Saturday, June 22, 2013

WWE Superstars 6/21/2013 Results and Review

WWE Superstars 6/21/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

This may be Matt Striker's last appearance.

R-Truth vs Darren Young

R-Truth won with a Lie Detector out of nowhere for the win. The match was okay but nothing memorable. The big highlight was DY hitting a great Northern Lights Suplex.

The Funkadactyl's vs Layla and Natalya

Striker told Dawson he looked like Milhouse from the Simpsons.

Layla won with a kick in a very strange match. The match was going good and then Cameron decked Natalya above. They got into cat fight position on the ground and they had to be seperated by their partners. After, the ref made them shake hands. They stared at each other, shook hands and Cameron pushed Natalya into Layla. Layla then came in for the finish. I'm sure this thing was a work but it was odd and killed the match.

Overall thoughts: I'd say check out the diva's match and try to figure out what the heck that was, but other than that, this one was skippable. The worked-shoot moment killed the diva's match, which was looking pretty good before it.

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