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DDT Tokyo Joshi Puroresu 1/4/2017

DDT Tokyo Joshi Puroresu 1/4/2017

This is a pic I found online from before the event started

This is a picture from outside of Korakuen Hall that day
Some of the gimmicks on sale

Cherry vs. Nodoka-Oneesan
 チェリー vs のどかおねえさん


Cherry is well into her 40's. She and Takako need to be tested to determine how they never age.

Cherry got the win with an armbar. The match wasn't bad. Nodoka is a really sympathetic babyface and is so young that you can't really not like her. Not the most amazing work at times, but they mostly kept it on the ground and it was unoffensive. Nodoka works some type of school girl or idol gimmick but due to the muting of the music and her performance, I couldn't tell you much about what went on. Nodoka struggled here at times with Cherry's size and hit a firesman's carry drop move but her body pretty much just imploded on her because she's so so tiny.

Hyper Misao vs. Maho Kurone vs. Rika Tatsumi
 ハイパーミサヲ vs 辰巳リカ vs 黒音まほ

Maho Kurone

Rika Tatsumi

Hyper Misao

Misao's partner and TJP's ring announcer

The finish

Rika Tatsumi beat Maho Kurone with a dragon sleeper. This was all comedy with Kurone's two opponents using garlic against her(since she's a vampire) and lots of play with Kurone's devoured arm. Pretty crappy work at times but some of it was entertaining. The girls are all too small though and collapse every time they hit a move on the other. The mascot/manager anime girl got into this too and she has to hold the mask on, so when she was in they had to hit her lightly and not do much. Bad workrate match, okay comedy match.

They did some skit in between with people kissing.

Special Referee: Joey Ryan -  Azusa Takigawa & Nonoko vs. Ai Shimizu & Laura James
 ローラ・ジェームス&清水愛 vs 滝川あずさ&のの子

Ai Shimizu beat Azusa Takigawa with a fishermans suplex. I'm not going to lie. I contemplated my existence and asked myself - What in the hell am I doing with myself? during this match.

This was B-A-Double D bad. This was all comedy and somehow combined the worst of Ice Ribbon with the worst of DDT. Joey Ryan was the ref and kept staring at Nonoko's chest, and in case you don't know, she did some idol vids of her own pre-DDT. Her offense is all based around her chest and its about as bad as it sounds. Joey Ryan counted slow for everyone but his girlfriend, Laura James and this was all comedy the whole way through. Near the end, Azusa Takigawa grabbed a bridal catalogue and wanted to hit people with it, but everyone's second kept coming in to save that person from getting nailed. She went for it anyway and nailed her partner, leading to the finish.

Legit I'm question if I want to continue the punishment here with the bad wrestling and this website's uploading being slow right now. I don't know if I can take any more.

Maki Ito vs. Reika Saiki
 才木玲佳 vs 伊藤麻希

Reika Saiki
Maki Ito

Reika Saiki beat Maki Ito with a torture rack. This was fine, but both were green. Saiki is a kicker and used that throughout the match while Ito is a weak little schoolgirl. Saiki is probably the best worker at this point on the show, but that's saying very little. Ito at one point escaped a move by screaming into Saiki's ear.

Candice LaRae vs. Mil Clownキャンディス・レラエ vs ミル・クラウン

Mil Clown beat Candice LaRae with a wacky lucha pin. This was not bad. Clown has a lot of cool moves and llave style stuff but is still green and can't hit it all cleanly yet. Once she learns to, she's going to carry this company. LaRae was fine here and this was much better than I expected.

Miyu Yamashita vs. Saki Akai
 赤井沙希 vs 山下実優

Miyu Yamashita

Saki Akai

Both of these girls "look" like stars, with Akai already having the mannerisms down cold. Now to the hard part - the wrestling.

The finish

Saki Akai beat Miyu Yamashita with a bicycle kick. Man this was good. Akai is the newer version of Yumi Ohka and Yamashita reminds me of a young Chigusa. Both of these girls were really good here. This was all about the kicks and they had tons of nasty ones here. Akai's so lanky that the kicks look really good and Yamashita was really great as the fighting spirit underdog babyface. Akai is so good at working her gimmick and constantly knows how to use her cocky egoist queen persona and does a fabulous job with it. Absolutely loved this and this made the 90 minutes of crap before it almost worthwhile. Go see this match as while these girls do have a few years of wrestling in them, they are ready for WWE. Rating***3/4

TOKYO Princess Of Princess Title Match  - Yuu (c) vs. Shoko Nakajima
優宇 vs 中島翔子
Shoko Nakajima


Maybe the best Northern Lights Suplex I've ever seen

The finish

Yuu beat Shoko Nakajima with a Last Ride Powerbomb. Excelllent match. Yuu was a total beast here just violently throwing Shoko around and slamming her down. When she throws someone, she throws them then she slams then and it's awesome. Shoko was working as your spunky face here trying to do dropkicks and flying moves to counter beast before failing. Shoko hit the best Northern Lights Suplex I've ever seen and she showed a lot of good babyface fire. Both these girls are legit and while the match was slow in the first few minutes, it gave everyone time to cool down and it set the tone for the bigger finish. Rating:****

Overall thoughts: This was a tale of two shows. You had the awful DDT comedy crap and then the two serious matches which were really strong. Amazing how one promotion can be so different and I'm curious to see how the 4 top girls can handle working with the crappier ones. The semi and the main are worth seeing but skip the rest of this.

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