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Mid-South Wrestling 12/8/1983 Review

Mid-South Wrestling 12/8/1983 Review

I did a podcast on this show here:

"It seemed like Crusher Darsow's obsession with powerlifting and wrestling with just power has become a narcotic to him, and he's been entrapped by The Russians, just the way Russia does so many countries by leading them down that path until they have total dominance over them." - Watts

We saw some clips from Nikolai Volkoff vs Dr. Death Steve Williams from last week:
"Gee whiz, that little referee was just annihilated." - Watts
"Over the top rope, that's automatic disqualification but of course the referee isn't there to see it." - Watts
"Darsow's going over there to help up Dr. Death. He's not helping him, he's attacking him." - Watts

"What's going on with Darsow? Has he lost his mind?" - Watts

"Look at that awesome power." - Watts
Nikolai Volkoff picked up the win after a backbreaker with the help of Crusher Darsow. Watts sold this pretty well and there were some good bumps taken by Doc.
"Darsow, showing his true colors." - Watts

"Boy, this makes me sick." - Watts

We then went to an interview with Darsow and Jim Ross.
"Right now, I don't know if anyone's proud of you. What's going on? He's Russian and you're an American." - JR
"No one knows this, but I was in secret training with "The Russian" Nikolai Volkoff. He taught me how to train and he taught me how to train properly. And when I saw Doctor Death cheatin', breaking all the rules here, I thought this was my perfect opportunity to get with Nikolai." - Darsow
"I'm sick of not getting any breaks so Mid-South better watch out - Nikolai Volkoff is helping me out." - Darsow
Not a good promo from Darsow. His jorts didn't help him as he sounded like the adult version of Beaver Cleaver.

Krusher Darsow vs Mike Jackson
"We've seen a drastic change from Krusher Darsow. He cut his hair, he's wearing wrestling tights and he's wearing wrestling boots." - Watts

Krusher Darsow won with a backbreaker in a quick squash. Not too bad. Jackson sold pretty well and Darsow looked strong. Loved the backdrop and Darsow catching him with a nasty slam.

"This is my good American comrade right here and I have a present for him right here." - Volkoff

"It's hard to tell what the world has come to wrestling fans." - JR
Volkoff gave Darsow a Russian flag.

"Hacksaw" Reed and Jim Neidhart vs Coco Ware and Randy Barber
Reed and Neidhart are the Mid-South tag team champions.

Jim Neidhart got the win on Randy Barber with a samoan drop. His samoan drop was pretty good too and actually looked like it could hurt, as opposed to every other one I've seen where it didn't look like much. Not a bad squash at all but Coco didn't get to shine.

Magnum TA hired Mr. Wrestling #2 as his wrestling trainer. We then went to 2 and TA.On a funny note, I wrote Magnum TV instead of Magnum TA. I still prefer my Big John Stuff botch.
"You know, you're doing super good in your workouts. I'm very proud of you. But there are still certain things you can't get in your mind." - #2
"I warned you about Lanny Poffo, didn't I? His whole family is ROTTEN." - #2
He then said he sent JR to go get some clips of Lanny:


There were no clips of Lanny here, but they showed Macho Man throwing a trophy in the river with JR saying he didn't care about titles.

Magnum said Lanny is different than Randy and that "even Cain and Abel were from the same family".
"And blood is thicker than water. I'm telling ya the man is rotten and I want you to stay away from him. That's just an example. I'll get to him. I'll find something on him yet." - #2 on Lanny Poffo
#2 was really good here as the grumpy dad, who was just annoyed with kids and was trying to prove a point, which the kids wouldn't listen to.

Jeff Sword vs "Leaping" Lanny Poffo

Lanny Poffo beat Jeff Sword with a senton and moonsault. Really fun squash here for Lanny and honestly, this was the best I ever saw him look, and I've been watching him for a long time. No clue where this came from or why he stopped doing it, because he was really awesome here. I never saw his headlock counter done before and the hairpull kip-up was great. Really good squash here.

"I'm going to pass on the knowledge that I have achieved over the years to a man who I feel will reach the height of professional wrestling." - Mr. Wrestling #2

We then got a Magnum TA music video:

Magnum and Mr. Wrestling 2 went over a video of his matches. You know, I've seen a lot of wrestling, and I'm pretty sure I've never seen a segment with wrestlers checking out films of their matches. This is such obvious stuff that should be done all the time.
"You gotta remember one thing, my boy. You're wrestling the champion. He didn't become champion by being Mr. Nice Guy." - #2

Magnum TA vs Tom Lentz

Magnum TA won with a belly to belly suplex. Not a bad squash at all here as Magnum kept the pace up and I did like the finish. He also got a really good forearm shot in there and I liked how #2 was following up by watching TA's match.

"You've turned your back on our country." - JR
Krusher Darsow ripped JYD, saying he didn't do anything for him and no one has helped him since he came.
 JYD ripped him for his choices and said he needs to start from the bottom up.
"Sometimes, you need waken up. My dad used to wake me up." - JYD

"Darsow's at a real point of indecision. The Dog's doing it ghetto style." - Watts

"Both of them are putting the boots to the dog. Darsow's a red, a russian comrade, a lackey bootlicker" - Watts
Darsow and Volkoff double teamed the dog with lots of stomps and kicks. Initally, Darsow wasn't sure what to do but gave in and beat up JYD. Various faces tried to make the save until TA and Duggan stopped it. The crowd really got into the angle and I really liked how Darsow wasn't sure what to do.

We saw clips of Steve "Dr. Death" Williams at his college, Oklahoma University, working out.

We also got some clips of him running the stairs and training in the wrestling room. I really liked this package. Again, it wasn't anything fancy but it put over Doc and it helped you get to know him. A package like this would do so many wrestlers wonders these days, and the best part was that it was very simple and easy to do.

Iceman King Parsons vs Doug Vines

Iceman King Parsons won with the Butt Bump in a quick squash. Parsons was very quick here and was constantly moving. Really liked some of his escapes and it was an okay squash.

The Midnight Express with Jim Cornette vs George Weingroff and John King
King is in the red.

Cornette dared the fans to say there was a better tag team after seeing the MX.

They may be able to book a good wrestling show, but they can't spell.
"They just stick together like peaches and cream. I guarantee, they've got it down together." - Watts on the MX

"Ohh what a devastating maneuver. They're not the Midnight Express, they're the Midnight Destruction." - Watts
The Midnights got the win in about a minute with the Veg-o-matic. Quick squash here with not much to say except for the cool finish.

Overall thoughts: Pretty good show all things considered. We got some decent angles, some decent packages and some good wrestling. I recommend this and I really did enjoy this.

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