Thursday, August 16, 2012

NXT 8/15/2012

Jinder Mahal vs Richie Steamboat
Jinder kisses the NXT belt
Jim Ross said, "This is the epitomy of their Wrestlemania."
"We can study our past, we can predict our future, but we have to live in today." - Jim Ross
Steamboat eats a Stun-Gun
"Another combination, pinning counter." - Byron Saxton
"This is exactly how Jinder Mahal was able to put away Bo Dallas." - Byron Saxton
"Jinder Mahal has ridden the Camel Clutch all the way to the NXT tournament." - Jim Ross
And it was the same way here. Jinder won with the Camel Clutch. This was one of Jinder's better matches. Steamboat was a good match for him. Rating: *1/2.

Briley Pierce was backstage with Leo Kruger, asking him about his loss last week in the NXT tournament.

" I just want to know, where do things stand?" - Briley Pierce

"Something, has been bothering me, something has been brewing inside of me. I come for you Buddha...Ta-Ta" - Leo Kruger
"Uh, Thank you Leo." - Briley Pierce
This was weird to say the least.

Heath Slater came out for a promo:
"Yeah, bay-bay. I just want you all to take one minute and just look at me. I'm the one-man band baby!"

"I'm out here to make an open challenge to anyone in the back."
"I'd like to punch him in the mouth." - William Regal

"I have no idea why he's here, but it's nice to see him." - William Regal
"From ORLANDO, Florida....Scotty 2 Hotty." - Announcer
"Everybody loves Scotty." - Byron Saxton

"You can't beat experience, you can't beat an old pro." - William Regal
"He's a silly ginger gent." - William Regal
"Woo woo woo woo woo" - The Crowd
"Making it's NXT debut, it's THE WORM." - Byron Saxton

"Here is your winner, Scotty 2 Hotty." - Announcer
This was a good match. I love Scotty 2 Hotty and I hope he got a job off of this. Good stuff but too quick to rate.

"One of the most awe-inspiring teams to ever grace NXT will face off with a team that has proven to be almost unstoppable as of late. It's The Ascension vs The Uso Brothers." - Byron Saxton
Kenneth Cameron
"This entrance truly brings chills down my spine." - William Regal
"Ruptured his custard." - William Regal
"Both are just nonstop wearing them down." - William Regal
"Ooo" - Jey Uso
"SOOO" - Crowd
The DQ
 The Uso's won by DQ here when Connor O'Brien pushed Jey off the top rope. Good match. The Uso's are OVER. Give these men the belts, now!
Total Elimination
The Ascension beat up on Jey after the bell and gave him Total Elimination(well a version of it anyway...).

"Who will advance to the finals?"

Briley Pierce tried to interview Richie Steamboat:
"How upset are you about that loss, man?"
"Now's not a good time."
Striker then tried to interview Hunico and Camcho:
"How do you deal with that setback last week?" - Striker
"I had a 170 degree temperature and a stomach ache and I still went out there. My man Camacho lost his Bulo(?)." - Hunico
"I don't have a Bulo." - Camacho
"Shut up, Homes."- Hunico
We got a quick segment with Raquel Diaz:
"Some of these WWE Divas, have got their Granny Panties in a wad."
"I can't have them running around here making NXT look like a zoo."
Michael McGullicutty vs Seth Rollins:
"Rollins with a death-defying leap that SCORED on Michael McGullicutty." - JR
McGuillicutty german's Seth
"That's nasty right there." - William Regal
"Rollins is expending massive amounts of energy just to kick out and extend this match." - JR
"FULL SPEED AHEAD" - Byron Saxton
Seth Rollins won this one after the stomp in a GREAT match. I was really surprised by this. This was one of the better NXT matches I've seen. The crowd was totally hot too. Check it out! Rating:***

Jinder came down after and the two yelled at each other.
"May the best man win."

Overall thoughts: Really good show. Maybe the best NXT yet. Good commentary and even better matches. Check it out!

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