Thursday, April 13, 2017

Quick NXT 4/12/2017 thoughts

Quick NXT 4/12/2017 thoughts

I do watch NXT usually but I kind of only half way pay attention, so I hate to try and review it.

Aliestar Black vs Corey Hollis
This was over in one move and I thought it put over Black well.. They've done a pretty good job with him so far and I think he'll be fine in NXT. But on the main roster? I don't know. I think he's going to be a bit small and they will kill the gimmick saying that it is too similar to Taker's.

DIY vs Dylan Miley & Michael Blayze
Dylan Miley is the next big WWE guy. Vince is going to lose it over this guy and despite being smaller than a lot of people on the roster, he looks like one of the biggest guys I've ever seen. I definitely get a Mongolian Stomper vibe from him and I think his look is good enough that Vince will not only love him, but the fans will too. Quick squash win for DIY and they focused on Miley a bit. The only thing I can say is that he has to drop that name as he sounds like a pop idol. They should totally hook him up with Paul Ellering.

Ruby Riot vs Kimberly Frankele
Pretty rushed through match. Riot didn't get to do that much here. Frankele is thicker than the usual diva's and I can say that she isn't getting through based on looks. She looked fine here. Nikki Cross came down during this and distracted Riot, but it didn't play into the finish. Ruby doesn't have the cleanest offense. Quick win for Riot here.

Drew McIntyre vs Oney Lorcan
This was a pretty quick match but this was all action. This had great smash mouth wrestling that people like Regal and Finlay used to do. Both guys looked really great here with Lorcan having his best WWE match yet. Oney got busted open hardway here and really slapped the crap out of Drew. Drew got the quick win here and him and Oney really put the leather to each other. Good stuff.

Overall thoughts: Simple but a good edition of NXT. The main was tons of fun, Dylan Miley is the next big thing and Black's quick squash was very effective.

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