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Mid South Wrestling 3/3/1986

Mid South Wrestling 3/3/1986

 They welcomed us to the show and announced the upcoming Crockett Cup Tag Tournament.
"Secondly, because of recent developments in the wrestling business, we will change the name of our tv show in 2 requires a name that's not a regional name. A name that encompasses all these progressive strides.We will make that announcment about that name in 2 weeks" - Bill Watts

North American Title and Mid-South TV Title - No DQ and Dark Journey in a cage - Jake the Snake Roberts vs Dick Slater

They only showed a minute or two of this. Dark Journey threw Slater a chain from her cage and then he hit a flying axe handle for the win.

"They made a ruling that said - Dick Slater, you cannot own the TV Title and the North American Heavyweight championship at the same time. Well my lawers changed that ruling, but Mid South is still the only thing for me to do is retire the television title." - Dick Slater

"And I have a way to retire the television title".

"The way I look at it, this is a beautiful day and the river's flowing real nice and I wonder if this thing floats. Do you think this thing floats Journey?" - Dick Slater
"Now that's what you call retiring the Television title right there" - Dick Slater

Watts wasn't thrilled and promised an official response.

Clips of #1 Contenders Match - Terry Taylor vs Jake the Snake Roberts

Taylor got the win after Roberts missed a knee lift and he rolled him up. Roberts hit a DDT and went for the pin previously but Taylor was under the ropes.

Terry Taylor vs Mike Scott

The finish
Taylor won with a five-arm in a quick squash. Mike Scott got little in but punches.

Eddie Gilbert vs Koko B Ware
"Both of us know, if I wanted to, I could come in here and beat you in under 2 minutes." - Eddie Gilbert

"As head of Hot Stuff International, I would like to offer you, Mr. Koko B Ware, a position." - Gilbert | "Thank you, Eddie Gilbert, but no thanks. I don't need to be with you punks." - Koko B Ware

"Again with that side headlock. You can see Koko is resting his weight on Eddie Gilbert. He has to carry all that weight" - Bill Watts
"I just don't like people like Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert because you know he's talking about his sugar mama, where he's got this money. He's living off of a woman and I guess I grew up in an area where if a man lived off a woman, they only had one name for 'em - it was 4 letters and started with p." - Bill Watts

The finish
Koko B Ware got the win with a missle dropkick. Good match here with Eddie bumping big for Koko and lots of nice punches all throughout. The camera work was really good and both men played their roles well. Rating:***

Tarus Bulba came out to jump Koko after the match:

Koko chased them off with a chair

The Sheepherders came out and Ross said they wanted Steve Williams and Ted Dibiase.
"We want NEW American trash to smash." - Butch
"The Sheepherders think that you Dibiase and Williams have a big yellow streak down your backs" - Butch

Ted Dibiase and Steve "Dr. Death" Williams vs Gustavo Mendoza and Shawn O'Reilly
O'Reilly in the black, Gustavo Mendoza in the camo

The finish
Doc got the win with a Oklahoma Stampede in a quick squash. Not much else to say here except the faces were hyped and Butch from the Sheepherders came down to wave the flag.

Korstia Kochenko vs Ron Ellis

"Hot Stuff International proudly presents to you the biggest and baddest Russian of all time Korstia Korchenko" - Eddie Gilbert

"The guy's built like a Russian bear" - Bill Watts
The finish

Korstia Korchenko got the win in a quick squash. He really just whacked Ellis a few times before doing his backbreaker drop as seen above.

The Bladerunners vs Two jobbers
Yep, the Bladerunners are indeed Sting and The Ultimate Warrior.

The Bladerunners got the win when Sting beat one of the jobbers with a bad version of the Hart Foundation's Hart Attack. Not much to this at all, just Watts putting over how big these two dudes are and he mentioned that they reminded him of a young Roadwarriors. All punches and kicks here.

Dick Murdoch and The Masked Superstar vs Tracy Smothers and Ricky Gibson

The finish
The Masked Superstar got the quick pin here with a clothesline. Again, nothing to really see and this wasn't even 2 minutes long.

Overall thoughts: Mostly just squashes here but I liked the Gilbert/Koko match. Can't really recommend this as this felt like a filler show without much of anything really going on.

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