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NXT 8/22/2012

NXT 8/22/2012
"Sometimes he comes across a little strange, but he's always ready for action." - Regal
Antonio Cesaro vs Derrick Bateman
Due to this being pre-taped, Cesaro is not the US champion here, even though, he now is.

Karelin's Lift~!
Cesaro won this extended squash with a Gotch-style Neutralizer. Gotta love Cesaro. Good stuff by him, but I'm not into Bateman.

Regal said: "Samoan's just love to fight. They are a race of superpeople."

Tamina won here with the Superfly Splash. I had a ton of problems while trying to watch this one, but it appeared to be okay. Tamina is pretty over actually.
Raquel Diaz then came out and hit Tamina from behind, then wrote on her with lipstick.

Kassius Ohno vs Jake Carter
"You'd be dazed after having a size 14 in your face, wouldn't you?" - Regal

Ohno won here with his "DreamKiller", a spinning elbow. This was okay but we need more out of Ohno. He then hit his opponent with another spinning elbow after.

"What exactly is Richie Steamboat doing out here? No buisness at all." - Regal
Steamboat came out for the save. There's your next feud.

Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis
Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis vs Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel

Regal said that Curtis and Michael had been banned from the Disney parks for causing some kind of trouble with "the Little Mermaid and Pocahontas or something."

Curtis goes for a twisting swanton and totally beefs it.
Nice teamwork
Botchamania as Tyson tries a top rope moonsault and slips

Double team Blockbuster for the win
This was a heck of a match. One of the best tag team matches I've seen in a long time. You may not realize it, but WWE's tag division is loaded right now. They flew all over the place here and did lots of cool double team moves. You cannot imagine how much McGilli and Curtis improved as a team in no time at all. Rating:***1/2

"Richie Steamboat apparently doesn't like it when he sees others in pain. He's really going to hate it when he's the one in pain."
"Don't you forget this, Kassius hurts people."
We had an in-ring interview with Seth Rollins and Jinder Mahal hosted by Byron Saxton:
"There is no way I'm leaving Full Sail University without becoming the first ever NXT champion."
"Becoming the first ever NXT champion is my birthright. I am the supreme superstar."

They then scuffled with Rollins clotheslining Mahal over the top

Overall thoughts: This one was okay with the tag match being the highlight by far. I say just watch that and maybe Cesaro's match and you'll be good to go.

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