Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dragon Gate Infinity #261

Genki Horiguchi/Jimmy Kagetora vs Shisa Boy/Kotoka
This was a really quick match. It went too quick actually. Kagetora won with something that looked like a Last Falconry. Rating: **

Ricochet/Rich Swann vs Dragon Kid/Super Shisa
I used to despise gaijins in DG. They always felt like they didn't belong and it used to make me mad because I'd want to see japanese guys and I'd see Roderick Strong. However, times have changed.

Ricochet was really good in this. He did a cool buckingham backbreaker and then hit Shisa's head onto the bottom of the top turnbuckle. Dragon Kid was a great jerk in this. DK is becoming one of my favorite wrestlers to watch ever since he started ripping off Jack Evans. He's totally reinvented himself. Shisa was fine in this but I'm not sold on Rich Swann. I think he plays up to the black thing too much and I can't take him seriously.

Rating: **3/4

Jimmy Susumu vs Fake Naoki Tanizaki
I like both guys but I didn't get into it like I should have. Fake Naoki is a little slow at times. Susumu has some awesome lariats. Rating: *1/2

Mondai Ryu/Cyber Kong vs CIMA/Gamma
Ryu had Cima's passport and was slapping him with it. Love it. Cima suckered Kong into an arm wrestling match then when Kong went down to go for it, Cima stomped him. I really like the CIMA/Gamma team. They probably are better as heels but they are best combined together. I think Kong has regressed. He's gotten thinner and I still see no push in sight. Mondai was good in this but it's a shame he had to lose the mask. Rating: **

Don Fuji/Masaaki Mochizuki vs Jimmy Ryo Saito and Jimmy Kanda
Fuji has really started to age. You have to get old sometime. Mocchy is still possibly DG's best worker but he's got alot of competition. Mocchy got the win here. Rating: *1/2

Cima Royale 5 - Shingo Takagi vs Yamato vs BxB Hulk vs Naruki Doi vs Masato Yoshino vs Akira Tozawa

Dragon Gate historically has produced the best battle royales I've ever seen. Okay, alot of them do let you pin wrestlers in it to win it, but still, I don't know if I've seen many bad DG battle royales. This is another example of a good one.

This was 30 minutes of 100MPH action. They went so fast and did things faster than I could watch them. Hulk looked great in this with tons of cool kicks but of course he was the first out. Shingo followed after a hot stretch. Yoshino went next after a really sweet section with Doi. They went so fast and literally almost wrestled without gravity. The remaining three then all ended up on the apron on the outside close to the floor. I liked that part. Doi hit Yamato and Tozawa hit a totally sick german on Doi onto the apron. Doi then got eliminated. Tozawa then went Misawa style on Yamato with elbows and Yamato sold it so well. I thought he was dead. Awesome selling. Tozawa then hit two sweet delayed germans and won it. Great stuff. When DG is at its best, they are about 10 years ahead of everyone else. Rating: ****1/2

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