winnick throw! That is called a winnick throw! You never see that anymore! Oooo! Popularized by the great Steve Wright from England. A winnick throw, my goodness. I'm blown away. I'm blown away." - William Regal marking out
"I'm as giddy as a kipper, now that I've seen that." - William Regal
"I'm staring at four beautiful ladies. That's four times I could get the knockback isn't it? You oughta see the one I got lined up for tonight. Goodness gracious, no oil painting honestly. Dear me..." - William Regal 
The finish
Paige beat Alicia Fox with a roll-up after she rammed Alicia Fox into Kaitlyn. This was a good match. The crowd was going nuts for Paige, even chanting, "We Want Paige". Therefore, they made this into a hot one. Then Regal went into full mark mode with the winnick throw stuff and it really made for a fun match. Regal's awesome, Paige is awesome and lately the Divas are awesome. Rating:**
"It is what it is, I don't know what to tell you."
"Oh, you just strike out? Pretty embarassing."- Trent Baretta
"It's not embarassing. I got a whole team of girls. She wanted the top spot and I told her there wasn't enough room. Her loss, not mine. As for things that are embarassing, how bout me standing over you with my hand raised?" - Jake Carter
"Well you know how people have been asking where's Trent? Well, next week I'm going to be kneeing this dude in his dumb face." - Trent Baretta
"Briley, since the moment I've won this championship all I could think about was my first title defense and that happens tonight. So nervous, nah, that's not the right word. Excited, that's more like it. You know who should be nervous? Michael McGillicutty because last week he disrespected me." - Seth Rollins
"You want respect? Just because you're the champion, it's not going to get you what you want and I can tell you to your face and you know it's the truth because I've been WWE champion for a year." - CM Punk
"I still don't have respect ,and the people will tell you the same things they tell you, respect is not given. It's not a fortune cookie."
"Tonight, when you're staring across the ring at Michael McGilicutty...beat the respect out of him." - CM Punk
"His father was the most infamous mercenary in South Africa's history. He is actually thrown out of South Africa for the time being because of his strange nature and his poaching crimes. There's so many do-gooder's nowadays that he's not aloud to do that, so he decided to come to America and come to NXT. This is his new prey." - William Regal
"Don't forget this man has spent years and years in South Africa in the bush. Anyone who spends just a little amount of time with the traws, becomes deranged" - William Regal
Leo Kruger vs Dante Dash
The finish
Leo Kruger beat Dante Dash with the Kruger's End. They are really pushing the insane angle with Leo Kruger and explaining more about his poaching and raised in the jungle background. And you know what? I like it. They are totally turning him into a real live Kraven the Hunter from Spiderman. I'm really interested to see where they go next with him. This was all squash here with Kruger winning with no problem.

"My prey will not have to worry a long suffering, because I will extinguish their lives quickly heee heee. Who? Who will be my next trophy? hehehe" - Leo Kruger
"Elegant." - William Regal
"How much about this is the NXT title and how much about this is respect?" - Briley Pierce
"What is it about you guys? Why's everybody talking about respect? Enough of it. I'll tell you what, when I beat Seth Rollins for the NXT championship, he can have all the respect he wants. And when I leave him layin', I'm coming after CM Punk and I'm gonna show him about respect when I beat him for the WWE Championship." - Michael McGillicutty
NXT title - Seth Rollins vs Michael McGilicutty - Jim Ross, CM Punk and William Regal on commentary
"I'm the next NXT champion, ladies and gentlemen." - Michael McGillicutty
"I'm looking forward to this so I decided to come and take a closer look. Good luck." - CM Punk
"Mr. Regal, who you got on this?" - CM Punk
"I'm not a betting man. I called Gambler's Anonymous and they bet me 5 to 1 I wouldn't make it." - William Regal
"That's very Switzerland of you to not pick a side." - CM Punk
"Can I touch your championship just once please? It's the closest I'll ever get to it." - William Regal to CM Punk
"Get away from me." - Michael McGillicutty
"Anyone who knows anything about you CM Punk knows that Seth Rollins followed the same career path with the way you started in same companies."  - William Regal
"I've certainly heard the comparsions. It's up to him how he takes that. I don't like to be compared to anyone. He doesn't need to be the second CM Punk, he needs to be the first Seth Rollins." - CM Punk
"Look at you champion, look at you. You're nothing, you hear me." - Michael McGillicutty
"Stop doing that." - Ref
"I'm not doin' nothin'." - Michael McGillicutty
"Take a look at me now, huh." - Michael McGillicutty
"I'm glad the ref didn't, because we don't want to see this end due to some technicality." - William Regal
After a Rollins suicide dive
Seth Rollins beat Michael McGillicutty with a suprise Sliced Bread #2. This was a good match but not as good as it should have been. WWE cut to commercial and returned during Seth's comeback, which hurt it for me. I think it could have been more and I would have liked to have seen them each get a finisher in for a near-fall but no dice. Rating:**1/2

Overall thoughts: Good show. The divas match was good, Leo Kruger was interesting and the main event was very good. The commentary was great and overall this was a nicely presented show. It's worth a look but nothing too must see.


  1. Nice review. Just a small thing, Regal said he was "Giddy as a kipper". It's a very English phrase.

  2. Did Jake Carter and Trent Baretta ever fight that Night?

    1. Yep on 10/17/2012. Check the review here -

  3. OMFG ! PUNK AND REGAL AND JIM ROSS ON COMMENTARY ?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IS THS HEAVEN ?!?!?!