Tuesday, October 23, 2012

BJW - Two Ring Deathmatch

BJW - Two Ring Deathmatch
Kintaro Kanemura, BAD BOY HIDO, Takashi Sasaki and MIYAWAKI vs Abdullah Kobayashi, Shadow WX, Ryuji Ito and MEN'S Teioh

Team No Respect dance!
The finish
Ryuji Ito pinned Kintaro Kanemura after a moonsault. This was a little odd. They went for the big spots first off the scaffold then realized, oh crap, we have about 18 minutes left to fill. I'll give them this though, they did a little of everything here. A comedy spot with the multiple submissions on the scaffold, hardcore stuff, then Dragon Gate style lucharesu with the finish. I think if this were only about 15 instead of 23+ minutes it would have been a better much, but I kind of felt like they got lost somewhere here. Rating:**3/4

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