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Southeastern Championship Wrestling December 1984 Show 1

Southeastern December 1984
Charlie Platt and Rick Stewart
Jimmy Golden and Ron Fuller then came out:
"You guys didn't invite out the NEW Southeastern Heavyweight Champion, Jimmy Golden. You show us the same courtesy that you show that Austin Idiot(Austin Idol)." - Ron Fuller
"We should have been out here on the opening of the show."
"and he'll be out here defending that title today." - Platt
"What? What do you mean defending that title? We didn't sign for any title defense." - Ron
"Oh yes you did, last week. Regardless, Golden beat Idol for the title. The match is on tv today." - Platt
"Austin Idol's gonna get hurt if we have to defend the title today. Regardless, somebodies gonna get hurt." - Fuller

Mr. Olympia vs Randy Barber
"The Raging Bull, Randy Barber"

Mr. Olympia got the win here after a diving shoulder tackle in a decent opening match. No qualms about anything here. Rating:*1/2

We got a video from Robert Fuller's last match in the Southeastern area with him squaring off against Bob Armstrong during the middle of another match:

He then did an interview:
"I get alot of letters asking, where is Robert? And when we see him, we just see him now and again and then he's gone. I'd like to explain that now. First, I want to clear up the status with my brother is concerned. Me and Jimmy Golden are relatives but that's as far as it goes." - Rob Fuller
"I guess Ron is having some problems with his knees and taking it out on other people. As far as I'm concerned, he's making an idiot of himself."
"As people know, wrestling is a very tough game. Intimidation has alot to do with it. If you can go out and scare a man and psych him out, then go out there and get done with what you said, it becomes a very brutal game." - Rob
"I've gotten to the point where I don't enjoy training like I used to and I don't have that eye of the tiger as you say."
"I'm not standing out here proclaiming that I'm retired, but I won't be wrestling as much due to that." - Rob Fuller
"I guess you could call it a semi-retirement. It has something to do with Ron and Jimmy as I don't enjoy being around them. I don't enjoy having anything to do with them." - Rob Fuller
"So please, if you think of Fuller or Golden. Don't think of Billy Golden or Buddy Fuller, don't think of Robert Fuller, let them make a fool of themselves.

We then got a promo with Ron Fuller, Jimmy Golden and Arn Anderson:
"Arnold here is gonna take care of you." - Ron Fuller
"You'll be Mr. Olympia no more. You'll be Jerry Stubbs from this day forward and you'll be a loser like you already are." - Ron Fuller
"My two men, my great champions are gonna show you what it's all about, Wednesday the 26th. That's right, December 26th in Monkey-town. You people don't want to miss this" - Ron Fuller
"Ron Fuller is good at running his mouth about NOTHIN', because Jerry Stubbs this and Jerry Stubbs that. Well, when I walk out, I'm gonna put this mask on and be Mr. Olympia and you gonna call me Mr. Olympia..." - Mr. Olympia
"...And I'm gonna make d*** sure you do because if you don't I'm thinkin' of stickin' something down your throat and that's all you gonna say...Olympiaaa...Olympiaaa, I bet you." - Mr. Olympia
 We then cut to Austin Idol, also at the desk:
"He better change his name from RON FULLER to RON FULL OF IT because you're full of it jack and I'm gonna lay somethin' on you.." - Austin Idol
"The day after christmas, there's one more present and I'm gonna dedicate it to me."
"I'm gonna tie a big red ribbon right around it, RIGHT AROUND HIS NECK." - Austin Idol
"and it's not gonna be made of cloth baby, it's gonna be made of JIMMY GOLDEN'S BLOOD." - Austin Idol
"In the cage jack, YOUR HIDE BELONGS TO ME." - Austin Idol
This was an outstanding promo. This was pure emotion coming from Idol and this promo singlehandedly made me a fan of Idol's. It's totally worth tracking down. You don't want to mess with an angry Austin Idol. Screencaps and quotes don't do the anger justice.

"The Boss, Austin Idol"
"That's not supposed to be a title match. We never signed for a title match and my man never even had the belt at the time." - Ron on the Golden/Idol Title match
Southeastern Heavyweight Title - Jimmy Golden (c) vs Austin Idol
Golden enters the hard way
Ron ain't happy
Missed that one by a little
Ron then enters the hard way and pays for it
Fuller waves on his crew
"Is that the Assassin?" - Stewart
This is gonna suck. Watch for the cane.
Humongous joins in
Arn Anderson and Olympia join in as Golden stabs Idol in the throat with the cane
"He may have some internal injuries." - Platt
This was an awesome angle. The crowd was BONKERS for this and one girl gave a scream that was horror movie worthy.
"This is a wonderful time of year. The Salvation Army ringing those bells and wanting me to put money in there, I never take money out of my pocket." - Ron Fuller

"And I never take my belt and put it on the line when I know it ain't a sure thing and this is a sure thing."
"I'm gon' get the Continental Championship, all I gotta do is gamble the Alabama title. I'm willin' to take the gamble cause' I am a gamblin' man."
"I wish I had a bell to ring of my own right now." - Ron Fuller
"If he wants some bells' ringin' I can ring a bell for him, especially his."
"It's christmas time and everything's jolly and happy, well, I hope I leave with a strap on each shoulder. That'll be a nice christmas gift for the Bullet." - Bob Armstrong

The NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship
We cut to a video of Bill Ash complaining about not getting a chance at the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship. They showed clips from the match where Denny Brown won the title.

We then got more promos:
"Santy Clause is comin' to town. He's already come to town as far as we're concerned. We got two cage matches lined up and now, Austin Idol won't be able to make it to the cage match."
"How can they call peahead, Mr. Olympia? They should call me Mr. Olympia. Look here." - Arn Anderson
"I'm Mr. Olympia and when I take that mask off, I'm gonna be able to see the expression on that little peahead when I'm smackin' him." - Arn Anderson

"This stable has it ALL." - Ron
We then got a feature on the cage:
"Many times in pro wrestling, situations get out of hand. Wrestlers have professional differences or personal differences that go outside the sport, they go out of the realm. When situations like this occur, there's only one answer, the steel cage match. The most dangerous match in professional wrestling."
"This is what it takes sometimes to settle a difference." - Stewart

"Arn Anderson, you want me to take the mask off? Yeah, I'll take it off just to get the cage match with you. But when I win this match, I'll put the mask back on...and you and everybody else will call me Mr. Olympia." - Olympia
"You gotta earn the right to be called Mr. Olympia. You gotta have the best body in bodybuilding and peahead barely got a body, heck he barely has a head." - Arn Anderson

"I'm gonna be the greatest manager of all time, and if my men can't do it, I can do it. I'll take off my jacket and get in there. "
"We'll send you get well cards Austin. We'll see to it that you get your get well cards." - Ron
"And peahead, you will always be Jerry Stubbs, the loser that you are. Mark my words." - Ron

Pat Rose(WCW jobber) and Randy Rose - The Rose Cousins
Pat Rose and Randy Rose vs Porkchop Cash and Jason Walker
The Butt Bump!
Randy Rose tried to punch Cash and hurt his hand in doing so. Stewart said, "The cranial strength of Porkchop Cash becomes apparent when you step in the ring with him".

"A double drop kick from the Rose's, I've never seen them do that before." - Stewart
"The Rose's setting him up, this is the big one, their trademark maneuver." - Stewart

The Rose's won with the finisher shown above. Decent match. Porkchop was super entertaining and the crowd was into it. Rating:*1/2

We then got more promos:
"This says Southeastern TAG Champions." - Pat Rose
"It doesn't matter if its singles, doubles or triples, you(Armstrongs) ain't gettin' a shot anywhere." - Randy Rose

Johnny Rich
"Denny Brown's the new Jr. Hvy. champion and I've never had a chance to wrestle him. But there's a first time for everything and with God's good graces, I hope to come out on top." - Scott Armstrong
They showed some clips from two weeks prior with The Stud's beating up on Bob with Olympia making the save:

Robert Fuller then came down:
"Austin Idol won't be in that ring, but I'm gonna take the contract if it's the last d*** match I ever had in my life." - Rob
"I'm gonna work you over Jimmy Golden." - Rob
Arn Anderson vs Terry Ellis
Arn won this in under a minute with a spinebuster then a gordbuster. Arn looked good here for what its worth.
"My man the Assassin. He's called that because that's what he does, he assassinates people and he assassinated Austin Idol."
"Robert Fuller, you will get hurt messin' around with the Gorgeous One here." - Ron Fuller 
Rob Fuller comes out and gets pimp-slapped.

Robert Fuller then said something, but don't ask me what. When Rob goes at full speed, I can never make out anything he says.

Overall thoughts: This show may have more great promo's in it than any other show in the history of wrestling. This is legitimately one of my favorite episodes of wrestling ever and that should tell you something. Anyone with a mic in their hands said something good on this one. It made for an awesome show and I would highly recommend it. Austin Idol is awesome, Robert Fuller is awesome, Ron Fuller is awesome and the whole Stud Stable rules. Check it out ASAP!

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