Thursday, October 18, 2012

BJW - Flaming Boards, Barb Wire - Shadow WX vs Abdullah Kobayashi

BJW - Flaming Boards, Barb Wire - Shadow WX vs Abdullah Kobayashi - 8/10/2008
アブドーラ・小林 vs シャドウWX

Abby lights his hand on fire
Shadow goes for the pin after a lariat with his arm on fire, but Abby pushes the towel away, not wanting to get burnt.
Shadow WX beat Abdullah Kobayashi with a lariat with a chair. It's funny, Abby will eat tacks, put kenzan's and sticks in his head, jump from high places, but fire? NO. Abby does not do fire. Both men were vary wary of it here and it kind of hurt the match. They did alot of fooling around here with Abby chasing WX all over the place with the fire rope mixed with random chair shots. Overall, this was not good at all. No direction and both men didn't want to do this gimmick, so why do it? Rating: Dud


  1. Abby doesn't do fire? Have you seen many fire death matches? Almost all of them involve only a view spots using the actual fire. And that bump on the barbed wire board that was on fire is one of the nastiest spots I've seen and I've seen every BJW and many CZW/IWAMS death matches. You can even see after the match that his back had been discolored from the burns. And Abby's had his head set on fire multiple times. Other than WX setting himself on fire and running around like a lunatic trying to put it out or Kanemura's famous powerbomb into fire, Abby does fire just as well as anyone else I've seen. You are right about the match not being very good though. Check out the fire match from 6/30/01, it's great but there isn't a ton of fire useage like every fire death match.

  2. Not usually a fan of the fire matches unfortunately. Like you said, there's only one or two real fire spots. I don't blame the guys(because I wouldn't get burned no matter), but I often find them anti-climatic.

    You've seen every BJW death match? That's awesome. Have any recommendations?

    I really want a full version of that 6/30/01 match. I saw the highlights of it and it looked insane. I want to see that more than anything right now. If you know any links to the full version, let me know.