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Central States All Star Wrestling 4/21/1984

Central States All Star Wrestling 4/21/1984

Kevin Wall is your announcer

Handicap Match - Tom "Boogaloo" Shaft vs Paul Kelly and Dusty Wolf

Bobby Whitlock is your ref and he looks thrilled

"Paul Kelly says I don't want none of this guy"

The story here was that Dusty was supposed to fight Shaft 1v1 and didn't want to so he asked Kelly to be his partner according to the announcer.
"Kelly comes in and he's going to be a part of the action afterall."

"This is the way to go to work on Shaft."
The finish
Tom Shaft beat Paul Kelly with a powerslam here. Not a great match and I can't really say I was impressed by Shaft. I'm not sure this actually helped put him over any more. Pretty ugly work all around.
Shaft then pinned Wolf because why not?

"Let's take a look at the current World's Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair, as he takes on Guy Rose."
Ric Flair vs Pat Rose
"Don't underestimate the champion, because even though it's a non-title bout, his reputation, his prestige and all is on the line." - Gordon Solie
"Now we go to school." - Ric Flair
Flair got the win with the figure four and Flair was doing all technical work and mat work here. Not a bad squash with Flair using wrestling to mostly win.

"You will also see Crazy Luke Graham tangle with..." | "I'm not crazy boy. I told you never call me crazy again." - Luke Graham
"Ron Richie, you got two chances - slim and none and slim already left town." - Luke
"If Dick the Bruiser couldn't stop me, what chance do you have, boy?" - Luke
"If you think you got a great tag can't keep bragging about it until you come to St. Louis, Missouri and step in the ring with the greatest tag team - The Grapplers, and prove yourself."

"Reputations and big names don't scare these two masked men standing here." - On the High Flyers, Jim Brunzell and Greg Gagne| "Beat us, if you can."

Both promos were really good here with Luke Graham's being quick and strong.

Tommy Rogers vs T.G. Stone

Stone is from Nome, Alaska.

The finish

Tommy Rogers beat T.G. Stone with a roll-up pin. They botched the finish as the bell was rang at the 2 count and Rogers let go while the ref was still counting, but they let it go anyway. First part of the match was a little boring with Rogers only doing an armlock and then they picked it up with a Rogers comeback and Stone doing some decent double axe handle clubbering. Rogers fired up and took the win from there. Not that bad and had the opening part been a little better the match would have been almost pretty good.

 Stone attacked Rogers after the match:

Marty Jannetty made the save.

They then showed an older match.

Bruiser Brody vs Kamala

Not sure what happened here as they exchanged chops and eye rakes for a few minutes. Bruiser Brody brought in Kamala's manager Friday and then the tape cut off.

I believe Bob Giegel was in the ring here and was putting over Marty Jannetty and Tommy Rogers.
"There's no telling what he would have done with that chair if he hadn't come. I hope me and Marty do some matches together and are successful." - Tommy Rogers
"You can look forward to us taggin' and we're gonna be a tough combination. You can expect to see us, The Uptown Boys, on top." - Marty Jannetty

We got an interview with Harley Race:

"Whose he beaten to prove he's worthy of stepping back in the ring with me? Absolutely no one." - Harley Race on Wahoo McDaniel
"Well Wahoo, if one beating wasn't enough for you, you're setting yourself up to get one heck of a beating next time."
"Putting him in the ring with Harley Race, is like throwing meat to a lion." - Race on Windham for the Race/Blackwell vs Barry Windham/Wahoo match
"If you think you're gonna put a mark on our record or put another slot on your pistol, you're nuts."  - Jerry Oates on his upcoming 6-man tag match

Central States Title - Buzz Tyler vs Crazy Luke Graham

"Whoa, that hit right on the button. That did not miss." - Kevin Wall

Luke is going for a weapon in his trunks
The deadly LOADED THUMB~!

"Luke Graham trying to pick up this partition at ring side."
This match went to a double countout when both guys were fighting outside. This wasn't that good. Both guys traded bad punches throughout the whole match and did little else besides working on each other's heads. All brawling here and not very good brawling at that. Then they threw the ref into the ring and brawled to the back.

Overall thoughts: Yeah, Central States Wrestling wasn't competing with the WWF's expansion in 1984. Not a whole lot of interesting stuff going on here and this wasn't a great show by any means. It looked outdated, the wrestlers weren't the cream of the crop and it just wasn't that interesting. There's no must see match here and you can skip this one.

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