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BJW World Triangle Night 7/30/2012 Review

BJW World Triangle Night 7/30/2012 Review
I'll be reviewing some selected matches from BJW World Triangle Night in Korakuen from 7/30/2012.

WARNING - The images you will see particularly in the Abdullah Kobayashi vs Drake Younger match are really graphic and include syringe's. Viewer discretion is advised.

wXw Tag Team Title: Tommy End & Michael Dante (c) vs Big Van Walter & Robert Dreissker 
Tommy End beat Robert Dreissker with a spin kick in a good match. End was the big highlight here as no one else got to do much. This was clipped and clipped way too short, but aside from Tommy End, the other guys aren't on Big Van Walter's level. Rating:**

TLC Death Match: "Black Angel" Jaki Numazawa & Danny Havoc vs Yuko Miyamoto & Isami Kodaka
They have an American guy doing the intro's for this and he sounds good.
Jaki Numazawa throws a chair at Isami Kodaka's head
Yuko Miyamoto gets stuck in the ropes after a clothesline
Yuko Miyamoto hits Jaki Numazawa with a Fire Thunder Driver
That was a stupid move
The Finish
Danny Havoc beat Yuko Miyamoto with a wrist clutch version of the cradleshock on a pile of chairs. Not a great match but not that bad. Just your standard, run of the mill deathmatch here. Very little involvement with the ladder and I'm not really sure why this was a called a TLC match at all since it wasn't much different than any other BJW match. Rating:*3/4

BJW Deathmatch title - Deathmatch of the World: Abdullah Kobayashi vs Drake Younger
"Mark this day down because it's the day Drake Younger will shock the world and become the new BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight Champion." - Drake Younger

"We are here in Korakuen Hall, the biggest arena in Japan. Abdullah Kobayashi, I beat you before and I'll beat you again." - Drake Younger
Drake Younger is about to hit Abdullah Kobayashi with a chair while lighttubes are in his pants. Ouch.

Drake Younger sticks a needle through Abdullah Kobayashi's mouth
Abdullah Kobayashi beat Drake Younger with an elbow off the top rope. This was really sick. I would never let either of these two near me with a syringe yet alone allow them to put it in me. Talk about shock value there, sheesh. I think when you resort to those or those wooden sticks they put in each other's heads, you are going too far, especially for a weak payday.

The match was pretty good. Lots of blood and gore along with some big spots. They worked this pretty evenly with both guys taking their fair share of shots. I don't have any complaints at all. It was bloody, brutal and both guys did a good job. Rating:***1/4

"Drake Younger, thank you very much." - Abdullah Kobayashi
"Abdullah Kobayashi, you #1 deathmatch fighter in the world. Drake Younger, my time coming very soon, but for now, thank you very much." - Drake Younger

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