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NWA World Wide Wrestling 6/22/1985 Review

NWA World Wide Wrestling 6/22/1985 Review

I did a podcast on this show here in 2 parts:

The Roadwarriors did a promo:
"You see, there's a difference between our backs and the Russians' backs. The Russians' got a little yellow stripe running down the middle. " - Hawk | "It's time, it's come. We're gonna destroy Russia." - Hawk

"We hate everybody and we especially hate Russians." - Animal
Good promo here with the LOD showing their disgust for the Russians.

AWA Tag Team Champions - The Roadwarriors vs Rod Rossi and George South

Hawk got the win with a fist drop in a heatless and boring squash. I liked Animal's bodyslam but that's about it.

Jim Ross interviewed Magnum TA:
TA got beaten up by Kamala but it wasn't shown, atleast not on this cap.
"I'm gonna put out some bait for you, you big Ugandan Warrior. I'm gonna put up this United States Heavyweight Title." - TA
"No one runs roughshot over me. There isn't a man in wrestling that'll run over me and not pay the dues for it." - TA

Paul Jones did a promo:
"Valiant is a coward. Deep down inside, he's a coward." - Paul Jones
A kid came up to Paul and gave him something:
"He's given you a dog collar, Paul." | "A DOG COLLAR?" - Jones
"Paul you said anyway and anyhow, there's your answer!" - Caudle

10 million stars for Paul Jones' selling right there. Awesome segment.

Magnum TA vs David Dillinger

Magnum got the win quick here with a forearm shot followed by a belly to belly. The crowd was in to this. Sorry but there's only so much can say about a 30 second squash.

"Pez Whatley, you come from the same neighborhood I do. And you were from a dead end street, but I'm the man in the last house." - Sullivan
"There will only be 11 men in that battle royal, Pez Whatley, because I'll make sure I snuff you out before you get started." - Sullivan

Kevin Sullivan talked about an upcoming 12-man battle royale.

"I run you out. I stoled you belt. Then I beat your for your belt. Then I busted your hand up. Then everybody saw out there what I did for you. BUT THERE'S ONE DAT GUM THING THAT STICKS IN MY CRAWL MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IS THE PEOPLE AND THE PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT WRITE THEM LETTERS. AND YOU GOT HIM REINSTATED." - Black Bart
"You get in the ring with Black Bart. I want you to and I'm gonna put you where the sun don't shine." - Black Bart
Bart had a No DQ, bring a weapon match with Ron Garvin lined up, so he talked about it.

They showed clips of David Crockett defending Ric Flair against Ivan Koloff about a title match then paying the price for it:
"We've proven ourselves." - Ivan | "You mean jump people from behind?" - David

Tully Blanchard and Abdullah The Butcher vs Denny Brown and Patrick Tanaka

Tully Blanchard beat Patrick Tanaka with the slingshot suplex. Really fun match here. The heels got the early advantage, the faces made a nice comeback and then the heels finished them off. Pat Tanaka was the star here. He looked really good. So fiery and he had some of the best bumps I've seen in a long time. Just watch the clips. He really made it look like he got flung by his opponents. Excellent job there. Denny Brown wasn't the best, but his comeback was okay enough and it was cool to see the faces get something in. Abby was Abby and Tully was fine. A fun squash here. Rating:***

They ran down the Great American Bash card.

Jimmy Valiant gave Dusty Big Mama:
"It's hard to keep my mind on business. This is risky business right here." - Dusty
Dusty talked about a fireball incident involving Tully and Wahoo McDaniel:
"Right here, disguised. Disguised as a fan, an ugly fan, if you will." - Dusty

"The Boogie Woogie Man sent me a lovely present, and I've had a good time playing with it." - Dusty
"Don't you dare touch this gorgeous body." - Big Mama

"Babydoll, you think you're gonna claw my eyes out, sweetheart, you got it all wrong. I'm gonna claw your eyes out." - Big Mama
This was a completely nonsenical promo that I didn't get at all.

 Manny Fernandez talked about his broken arm and The Barbarian:
"You talk about warriors and soldiers of fortune. I happen to be a soldier of fortune and this gun is for hire, daddy." - Manny Fernandez
 Manny said Paul Jones and his crew were going down. Not a very good promo here.

Buddy Landell vs Joel Deaton

Buddy Landell got the win with a Figure Four. This was all Buddy working the knee with Deaton getting a few punches in but mostly getting dominated. A bit of a long squash too for what this was trying to accomplish.

"People cannot beat my men in the ring, so they spread these vicious rumors." - JJ Dillion
Tony asked JJ if there was dissension in the camp.
"I brought you 5 different championships...I earned my shot at the Ric Flair, brother. I wanna know how he was gifted..." - Ron Bass
"Ain't nobody tryin' to cut you out of the scene, brother. It's just you cramp our style, man..." - Landell
A good promo here with everyone being on. I loved how JJ tried to explain things and I really liked Ron Bass' case about why he should get a title shot, since he had won 5 other titles. Buddy was good too at stirring the pot.

Tully brought up how silly Dusty looked making threats with his face and hands tore up. He also said Baby Doll was the perfect 10 in every way and would eat up Big Mama for breakfast.

"I'll sign anything you want, Dusty Rhodes, cuz I'm out to end your career." - Tully

The Eagle(Danny Spivey) vs  Lee Ramsey

The Eagle won in a quick squash with a legdrop. He looked awful botching a headscissors and something else.

Thunderbolt cut a bad promo for the battle royale saying it's about money.

"There's a 20,000 man battle royale. Any man would like 20,000 men...I mean $20,000 dollars. I'm getting a little excited out here you know" - Brett Wayne Sawyer | "Hahahaha hahaha" - Me
I legit cried of laughter during that promo. Tears are running down my eyes. Good lord was Sawyer on some heavy stuff. That was an instant wrestlecrap moment and one of the worst promo's I've ever seen. I'll never be able to look at Brett Wayne Sawyer the same way again.

Pez then hyped Black Bart vs Ron Garvin for the same show. He also said he would be there for Kevin Sullivan to fight.

Nikita Koloff vs Sam Houston

Nikita Koloff beat Sam Houston in no time with a Russian Sickle.

"The road to Moscow will be paved in gold and it's going to be at the expense of this Ric Flair." - Ivan
"He's weak Uncle Ivan and he's no trouble. The world will see new champion." - Nikita

Overall thoughts: Not a bad show. The squashes were squashes but I did like the tag match. I really did like the Paul Jones promo and the JJ Dillion/Bass/Buddy segment as well. So I guess I would give this a moderate thumbs up as a whole. Bart Sawyer's promo needs to be seen to be believed because it is absolutely horrible and hilarious.

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