Saturday, September 6, 2014

AJW - 8/17/2001 - Momoe Nakanishi vs Kumiko Maekawa

AJW - 8/17/2001 - Japan Grand Prix 2001 Final - Momoe Nakanishi vs Kumiko Maekawa

I did a podcast on this match here(this match is featured second):

Momoe Nakanishi beat Kumiko Maekawa with the Momoe*Latch. This was a great match. It was totally heated the whole way through, with the crowd going nuts. The work was stiff and the whole match was a total sprint. This is basically everything you want out of a joshi match and Momoe really worked hard here to make this great. If you like a fast, stiff and super heated brawl, this is for you. I also loved Momoe being so happy at winning and treating this like the big moment that it was. Highly recommended. Rating:****1/4

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