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WWE NXT 10/3/2012 Review

WWE NXT 10/3/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:
"Can I get your thoughts on attacking Richie last week." - Pierce
"Attack? All I did was teach Jr. a lesson, that his father would have taught him, if he was actually home." - Kassius Ohno
"My father taught me enough." - Richie Steamboat, after attacking Kassius Ohno
Drew McIntyre vs Richie Steamboat
"Drew was once called the Chosen One by Vince McMahon." - Byron Saxton
"Was? How do you know that he still isn't? He's got many years left in him." - William Regal
"That move was made famous by Pat Roach, a famous English wrestler, of the Indiana Jones' movies." - William Regal on Drew McIntyre's flopping of Richie
Kassius Ohno came down
Drew hits him with his cast and hits the CradleShock DDT for the win
This was alright, but too short. Drew controlled almost all of the match with Richie made a comeback from that botch shown above. He hit some moves then Kassius Ohno came down and Richie lost after the distraction.
Big E. Langston vs Aiden English
The crowd was chanting "Five Count" as Biggy entered, which is based off of Big E. wanting to put his opponents down for a 5 count. Regal brought up that "King Kong Bundy was the first person to use the 5-count back in the 80's".
"I said FIVE. COUNT FIVE." - Big E. Langston
Big E. Langston won with The Big Ending (Over the shoulder drop into a cutter). This was a quick squash and the crowd loved every bit of it. He's basically a poor-man's Monty Brown at this point with a five count. However, since alot of the WWE's audiences aren't familiar with either, it works.
Big E. then hit a second Big Ending a with second five count, with  third following it
"Ohno, you in here?" - Richie Steamboat
"Hey, have you seen Ohno?" - Richie Steamboat
"What? No." - Michael McGillicutty
"Ohno, I'm gonna get you..." - Richie Steamboat
They then did a promo showing that CM Punk will be on NXT next week.
"You know what I heard? I heard that I am the #1 Contender to the NXT championship, but I also heard that this is Seth Rollins' 1st ever title defense." - That's wrong as he fought Rick Victor previously
"Here we go ladies and gentlemen, the paper champion himself, Seth Rollins." - Michael McGillicutty
"I never had any respect for you and I never will. Did you hear me, paper champion." - Michael McGillicutty
"Why don't we not wait until next week and do it now?" - Seth Rollins
"I'm going to do this when I'm ready. Goodbye." - Michael McGillicutty
"We'd be fools not to prepare for our opponents, The Ascension. But the main thing that makes a tag team is trust. I trust Justin and he trusts me and that's why we are former tag team champions." - Tyson Kidd
"Apart from in-ring style, we don't know too much about these guys. They're dark, mysterious and we are exactly the opposite." - Justin Gabriel
The Ascension's entrance goes off and they are spotted above
Kassius Ohno vs Percy Watson
Richie Steamboat attacks Kassius Ohno as he enters
"What a competitor. He told the referee to ring the bell." - William Regal on Kassius Ohno
Kassius Ohno beat Percy Watson with a stiff spinning elbow. This was a good highlight match for Ohno. It'd be perfect if he was a face, but they also made him look like a threat even though he is a heel. They put Ohno over well here and showed him as strong and smart.
Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd vs The Ascension - Kenneth Cameron and Conor O'Brian
This was technically a botch as Gabriel was supposed to escape, but they made it work
"I tried to talk to Kenneth Cameron and I asked, what are you all about?" - William Regal
"He said we are a part of the church of the poisoned mind and I have no idea what that meant." - William Regal
The Ascension hit The Fall of Man for the win.
The Ascension won with the Fall of Man. This was a good match. Kidd was super awesome here with quick and very stiff kicks. He was truly the highlight here. Ascension even did a decent job of doing what they usually do so all in all, this worked out fine. Not one of the top tag team matches as of late, but this was perfectly fine. It started with the face's getting the early advantage, then the heels holding onto a body scissors/chinlock for a long time with the faces making a fake comeback and the Ascension getting the win soon after. Rating:*1/2

Next week: Rollins vs McGillicutty for the NXT crown and CM Punk

Overall thoughts: Good show. I liked everything here and they really put over some guys well. Everyone on this show looked good and I'm excited for next week. I also liked the character development of Ohno, The Ascension and Big E. Check it out!

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