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NXT 8/29/2012 Review

NXT 8/29/2012 Review
The Red Rooster welcomes us to the show
Hunico and Camacho vs Jason Jordan and Mike Dalton
Dalton and Jordan beat these guys four weeks ago and I don't believe there's been a match for them since. Way to follow up.
Hunico won here with an Angle Slam. This was quick and okay. The faces are the whitest of white meat faces that you have ever seen. Rating:*

Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso came out without their haka dance(naturally, since it's cool) and then called out Kenneth Cameron and Connor O'Brien. The Ascension then ambushed the Uso brothers from behind.

"These are two very, very dangerous men." - Regal
Total Elimination
Langston has fun with weightlifting chalk
"How many folks were talking about the debut of Big E. Langston?" - Saxton
"None, If I recall." - Me
"There is not a man stronger in the world." - Regal
"Hi." - Mark Henry, World's Strongest Man
Big E. Langston vs Chase Donovan
"Look at how Biggy is just stalking Chase Donovan." - Saxton
Langston's stupid finisher
Langston took a trip through Squash City here and left promptly, as most do with his finisher. Typical Langston squash.

The superstars/divas came out for this. Finkel got on the mic and brought out Dusty Rhodes.

Briley Pierce was in the back trying to get an interview with Big E. Langston, but all Biggy did was breathe heavily without talking.

Dusty took the belt to ringside
The Fink~!
Jinder wouldn't shake hands with Dusty Rhodes
NXT Title - Gold Rush Tournament Final - Jinder Mahal vs Seth Rollins
Mahal launches Rollins off the apron
"Rollins almost broken in half with a superplex." - JR
Springboard Knee
"Rollins thought he had him. You gotta regroup Seth Rollins." - JR
Rollins misses the Phoenix Splash

Buckle Bomb and a Blackout for the win!
"...and NEWW NXT Champion...Seth Rollins!" - Howard Finkel

Overall thoughts: The main was an instant classic. Easily ***3/4 and maybe more. Probably the best thing NXT is ever going to produce. The crowd was totally hot and they sold this like it was a huge moment. The main event is highly recommended, but the rest stunk.

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