Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Global Wrestling Federation Vol. 91 Part 1

GWF Vol. 91

"Hello, everyone and welcome to Supercard." - Craig
The GWF is currently having a tournament for the TV title.
"Right now, I'm here for singles competition. I've seen Chris Walker, I've seen the Patriot climb the ranks. Rip Rogers, Buddy Landell, any of you, you bet one thing. You better watch my feet, you better watch my hands and you better watch the air cuz' there ain't no tellin' where I'm comin' from or how hard I'm gonna hit ya." - Black
"Billy Black is a former Georgia All Star Wrestling champion and he has to be the favorite going into this tournament." - Hudson
"He has a wishy-washy, Hekyll and Jyde attitude." - Hudson on Adias(not Jekyll and Hyde)
"Being in a japanese magazine is surely a sign that you have made it in Japan." - Hudson on Black
"He's pullin' the hair here, ref." - Adias
"That's an attractive shot of Billy Black. He'll wanna have that framed up in his living room, I hope." - Hudson
"Brian Adias feeling the brunt of the Black Attack." - Hudson
"Three points, Black falls back in the endzone. And Adias thinks he's back in the days of the Mavericks of UTA." - Craig
"The knees are up." - Craig
"And he's got a hold of the tights, it's a count of three." - Craig
Black won this in a really good match. Black bumped really good and he was pretty entertaining to watch. Definitely worth checking out. Rating:***
"The Gangster of Love, Sweet Stan Lane." - Corny
"You know that the blood in that man is not only red, but also white and blue." - Craig
"From what I understand, everytime he comes to the ring he uses a different home town. Why? He's not trying to be a smart-aleck, cause he feels his hometown is anytown in the good ole' US of A." - Craig
"From Compton, California, THE PATRIOT." - Me
"What's a matter with you people?" - Cornette
"Cornette, with a few words for the fans." - Craig
"I don't think Cornette has a few words for the fans. He has alot of them and they are obnoxious everytime they come out of his mouth." - Hudson
"Jim Cornette has the body of a pear and brain of a pineapple." - Hudson
"Look at the POWERRR of the Patriot." - Craig
"What has Lane got?" - Hudson
"Jim Cornette has a movie named after him this summer, The Racketeer." - Hudson
"Advantage, Cornette! as he and Lane came to play. The 5th(shot) is match point!" - Craig
"The red, white and blue comin' through." - Craig

Patriot won this great one with a roll-up from behind after Lane ran into Cornette. This was a great match. It heated, the heels were great and Patriot held up his part. Definitely worth seeing. Rating:***1/2
"Thank you on E-S-P-N, whoa!" - Rip Rogers
"He used to be the nicest guy. Now, he renounces teddy bears. He tore the head off one." - Hudson
"and speaking of Teddy, the man who got him out of the insane asylum was Teddy Long. He started this whole problem."- Craig
Terry Daniels vs Mahkan Singh:
"That's not it." - Singh
Terry Daniels after an Avalanche
"Can you put a cast on ribs?" - Hudson
"I think Daniels may be discharged." - Craig
This was a pretty entertaining squash. Singh is so much better here than in his Bastion Booger run.

When you have fans asking questions, screen them ahead of time.
TV Title Tournament: Rip Rogers vs Chris Walker
"I saw Rip Rogers trying to sell some umbrella's outside." - Hudson
"But it wasn't raining." - Craig
"Well, he had some assistants using squirt guns from the top of the building." - Hudson
"Can you imagine going through the second grade and you got kid's named Erving, Scott and Joe and your name is Rip?" - Hudson
Walker won this with a high-cross body. This was actually good too. Rip sold well and the crowd loved Walker. Rating:***
"That's what my patriot missle is all about...to take down those scuds when I have to." - Patriot
"My hair is naturally blonde. All those guys that take steroids and lift weights, those weights don't fight back. This is professional wrestling." - Budro

"If you've got a champion's belt, mix with me and you'll feel like you never felt." - Street
"This guy can intimidate the paint off a wall." - Hudson

TV Title Tournament: Adrian Street vs Rasta the Voodoo Man
Rasta got DQ'd here after using his cane. Little wrestling in this, but it was still interesting.

There was supposed to be a Big Bully Busick vs Buddy Landell Main Event on this but it didn't happen. Maybe in Part 2? However, since I wanted to see something of it atleast, I found highlight clips off youtube of it.

TV Title Tournament: Buddy Landell vs Big Bully Busick from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ittNgb1GAq4

Landell wins with his foot on the ropes.

Overall thoughts: Good show. Two good matches, some interesting characters and some interesting announcing.  I was surprisingly entertained by this and I think this show has something for everyone. Check it out.

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